Weekend Recap and a Tuesday Workout

This weekend was INSANE.  It was one of those weekends where nothing stopped until we got in bed Sunday night,  completely exhausted.  But it was so good.

F69669BE-9DBA-4CBE-8DE9-A94C2030F2C5*photo courtesy of Brooke Richardson Photography

Josh, our middle son, and his team the Cardinals played in the post season tournament this weekend. They played the undefeated team of their division to go on and play for, and WIN, the championship!! We were SO proud of him and his team. They played their hearts out…




If this isn’t the MOST perfect team pic I don’t know what is. It should be in a magazine it’s so cute!!

Rob, my husband, is training for a full Ironman. Which means LOTS of training especially on the weekends. We’re talking 80-90 mile bike rides and half marathons, just for kicks.  So, we shuffle stuff around and make it work, but it does add a little crazy to our life right now. He’s getting so close though and working so hard. We are all so stinkin proud of him!

With our house on the market(we had an offer several weeks back that fell through last minute), we’ve had to be prepared before we leave the house every day for showings. Come weekends, it’s even more critical because we tend to have more on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  After two very slow weeks in the showings department, things picked up this past weekend.  By a lot.  So, clean clean clean.


This pretty much sums up my life lately. In the morning it’s a coffee cup, in the afternoon, it’s my Shakeo…and sometimes an additional coffee. Because you know….SURVIVAL.

With 3 kids and all their friends(who I LOVE but let’s be real, they are almost all sweaty stinky boys who wear wet socks into my house, thinking they’ve done me a solid by leaving their muddy shoes outside. They have clearly never cleaned a house 3x a day for 5 weeks) the house cleaning is at an all time max. However, I’ve gotten REALLY efficient.  Yesterday, I let it go. And by let it go I mean I didn’t make beds and decided to make a real live lunch of roasted veggies..in my actual oven…with actual flavors including onion and garlic. I brought all my laundry in from my garage(because that’s where I stash it all when nothing else will fit in my dryer) to fold because I thought it would be a slow day. Sitting at my counter, working, veggies a cookin, laundry strewn all over my living room floor and beds UNMADE, I got a text saying we’d have a showing in wait for it….one hour.  That was the shortest window I’ve had. So, we had a high five and a quick family meeting and got to work. My pal Emily showed up and made Lila’s bed and then took the kids so I could finish. It was a group effort. Anyway, it’s definitely defining our Summer at this point, but we are all learning to be patient, work hard and let God have the control. All good things! And we got an offer! Yay!! Two actually, but we accepted one and now we wait for this nerve racking option period to end next week. Then we’ll celebrate=)

Another biggy from our weekend was taking Jake to camp! He’s done church camp the past two Summer’s and this Summer he went away away. He went with several friends from school and seems to be having a blast based on the pictures I stalk.  I may or may not have sent him two emails already, since Sunday.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (6)


Sunday we had several showings, a hubby on a 5 hour ride, a kid to get to camp and two kids under the weather…oh and a championship baseball game to play.  It was total chaos!! But, we all survived and are seriously still recovering and not feeling our best. I still managed to get a couple workouts in this weekend with my 21 day fix workouts and I wrote one last night I thought I’d share with you!! Hope you guys are having an awesome week filled with unmade beds and lots of unfolded laundry….as that is how our day will look today=)


Terrific Tuesday Workout

Warm up with jumping jacks, walking lunges, squats, high knees, butt kicks, crunches and a 1 minute plank


On this section you will do 10 lateral lunges then 10 plank jacks etc…

10, 16, 20 Lateral lunges(5 each leg, 8 each leg, 10 each leg)
10, 15, 20 plank jacks (straight arm plank, shoulders stacked over hands, feet pop out to sides and back in)

3 sprints….go to treadmill or outside and choose fire hydrant, tree or light post(goal spot) and sprint there and back. 3 total(there and back is 1). If you can find a hill even better. Goal is about a 20 second sprint.

Back to weights/mat

12,16, 20 weighted curtsy lunge
12, 16, 20 split squat(10 is 5 each, 16 is 8 each leg and 20 is 10 each leg) using cooler, bench, or chair
12,16, 20 goblet squats (holding weight goblet style) getting elbows as close to legs as possible

6 sprints

12 dead lifts
12 single leg squats(12 each leg)
Repeat 3x

9 sprints

20 Squat hold to reverse lunge(come into a low squat and kick one leg at a time back into a reverse lunge, holding squat the entire time)
20 plank leg lifts(10 each leg)
20 mountain climbers
Repeat 2x

12 sprints if time


Cool down and stretch