So some days I wake up and feel totally ready to tackle my day. I have my cup(or 8) of coffee and
some time with Jesus and I’m off to the races.  Other days I wake up to a wrinkle in the plans for the day and am secretly thankful for the time at home.  Todays wrinkle was the croup for Lila and an upset tummy for Josh(both of which ended up being totally fine and I promise,  I’m not being insensitive by calling my sick kids wrinkles, I love them…dearly).  So, we skipped the gym and play date we had planned and stayed home. I mean, how can you not want to stay home and cuddle this cuteness……..

    I know right? She melts me.  Anyway, sometimes I take the hint, skip the workout and enjoy a rest day and extra time with my cuties.  Other days I feel like I still need to get a workout in.  So, what do you do when you can’t get to the gym?? You workout AT HOME.  This isn’t always what I do.  I’m ok to miss a workout.  I’m not married to it.  I’m a pretty laid back gal.  It takes a lot to rattle me and I’m usually pretty ok with life’s wrinkles. But, sometimes you just need a good workout even on the “off” days.  Enter Pinterest.  Ahhh what did we do before Pinterest?? I guess we used our brains and got all creative(well, I didn’t because I lack the creative gene) but now we have it so lets use it!! It’s a great resource for workouts and especially at home workouts.  I tend to get a little spacey if I don’t have my workout written out or planned…so go with me on my OCD and print this baby out.  You don’t really need anything to get yourself sweating which is the beauty of it.  No equipment necessary except maybe a yoga mat(this is my fave lulu mat….. don’t judge, I had a gift card……but I still kinda love them….its my very pricey vice) and a couple of dumbbells if you have them.

If not, no biggie.  Improvise baby.  I’m not even kidding when I tell you I have had some of my best sweat sessions in my garage.  No people watching like at the gym(you know you do this to) and no mirrors.  No distractions.  It’s so peaceful I can’t even tell you, especially if you wait until after the kids go to bed.  Ahhhh blissful.  Ok, the workouts.  Here are a few of my favorite go to’s and I always feel like I worked hard. I’ve combined things I’ve seen on Pinterest with what I do at the gym and what I have done in my favorite bootcamp(more on that later).  Anyway ya’ll, I’m not a fitness professional(YET!) so these are simply workouts I enjoy.  I’ll give you one with weights and one without for those of you that need the option.  Get your sweat on people.  
Garage Workout #1 with weights
(I used 15-25lb dumbbells for this but use what you have and what match your level of fitness)

Warm up: 25 jumping jacks, 25 jump rope(use a real one or just pretend and go through the motion) and 15 body weight squats.  Repeat 3x
Round 1…repeat 3x
25 jumping jacks
15 burpees
15 deadlifts(2 25 lb dumb bells)
20 calf raises with shoulder shrug(2 15lb dumbbells)
30 sec plank

Round 2….repeat 3x
25 jumping jacks
25 high knees
15 bicep curls(15lb)
15 plie squats(hold one dumbbell between legs longways)
15 kettle bell swings(you can use a dumbbell) 

Round 3…repeat 3x
25 jumping jacks
25 butt kicks
20 plank rows(15lb dumbbells)
40 flutter kicks
15 push ups

Garage Workout #2 without weights

Warm up: 25 jumping jacks
20 walking lunges
2 min jog/brisk walk
repeat 3x

Cardio…repeat 2x for time
400m run
25 squats
25 squat jacks
25 situps
400m run
25 high knees
25 squat jumps
25 push ups
400m run
25 burpees

Body Weight…repeat 3x
15 shoulder dips(use the curb or a chair/bench)
20 side lunges(10 each leg)
20 squats
10 spider push ups Video for spider push ups
30 sec. plank

***a 400m is a 400 meter run which is about 1/4 mile.  If you have a track accessible it would be one lap around.  If not, this is roughly 2.5 minutes of running depending on pace but this gives you an idea. If you don’t have an area to run, run in place or replace with jumping jacks, burpees or high knees.