Weekend Recap and Surgery Week

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!!


For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to have surgery this week.  Today in fact.  The last week of school before Christmas break.  Oh, and the Christmas part.  You guys!  What was I thinking?? I’m still on meds, so don’t hold me to anything I say today.  

I have a severely deviated septum which they fixed and shaved down some cartilage because the deviation was so bad……and I also had a turbinates reduction(they were so swollen they were almost touching the septum and are also responsible for cooling, heating and humidying air…mine didn’t  work….apparently.)  Anyway, hopefully this will help improve my headaches, sinus infections and overall quality of life.  And if it makes me a little faster and more efficient as a runner, I wouldn’t complain.  But I HATE being down.  HATE it.  So, hopefully this is worth it!! If you’ve had this done please weigh in…..unless your experience was terrible, in which case don’t.  It’s too late for me, this already happened.

Our weekend was pretty low-key.  I had a cold and didn’t feel great so we just hung close to home and watched movies, made hot chocolate and popped popcorn..


I tried to be sensible…….


And resisted the urge to just bake all weekend.  But we ate out with friends last night and had some cookies, since I won’t be eating much this week after my surgery.  Had to stock up ya know?  Like carb loading before a big race.

We finally decorated our tree!


I say finally.  Since when did decorating for Christmas on December 10th become so dang late?  Thank you Pinterset and Facebook for making those of us who decorate in December feel like we shouldn’t even bother.  Whatever.  We’r loving our tree and lights.

Rob spent lots of time plotting his training for Ironman Vineman.  We both have his schedule’s(yes.  a 30 week training cycle requires 3 different schedules) printed off so we can stay on top of it and be on the same page….


Please tell me your kitchen looks like that on Saturdays…….or Wednesdays.  Or both.  I’ll feel so much better about our crazy.

I also made the Pioneer Woman’s roast and it was the jams.  With homemade gravy and some Yukon gold mashed buttermilk potatoes, it was a party in the mouth.


You can find Ree’s recipe here.  It’s so easy and the technique is fool-proof.

Yesterday was my last day of freedom, so my pal Kassie and I decided to forgo the workout and have a two-hour lunch instead.  Sometimes, you just need time with friends.  And I can’t workout all week anyway, so what was 1 day going to do? We had this….



This was my second time at Zoe’s and it’s AMAZING!! Light and fresh and delicious.  And Lila stabbed the AMAZING cookie to death then tossed it in the trash before I could save it by shoving it in my mouth.  She must be certifiably insane.  Who tosses a giant chocolate chunk cookie ON PURPOSE???


As for the surgery, I’m in a minimal amount of pain right now, which could be due to the meds, but I think I’ll be up and around a little more each day this week.  I’m all hot with pins up my nose(please note the sarcasm) and gauze underneath.  And the saline rinse.  Now that is attractive.

On the upside my amazing hubby got me a new coffee maker which I’ll be able to enjoy this week.  Let’s just say Sunday morning I woke up to a very unpleasant worm like guest in my old coffee pot…that I clean DAILY!!  My skin is still crawling.  So, santa came early….


This coffee.  You guys.  It’s so stinking delicious.  This is by far the nicest appliance I own, and I’m fairly sure it’s worth the million dollars.  Just like the Vitamix that probably ranks up there at the top.  Smoothie’s and coffee.  What more do we need to live off of?

Oh and Seriel is back this week!!! A whole new season and it could not have come at a better time!!!!

That about does it!!!! Hope y’all are having a fantastic week and getting all prepared for Christmas!! Amazon Prime is my friend this week, as my nurse this morning could NOT believe I wasn’t done with all my shopping and having surgery this week.  I’m fairly optimistic about this type of thing.  How long could this possibly keep me down?  She informed me I would not be out shopping this week…which makes me want to get out and shop.

Do you use Amazon Prime?  Game changer

What about Seriel?  Do you listen on long runs?  Another game changer

Have you had these sinus surgeries?  If so, did it help your running/breathing capacity or make your whole life amazing or miserable?  I’d love to know.  



5 comments on “Weekend Recap and Surgery Week

  1. I am also a tad FREAKED over the worm in your machine. where did you see this cuz i’ll be searching mine tonight! UGH. My best friend also has the same new machine you do and I am dying to get mine!!! my old one is on it’s last leg so maybe i’ll just have to buy myself a early Christmas present 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Going to have to look up what Seriel is. i’m always looking for something good to watch while on the treadmill.

    oh i am going to email you. i have something for you! continuing to be in prayer for you and that you heal quickly with minimal to no pain and that this helps the migraines!!!!

  2. I had the baby version, balloon sinuplasty, and it made a huge difference !!! Love it and I haven’t had a sinus infection since (oh lord why did I just jinx myself?)!! Dr Ehler did it who is in same practice as Mehendele. Mehendele treated my kids (tonsils, adenoids, ears, the works). I love them both!

    Anyway yea the saline rinse! That’s the stuff man!! Blood and goo for daysssss!

    You’ll love how much better you feel, and when you have allergies you don’t just know the next step is a sinus infection! It’s a new world!

    Can’t wait to see you next Mon! ?????

  3. I am DYING that you found a worm in your Keurig. It makes me want to go get a new one immediately! Your new one is so beautiful 🙂 Hope you get to feeling better! Merry Christmas 🙂 <3

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