Wordless Wednesday…Lila girl

Today…it’s all about the stinker.  Clearly, I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites.  She is well loved….

I know I know…I’m mean

Happy Wednesday friends

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  1. Michelle, I’m sitting here holding my fever girl CRYING reading your response. Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to encourage me. You are so right to claim your place as a wife. It’s an amazing gift. Life goes in these crazy seasons and Gods teaching me to embrace them so I can experience more of His awesomeness. Thank you again for reading and being a part of this crazy blog thing!! Xoxo

  2. Girl! Find you a cape and put it on. First, wordless?? I don’t think so. Love can be silent but these photos speak lots! Life got in the way of a plan (made by you) and you showed us how to maneuver around it. Sitting on the couch, in the emergency room can be just as important for us to see as those running photos. At least it is for me. Sometimes I think all I have to say is get out there and get it done. Stop sitting around and complaining. Well, at least that is all others see and hear. But I am more…I do other things and life does get in my way. I love how you show us life. It is not too different from reading the Pro.31 version. More modern but still emphasizing the same aspects. Take care of yourself, your husband and your family with whatever means God has given you. My husband works a 28/28 shift. He calls me and he will ask what do you have planned to do today. That question has always made me feel boring. These last couple of weeks I’ve actually been saying “oh, being a housewife.” His response the first time was, “And I am so lucky that like doing that.” I just want to encourage you in your walk. It is so much more 3d than you know. I love your instagram photos, your friday posts and …..encouragement to stay the course even without words.

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