Trying Something New: Hello Beachbody

Good morning and happy Friday!!!

Friday always comes around so quickly in our house. It’s like I look up and the week is gone.  Lots of happenings around here this week.  My parents came in town for Jake’s birthday, which is a HUGE gift as my dad has been sick several times the past 6 weeks or so. We’re so thankful to have them here!

We also had Jake’s birthday on Wednesday and we’ll have his big party on Saturday. Well, I say big.  It’s a bunch of his friends going to a bowling/game place and going to a baseball game Saturday night.  It’ll be an all boys day.  As most of our days are.  I’m excited though because this week I’ve been brainstorming and processing some ways to make this blog better for you, and how to get myself out of the rut I seem to be in with some things in my life. I know grace. I know we go in seasons where we have to put certain things on the back burner, but it’s time to forge ahead so to speak and try something new!!!!!  Here we go!!



Ok so here’s the deal.  For YEARS I have tried to stay away from any MLM companies.  Not because they’re bad or I have a problem with them, but just because of my position as a trainer and blogger, I haven’t wanted my name to be attached to one product. I don’t want to be pushy or for people to cringe when they see my posts, but to be encouraged and uplifted.  BUT, on the flip side, as a trainer and a blogger it’s extremely important for me to be up on all the latest products…because I want to be hip like that(kidding, it really is important).  I want to have the knowledge to be able to give you, and my clients, my honest feed back about what’s out there in the world of fitness and nutrition. So, I’ll be embarking on my own 21 Day Challenge with Beachbody next week, or as soon as my stuff comes in the mail ha! One of my dear friends is a successful coach and I ADORE her and her heart for fitness, nutrition, but most importantly for YOU. She wants healthy for you and everyone she knows and does it in a way that is real and raw and authentic.  I think it’s meant to be that I partner with her on this journey! So, I’m jumping on board the Beachbody train for the next 21 days and then I will post a full review when I’m done.  What happens after that I have no idea.  It’ll be fun to see where this leads!

To be totally transparent, I have some pounds to shed that have crept up on me lately. I’d love to get them off so I can feel my best, as it’s slowing me down a bit. I just feel a little tired and run down and even though my diet(I don’t mean diet like on a diet, I mean my nutritional habits) hasn’t changed much, the intensity of my workouts has.  So, it’s time for a re-set.  The jury is still out on before and after pics.  I’m not much on sports bra selfies but if it gives a more accurate picture of progress and what a healthy diet and regular exercise can do for you, I’m willing to give it a go. But I need the thumbs up from you…..and a killer spray tan.  Truly, this isn’t about my body’s appearance but rather how I feel.  But, I know pictures show a lot more detail and can give visuals so I will take one for the team you guys.  You’re welcome =)

I’ll be doing the 21 day Kickstart plan which includes a 3 day refresh with a bit higher calorie restriction with a cleanse at the end but you still get to eat actual food, my kind of deal.

I’ll share more info next week, but I wanted you to know to be looking for posts and updates and perhaps a photo or two(may the Lord be with me) in the coming weeks.  Also, I’ll share my thoughts on all the ins and outs of Beachbody, the meal plans, the shakes and the workouts!! We may even shoot some live video’s your way of workouts we do together. Fun right?! Right!!!

So, if you happen to be curious about Beachbody, follow along.  If you want more info as I take this little journey, please feel free to message me or email me at  If you decide you love it and want to jump on board you can contact me as I decided to take the coaching plunge as I work my way through the process.  I want to have as much to share with you as I can!!!

Be sure to follow my pal Leslie on IG here. Or you can check out her beachbody page here.

Here’s to getting healthier and doing it with pal’s!!!!!!!!


6 comments on “Trying Something New: Hello Beachbody

  1. awesome!! I’d LOVE for you to do it with me! I haven’t gotten all my stuff in the mail yet and we’re in the middle of putting the house on the market, which I’m thinking is a craaaaaazzzzzy time to try this as we won’t be able to eat at home some nights because of showings but I’m going to give it a whirl. I did the dirty 30 workout Saturday with a friend. There were things I liked and things I didn’t haha. But I’m looking at those from a personal and training perspective so we’ll see. I’ll post upates once I get all my stuff and get going. Let me know if you want to try it!

  2. So…. I am excited to see your journey and will email you later today about the 21 day Kickstart plan with the 3 day refresh . I may be interested in that. I did this program last year and while I love Shakeology I don’t like the “auto-ship” and money being taken out of my account. I did the 21 day fix workouts and they were great and i did the before and after photos but i did NOT share them. 🙂 i am doing hammer and chisel now and can say i’m not loving it but i’m trying to continue with it. i’m not sure why i don’t love it yet, maybe because it’s hard LOL. Can’t wait to follow along your journey. Happy Monday Kelly!!!!

  3. Yes to showing progress – I need a little motivation too so seeing your progress will hopefully motivate me to up my game a bit!

  4. I’m excited to follow along to see how you like the 21 day challenge! I have several friends who are coaches and they swear by the shakeology, but I have never tried it. I have a thing with milk in a smoothie (I can’t do it)–but I’ve heard that the berry flavor is good with water-kind of like a fruit smoothie. You always give honest reviews, so I’m looking forward to hearing (reading) about what you think. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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