Weekend Recap and Training Update…..

8 late afternoon miles. Ran 2 to the gym, 4 on the treadmill and 2 back home. I just couldn't make myself do all 8 in this heat. Serial was my saving grace. I am seriously so hooked!!!!! Happy running today friends. Is it Fall where you are? Because Texas is still hot!! #runnergirl #marathontraining #marathonrunner #chicagomarathon #chicago2015 #goprorunner #comeonfall #runfar #runnerland #womensrunningcommunity #sweatpink #fitfluential

I know the title of this post has you on the edge of your seats.  Truly.  They say one of the best ways to get more traffic to your blog is through your titles.  Not today.

I’ve had a little stomach bug and I feel like I’m getting a cold so my creative wheels aren’t really turning.  It was enough to keep me from my 12 miler but overall it’s not terrible, I’m just mad I missed my run.

Our weekend was fun and busy and jam packed.  And we had two..that’s right…TWO date nights.  Whoop!!!




Sometimes ya’ll, I wear my hair down and throw on jeans.  But only sometimes.

Friday night we went down to Oktoberfest, a fun fall festival that McKinney does every year on the town square.  It’s a blast and we met several friends down there…..kid free.


So much fun!!!

We had a fun and relaxing Saturday.  We spent some time Saturday morning at our friends non profit organizing medical supplies.  Seriously, it was all hell breaking lose to get there, but so worth it once we were there.  It’s called Mission Regan…you can read more about them here. The kids ate donuts and ran around playing, and they helped sort and clean.  It’s so good for them, and for me.  Focus off us, and onto someone else.  It’s good for the soul.

Saturday afternoon I ran.  It was so hot so I did 2 easy and slow warm up miles to the gym while listening to Serial, 4 faster miles on the treadmill, then an easy 2 back to the house.


Did I mention it was HOT?  Ya…Fall is not in Texas yet.

Saturday night we went out with our small group from church….kid free again! We scored big time.


Overall, it was a great weekend..minus my little stomach bug.

Dream BIG. Happy Friday friends!!!! #runner #marathonrunner #marathontraining #chicagomarathon #chicago2015 #goprorunner #gopro #dreambig #chaseyourdreams #workhard #fitfam #fitlife #makegoals #makeitcount #makegoalsnotexcuses #runfar #womensrunningcommunity #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #runnersofIG #stjudehero

Training last week was fine.  Nothing spectacular.  Since I chunked the Hanson’s method I’ve been completely winging it during the week.  I’ve tackled all the long runs, made it successfully through the 18 miler and now it’s taper time.  But I have zero plan for my taper.  At this point I’m going based on my knowledge of training and what I’ve done in the past.  And I’m not stressing at all.  I got about 30 miles in last week even with missing my 12 miler today.  I’m hoping to feel good enough this week to hit my 12 miles on Tuesday while Lila’s in school.   We shall see.  At this point it’s all about listening to your body and not pushing it.

For those of you approaching Fall races, if you’re in taper mode and feeling the crazies, you are not alone my friends.  I said I’m not stressing, but maybe that’s not totally true.  Stressing no, but feeling like I should be running way more than I am?  Most definitely yes.  So, two weeks of crazy til the starting line.  Oh, and I made my fundraising goal thanks in part to a lot of you!!!!! So thank you.  Happy Monday!!

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  1. Sorry, I’m always a couple days late to the blog posts! I miss the hot weather. It’s been 65-75 here this week. We are about to get a ton of rain from this hurricane. I’m trying not to think about my long run being inside this weekend.

  2. thanks Summer!!!! Hoping it’s just allergies(now that I’m over the stomach bug)….finger’s crossed!!

  3. thanks Heather!! Feeling a bit better today..but feeling slightly unprepared for Chicago. It’s all about the experience though this time around and getting my buddy across the finish line! Have a happy Monday!!

  4. Thanks Shay!! Feeling a little better today and managed a few miles this morning. At least you got 6!! Sometimes you take what you can get=)

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