Training Update and Weekend Fun!


Happy Monday!!

It’s rainy and dreary here, which I don’t mind.  I know, I’m insane.  I love rainy cold weather. Have I mentioned I belong in Colorado?  Or Portland.  I heart Portland.  I ordered rain boots yesterday.  Gasp.  Everyone that lives in our little town wears the same cute Hunter boots.  I’ve sort of avoided this purchase because I like to go against the flow.  I like to think I’m a rebel that way.  But seriously, if there is something that everyone has, I generally don’t want it.

I conformed.

I ordered the boots.  Because I have a flip-flop addiction…even when it’s cold and rainy.  It’s time to buy a grown up pair of shoes.


Thanks to Athleta…I found a pair that not everyone has…with a cute orange buckle in the back…


I loved these, but I can only hope they aren’t crazy ugly in person as the color is a little…well, weird.  Anyway, crazier things have happened.  But, if we ever do move to Portland, I’ll be ready.

We had a great weekend with the kids. Rob’s been crazy busy with work and trips and training, so having him around this weekend was such a huge thing for us.  Family time, rain, football, the World Series, pizza and cookies.  Oh, and trick or treating.


This is Lila (Anna)and her cousin/bestie Grace.  They were totally adjoined at the hip as they went from house to house snatching candy like rabid wolves.  It was adorable.

Jake went to a friend’s house so we were minus one kid.  How is he old enough to do that already?! He took a pillow case instead of his cute trick or treat bucket.  He’s one of those older kids with the pillow case.  Ugh.

We (well…Rob)also carved a pumpkin…which is big for us because we’re not really the festive Halloween types..


Rob did all the work while I ordered the pizza.  The most important job.  You’re welcome family.

As far as running goes this will be a super quick update.  I ran a marathon 3 weeks ago.  I have 5 weeks until my next race, the Rock n Roll San Antonio half.  Which we’ll be doing with several other couples, all of whom have been training specifically for this half.  Where I have been training for marathons for the past 18 months straight.  My body is tired ya’ll.  My hip is bothering me and I took nearly 3 weeks post Chicago to recover from the achilles issue I had during the race and a sinus infection.  This weekend I woke up with a sore throat and more issues with my allergies.  Combine that with the crazy moist air and high humidity and it just spells HARD.


Not to sound like a whiney baby,  but this has happened after every full I’ve done.  It takes time to recover.  I ran two days after Chicago and my body actually recovered faster than any race I’ve done.  But then I got sick.  Besides the achilles and sinus infection, I felt great ha!  But really, the distance is something I’ve gotten used to so I can run back to back and feel good.  The problem is life and a traveling/training hubby and just not being able to feel good.  It interferes.  And it’s annoying as you know what.


So this weekend I got a 5 mile treadmill run in on Saturday and a 6 mile run outside Sunday morning.  I had planned 8-10 but  for Sunday but I didn’t feel good at all, and decided just going was a win based on how I felt when I woke up.  So, this week…

Run consistently.  That’s my plan.  I may not have a lot of time to prepare to crank out a half marathon PR in San Antonio, but I can be prepared by being consistent.  I know when to run easy and when to include some harder effort’s.  I have to get some longer run’s in because I’m tossing around the idea of doing a New Year’s double(back to back half marathon’s) on well…New Years.  So obviously, I have a hard time taking time off from racing!  It keeps me motivated and gives me something to shoot for.  And now that I’m taking some time away from the full distance, the half is a great way for me to increase my speed.  I just need to give myself a break for San Antonio knowing I’m coming off a really long and intense year and a half of back to back marathon’s.

So there’s my shpeel.

I’ve been loading up on my Vega all in one protein shake because it’s loaded with green’s.


I combine it with organic cinnamon and some PB2.  It’s the jams.  Stick it in a blender bottle with some unsweetened almond milk and you’re good to go.

I’ve also been eating lots of protein and trying to clean up my diet since Chicago.


I feel great and have lost a few pounds, although the goal is more to feel better.  I had allowed some stuff into my diet with all the mileage I was pounding but it wasn’t benefiting me as a runner.  I was feeling weighed down and sluggish.  So, I had to go back to the drawing board and take a hard look at my nutrition.  I still had cookies this weekend…come on now.  However, eating mostly clean works best for me.  Lots of lean proteins, nuts, fruits and veggies and lots and lots of water.  No gimics or pills or packages to purchase.  No “diets” or starvation plans.  Just real food.  It works.

Wish me luck this week as my only goal is to be consistent in my running and only take off on my designated rest day.  We’ll see how it goes and if I can get my body and mind back in a good routine!!

Tell me….do you have rain boots?  If so do you love them and wear them EVERY DAY? I hope so..because these puppies weren’t cheap and had better last the rest of my life on earth. 

Do you have a hard time finding a routine again after a big race? 

What’s your favorite clean eating snack?





11 comments on “Training Update and Weekend Fun!

  1. Linda…..I just got them in the mail and put them on. It’s going to take some getting used to lol. I kinda feel like I should be going out to the barn to muck out stalls instead of I oh I don’t know, out to lunch? We shall see. I love homemade energy bars!!! One of my faves.

  2. I live in Seattle and yet, cannot do the rainboots. I feel like I’m King Kong walking through the streets. I just don’t think they’re very comfy. However, I do have a pair just for muddy events like pumpkin patches.

    After a big race, I have a hard time getting back to maintenance mode. It’s like if I don’t have something to train for, I will just dilly dally or be inconsistent in my workouts.

    Fave clean eating snack? Hmm, some fruit, fresh veggies, or some sort of homemade energy bar/ball.

  3. hey Shay! Funny how sometimes those good runs come when we feel kinda crappy. I’m not a candy eater but the cookies get me if they’re around=)

  4. Hey Michelle..that’s awesome!!!!!!!! You’ll love the Rock n Roll atmosphere if you haven’t done one before. It’ll make for a fun first full for you I’m sure! And thank you! Watch it not rain again all winter haha!

  5. I’m doing the SA rock and roll full, it’s my first! I think the NYE back to back sounds fun! And I ❤️ Your new boots, they are super cute!!

  6. Lisa!! WELL NOW I REGRET MY PURCHASE!!!! lol.. I totally conformed and Rob stood there laughing as I swore I NEVER would and I hit confirm purchase. Ugh. Maybe no one has my special Athleta ones?? Yea, we’ll bank on that

  7. I’m doing the NYE Double next year. Boom. I just committed. It’s in writing. We should do it together! (2 halfs in two days…no sweat? Oh no. What have I done?!) Can’t wait to see the boots!!!

  8. i have rain boots that are pretty cute and NOT hunter …. I’m anti-Hunter… I conform in many ways but will not give in on that one. Individuality, people!!

    But I love mine, great to slip on in the bad weather! You’ll use them all the time! And they’re great for snowy days too – keep ya warm and dry.

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