Whirlwind Weekend and Training Update

We came outside this morning because it's FINALLY NICE!! I have a nasty sinus infection so I can't do my 10 mile run today. Of course. But ya'll....I'm wearing a HOODIE so let's just pause and take a moment of silence for that. Happy Sunday and if you're running today....Im so jealous!! #marathonrunner #marathontraining #sickrunner #allergiesstink #sundayrunday #ornot #norun #sadrunner #comeonfall

This weekend was insane.  Like, it’s Tuesday,  I had a kid home sick yesterday and I feel like I officially need another weekend to recover.  My boys play baseball.  I am for real a baseball mom.  Fall and Spring.  Season after season since the boys were 4.  I LOVE it.  We have the two  most amazing teams/coaches/parents and that seriously makes the experience so much more fun.


Both boys had their first tournament of the season this weekend so we were hustling from one game and field to the next.  I had been sick since last Tuesday so I wasn’t feeling awesome but managed not to pass out or have a total breakdown from just wanting to crawl into bed.  Win win.  I was actually feeling much better by Sunday and we had a great weekend.  I also got to make a baby cake!!


It’s been a while since I’ve made, or hosted, a baby shower.  My pal Emily and I hosted a shower for our friend Summer on Sunday and we were a little rusty since everyone in our houses are potty trained.  But, we managed to pull it off. I love making baby cakes!!

We also have 3 September birthdays in our family so we had a big dinner Sunday night to celebrate.

Lila and her bestie…otherwise known as her cousin Grace.  They are the cutest.  This is right before Lila’s major meltdown over wanting to throw rocks in the little pond to kill the ducks.  We have some work to do with this one.

As far as running goes there isn’t much to report.  I had to skip Friday-Sunday(and missed the coolest morning we’ve had since June 1st!!!! Trying not to be bitter) but it was the right call.  I ran a mile yesterday and did my boot camp workout that I was teaching last night, and now I cringe sitting on the toilet.  Awesome.


But, it was totally the right call.  I’ll pick back up today with my scheduled run’s.  Only 4 weeks til Chicago!!!!!!!!!!! I am in shock.  I feel completely unprepared for this race, and yet it’s probably the most excited I’ve been for any marathon.  We’re going to have so much fun!!  I think that’s what I’ve been reminded of this training cycle.  FUN.  Last year I ran with so much intensity it sucked the fun right out.  This year, I’ve been relaxed and go with the flow man and it’s been awesome.  Now, will I be dying around mile 16?  Heck yes.  But who cares!!!!  I’ll be in Chicago in the FALL with one of my closest friends and we will chow down on pizza and sleep in a hotel room with no children and no monitor’s on my nightstand……hallelujah praise Jesus Amen.

Ok so that does it for today! How was ya’lls weekend?  

How’s training coming?

Have you gone into a race under-trained? How’d it turn out?



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  1. I had a great weekend, however I am exhausted reading yours. You are doing a great job. The cake looks amazing. Have a great day

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