Whole 30 Update

I haven’t done a Whole30 update since I started so I felt like I needed to fill you in on how I’m holding up.  For those of you who assume going on Whole30 will completely eliminate all your desires for all things fatty and completely lacking nutrients….don’t be fooled.  You will still crave this……
Just so you know.  I ate some.  Gasp.  Dove dark chocolate is AMAZING.  I decided that being stuck at home for nearly two straight weeks with sick kids deserved some dark chocolate.  I counted it a win since what I really wanted to do was bury my face in a bucket of fried chicken and a box of donuts…and a coke.  A coke has sounded really good.  But, instead, I ate this…..

This has become my staple breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, diced avocado, bacon pieces, roasted sweet potato and hot sauce(inspired by Stuftmama and PaleoRunningmomma).  It’s to die for.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was getting slightly tired of the same tastes and textures.  I’m ready to be able to eat oatmeal or granola.  Something with a crunch besides my beloved bacon….
I know, I have a problem.  I put it on everything.  EVERYTHING.  
I’ve also been eating TONS of salads.  This one had cheese on it.  Gasp again.  Don’t fire me.  Lila just came in asking if she can wear clothes???  What on earth?  We’ve been in the house for like 4 straight days with strep.  Kill me.  Ok, back to my salad.  This was after a hard workout last week at the gym.  I was starving and didn’t feel like being overly picky.  So, I ate the stinkin cheese.  It was delish and I was so hungry ya’ll.  So hungry.  
So, even though I’m still craving some stuff like cookies and coke and chicken that’s fried and Yukon Gold potatoes, I feel kind of amazing.  I feel strong and energetic and my runs/workouts have been great.  One of my fave dinner’s has been spaghetti sauce with ground beef over roasted veggies topped with my favorite thing…bacon.  

I decided the egg thing for breakfast wasn’t working for me before workouts so I am having a Lara bar or a protein drink with Hemp Protein and Almond milk(unsweetened).  I use this…
I just needed something that wouldn’t stick in my throat while I was running.  Tasting eggs and bacon while you run is totally not ok.  The protein drink or Lara bar and a banana has been my go to.  It may have permanently replaced my Cliff Bar and Honey stingers.  We’ll see how it does when I get my mileage up a little higher.  When I get home, it’s more of this……

So, to sum up.  Eggs, bacon, avocado, sweet potatoes, hot sauce.  These are some of my staples.  

So far, I’m enjoying how I feel on Whole30.  I still have some cravings but they are totally under control.  I think when this is over and I can add them in on occasion it will feel a little less like prison.  I don’t like being told I can’t eat something.  I’ve been told I’m looking a little pale and thin ha!  So, I’ll add some dairy and some grains back in along with a tan and some splurges on the weekends.  Overall, I may stick to this during the week because it has made me feel so good and has made my runs feel amazing.  I still love cookies.  I’m only human.  
Here is a little glimpse at a  physical change…even though there is no before pic ha!!  I feel like I’ve slimmed down and am getting more definition.  I feel like my mid section has shrunk and I feel so much less bloated..
Remember, this is a no sports bra or bikini pics blog.  Sorry.  This is as close as we’ll get.  
Have you tried Whole30?  If so what were some of your staples in the kitchen?
What were/are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed?

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  1. Thanks for your Whole30 update. So I am on day 23. I have “zero” excuse for my cave yesterday (no sick kids etc.) but MAN! this AIP restricted version is like ‘maximum-security’ prison. When I can have eggs & nuts again it will feel like a feast. So back to my “cave”… I ate a handful of corn chips (made of only corn, safflower oil & salt) & a few pieces of baking chocolate chips… out of absolute desperation to taste something satisfying. Also, I was feeling a little jipped. I thought that by day 22 I would be feeling amazing. In reality, I was feeling, tired, hungry and had a massive headache. So …..I caved. Oh well. In 22 days, it was my only set-back. I’m back on track today (eating homemade chicken soup for breakfast….again!). Jan. 30th here I come….first thing on my list ….ice cold beer… & possibly a homemade chocolate chip cookie (though not together). Hee!!!!!

  2. Hey Sheri! I have been buying it at Trader Joe’s or a local grocer that carries nitrate free uncured bacon. They have one that is a black pepper and amazing. I try to find no sugar added and uncured. I just dice it up and throw it in a skillet til it’s nice and brown. I put it in a container or ziplock bag and throw it in my fridge. That way it’s ready to roll when I want to eat it. Also, on Saturday’s my kids want bacon with pancakes. I’ll place a cooling rack on a cookie sheet and put the bacon on top of that. Cook in the oven at 425 for about 20 min and it’s perfect every time!! And thanks!! Lots of planking and upper body work….and toddler carrying haha!!

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