When Pigs Fly

Ok.  It happened.  Pigs are flying over my house because I did something I said I would never do.  I started a blog…..gasp.  I’m a pen and paper gal. If it were up to me we’d all still have daily planners in our purses and grocery lists on cute little post it notes.  Well, lets be real. I still do.  I love a new pack of color coded Sharpies. They’re cool ok.  

I’m just not a technology person.  In fact, my husband says its totally wasted on me(feel the love). I don’t read blogs or follow any on a regular basis.  Every once in a while I’ll read one if it pops up on my newsfeed and jumps out at me but that’s about it.  I journal….almost daily. So, I figured why not jump into 2014 and take my journal to the world wide web.  Aren’t you super stoked to follow me now?? The “non blog reading blogger?” I know I’m instilling LOADS of confidence but I I felt prompted to do this. So I’m doing it.  

Bare with me, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. But, I want to encourage you. That’s my goal. I want to share my love and passion for fitness, running, racing and training, the great and yummy food that fuels that fitness, and the very heart of me which is Jesus. That may seem like a strange combo but it’s who I am.  He’s the love of my life and I can’t do anything without Him.  I want to be real, funny, sarcastic and as transparent as I can. This is not an attempt for the world to see my life through rose colored glasses, but maybe a cool pair of Oakleys instead. I want to share with you my journey toward becoming a personal trainer and all that will entail as I juggle being a wife, mom of 3 and professional launderer(not really, but I can’t be the only one who feels like I could make a career out of that).   I’ll share more about how the personal training thing came about but,  for now, please read and laugh, go do a few lunges and come back for some more. Hopefully I can be an encouragement to you as I run this crazy life one day at a time.  

I want to end my very first blog post with a quote from one of my favorite books ever(seriously this book is a game changer, or at least it was for me), Restless by Jennie Allen: 

   “We will do the things God has built for us to do, but it won’t be because we are special, great, or powerful. You will do great things because God is moving on this earth to accomplish his purposes for His glory.  And just honestly, in my weakness, he looks good.  In my usual, normal, averageness, he gets credit.  I’m becoming okay with that, looking a little crazy and ridiculous while he looks awesome.”