Greetings from the world of a hungry running deprived runner.  Seriously.  Since the marathon(3 weeks ago…ahem) I’ve only run a handful of times.  Literally.  I’ve been fighting some nagging injuries and dealing with life as a mom around Christmas.  These aren’t excuses but they kind of are.  I just haven’t found my running mojo.  It’s still in there but puking kids and laundry and being Santa and traveling have all taken priority.  Until today.  Well, yesterday to be exact.  You see, in exactly 24ish hours all my kids will be back in school.  Let the angels rejoice.  I love them and we’ve had a great break(minus the flu and sinus infections and strep of course) but it’s time for some routine and for me to reclaim my house and my bod.

We got back from visiting family in Memphis Saturday night.  It was a cheesecake filled trip.

On the 8 hour drive home I decided to do Whole30 for the month of January to help support a friend who is fighting an autoimmune disease.  I had originally just said I was going to clean up my diet since the Holidays infested my body with too much sugar.  Sugar’s my thing.  When I cut it out and cut down on my carbs I feel great.  I’ve never been one to follow any diets or books or completely eliminate entire food groups from my diet.  I’m a moderation girl.  I eat pretty clean and allow some things I enjoy here and there.  The past few weeks, it’s been more here than there.

Relate much?  So, I signed up….so to speak.  There are 3 of us doing this thang together.  I haven’t read the book so don’t judge my “ish” portion of Whole30.  I’ve done some research and taken advantage of my friend who has actually read the book.  If it works I may dive in a little deeper.  For now, I won’t cry if a bean or two find their way into my chili.

I’ll blog about it some and share some recipes and tips but I don’t want to overload you with sweet potato’s and bacon fat.  For today, I’ll give you my grocery list and a few yummy items I found that may help me survive.  I like sugar in my coffee ok.  It’s my thing.  Moving on.

Here is my grocery list for the week from Trader Joe’s….

obligatory grocery store pic…because everyone does this before they walk in?
Some of the items on this list are for my husband and kids.  It’s not all Whole30 approved but you can probably guess which items are.  If you are curious, click here for their list of approved foods. Also, I wasn’t able to find all of my fresh ingredients at Trader Joe’s so I’ll be hitting up my local grocer today for a few extra’s.  

I still have 5 bags on the other counter…the kid checking me out said I must be feeding a lot of people.  Nope, just me. 

I love coffee. Love it.  I love creamer.  I love sugar in the creamer in the coffee.  So today, it’s coconut creamer and a dash of organic cinnamon…and maybe, just maybe a tiny drizzle of organic blue agave nectar.  That’s the “ish” part.  

Going to put this on eggs to add some flavor since sauces are mostly off limits from what I can tell.  If you’ve read the book and I’m doing this all wrong feel free to clue me in in the comments below

dried fruit in moderation is on the list of approved foods. I bought this bag of dried unsweetened mango with a bag of unsalted almonds and it makes a fabulous snack.  

This was last night’s dinner.  Free range organic chicken breasts wrapped in uncured nitrate free bacon from Trader Joe’s with grilled zucchini and eggplant and fresh sweet potato fries.  It was delish.
So, this week I plan to make..
Monday:  Paleo Sweet Potato chili

Tuesday: Chicken Sausages with grilled peppers and green beans
Wednesday: Taco Lettuce wraps with Avocado
Thursday: Quick Lime Cilantro Chicken
That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I’m taking this a week at a time.  We’ve had to eat out a couple times the past few days traveling so this is how I made it work…
Chipotle:  Burrito Bowl with barbacoa, fajita veggies, corn, guacamole and lettuce.  Under 500 calories and not lacking for flavor.  It was delish.
We also had Panera yesterday.  I forgot to snap a pic but I ordered the grilled chicken salad with Avocado.  It comes with grilled chicken, avocado, boiled egg and tomatoes.  It has gorgonzola cheese but you can have that left off.  I forgot.  Oops.  I also had them hold the dressing and I drizzled some Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar with a little salt and pepper.  It was fabulous.  I plan on re-creating that salad at home for lunch a few times.  
So there you have it.  My first few days on Whole30.  
P.S.  I just burned my sweet potato’s while typing this post.  Well crap.
Wish me luck!  Stay tuned tomorrow for some exercises and stretches for lower back pain.  
Have you tried Whole30?  Did you stick like glue or follow an “ish” plan?  
Did you like your results?  Are you doing it now?  
Happy Monday ya’ll!!

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  1. I did whole 30 two years ago and the results in 30 days were incredible. Have actually been considering another as I got way off my paleo-ish eating style this past fall. Any kind of fajita meat salad with avocado was a big go to for me as was spaghetti sauce with meat/zuchhini and squash over spaghetti squash. I was a big cereal eater before so I was missing that…I would have blueberries and strawberries with almond milk sprinkled with chopped almonds..it was yum! Good luck!

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