Redheadontherun is going on vacation ya’ll!! Well, who are we kidding.  Every mom out there knows that going to the beach with kids is hard work.  In fact, I come home feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation. BUT…’s so stinking fun.  I love watching my kids be kids.  They get to play in the sand, stay up late, swim, eat out at cool places, build giant holes in the sand to bury each other in and then go swim some more.  We eat oreos, pop tarts, Doritos and all the other junk that we don’t always eat because hey, we’re on vacation.  We have the privilege of getting to go with good friends who also have 3 kiddos so we pack a punch when we all travel down to the beach from our condo.  We get a few stares.  We work our tooshies off to give the kids a fun week.  If there were a legal limit for coffee….we’d reach it in these 7 crazy fun, action packed days. 

Our view from our condo last year
 The kids playing in the sand…the hole they dug was record breaking I’m sure of it
Our kiddos who are all a year older….tear
I’m so thankful that we get to do this.  We’re going to enjoy every moment, even the crazy not so enjoyable melt down because we’re hungry and have too much sun moments.  I want to enjoy it because it will change tomorrow and before I know it, they’ll be grown.  Happy Summer everyone!   Check back next week for posts about some of the great beach workouts Anna and I will do this week(if we don’t die of a heat stroke and sheer exhaustion), some of my favorite summer running gear and an awesome upcoming guest post from one of my favorite trainers.  Follow the weeks events and workouts on Instagram….@redheadontherun_1