Workouts, Pinterests, and Playlists Oh My


Lila’s on a “Lizard of Oz” kick lately, hence the title of today’s post.  I have no idea why Lizard makes more sense to her than wizard, but it’s so cute we just let it go man. I’ve been a little under the weather the past few days and now I have 2 kids all up in my  business today in the same boat.  What is it with Spring?  We survive Winter and now Spring brings unending amounts of rain and sickness, but we were all healthy during the cold and dreary months? Anyway, two down today and one more to go then we can knock this stuff out and get back to life. Meanwhile, more time at home this week has meant more Pinteresting for good recipes, making playlists and writing workouts. Fun fun!!! Plus it just figures that I had a couple great run’s and workouts at the beginning of the week, and now this. BUT, there is always good to find.  Time at home, resting, getting caught up on some stuff that needs to be done.  Boom.  


Ok ya’ll. Tuesday I ran 3 miles with speed work then felt compelled to do our bootcamp workout from that morning.  Texas Fit Chicks knows how to work a girl out! Here is a glimpse of the one hour torture session, to which a friend asked if I was trying to kill myself AND if I had taken a shower?  A sweat shower? Sure sign of a good workout.  And now I’m down with a bug.  Figures.


5 push-ups
5 burpees
5 wide push-up
5 star jumps
5 narrow push-ups
5 Jack squats
5 push-ups
5 squat jumps
5 burpees

Think this on repeat plus lots of other fun stuff.  We seriously have the best trainer’s!! Here is a shorter workout I wrote this week focussing on arms and intensity:

Warm up well(5-10 min cardio)
Supersets(two exercises back to back with no rest):
12 bicep curl with a negative contraction(as the arm comes down out of the contraction, count to 2 so it’s slow.  This forces the muscles to engage during the entire motion)
12 front raises(both dumb bells come up to eye level, then back down. Brace the core as you lift)
Repeat 2x
1 min push ups(modified on knees is fine)
repeat 2x
5 burpees
run .25 mile(if you are outside or near a treaadmill, if not..substitute 50 jumping jacks)
5 burpees
run .25 mile
5 burpees
run .25 mile
Back to Supersets
12 shoulder press
repeat 2x
1 min plank
repeat 2x
Repeat cardio series
repeat entire workout 2x
Cool down and stretch

Usually on my Monday run, I’ll make a new playlist for the week or add to an old one.  This way there is always something new and fresh popping up during bootcamp.  Gotta be in the know ya know? Here are a few screen shots of my most recent play list…






So now that I’m not teaching bootcamp at night, I’ve been back to my kitchen.  I LOVE to cook and bake, but life has taken over a little more lately which has left a little less time for detailed meals.  I’ve found this week my time back in the kitchen has been so therapeutic and my family is so much happier.  Here are a few dinner’s from the week….

Shredded beef taco’s:


So for this dinner I put some flank steak in a crock pot and followed this recipe and it turned out great!

Then I tossed some mango pico(mango, jalepeno pepper, red onion, cilantro all diced and tossed together) over the top and added some spicy mayo(mayo, hot sauce, avocado, cilantro, lime juice. Throw in blender and blend until creamy and delicious).  For a healthier option, leave off the mayo, add some sliced avocado and put over lettuce.  It was a flavor explosion.

Creamy chicken picatta


This recipe was quick and easy, and my kids loved it.  It only needs a few ingredients and is perfect for dinner in a pinch… when you just put it off until 5 and rush to Pinterest to find something everyone will like.  I have no idea what that’s like.  Insert sarcasm in a big way. This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

It was yummy.  I added shredded parm.


Ok. This pictures doesn’t do this justice but you guys, this was awesome! I love having stuff on hand for lunch just like this.  It’s healthy and delish and keeps me away from snacking on stuff I don’t need.


Dice squash and zucchini, throw in a skillet with some olive oil and cajun seasoning.  Saute until tender and starting to brown.  Throw in some cooked crumbled bacon(I keep some on the ready every week in the fridge.  It’s really a sickness) and combine. Meanwhile, heat a package of quinoa (I use quinoa and brown rice mix). I tossed these on a plate with some shredded parmesean cheese.  Perfection.  Filling and healthy and a great lunch option if you are needing some veggies in the middle of your day.

Ok ya’ll.  I’m off to feed the “sick” children, who by the way just asked if we could order a pizza. Yea right. Does this look like a party to you?  You are on my terf here dudes.  And momma wants soup and crackers.  So, we may pop over to Panera and pick up something warm and yummy.  And maybe a cookie.  Happy Thursday!