This Week in My Closet

Happy Friday! So normally my Friday posts are from the week in my kitchen.  However, this week, the wheels came OFF.  3rd grade homework, Kindergartner, toddler, sports, 3rd grade homework, hubby out of town, sick toddler, 3rd grade homework.  Get the picture?  Thankfully we have an amazing grocery store that kinda sorta resembles a smaller slightly less expensive version of Whole Foods right down the street.  They helped me out with dinner’s this week.  So, next week I’ll be back on track and have some yummy recipes to share.

I decided to share some items from my closet this week.  I’ve decided I’m just not a wedges and skinny jeans every day kinda gal.  They have their place don’t get me wrong.  I just can’t get there every day.  Most days I go for comfortable, not sweaty, clean and cuteish.

I don’t want to “let myself go” but I also want to stick to who I am and what I like…and I like cute and comfy.   Leggings are in people…apparently.  So, I’ve been searching high and low for cute, comfy, mom on the go, not necessarily workout clothes but not far from them items I can throw on during the day.

Here is my tip for the day.  If you find it’s time to get a few new things for your closet, whatever your style, sell sell sell.  Clean out items that you no longer wear and put those puppies on a Facebook garage sale site or take them to a resale shop.  The last pair of running shoes I bought I paid cash for just from selling a few older items I no longer wear.  It works.  You are welcome.  Go make some cash girls, your hubbies will be thrilled.  So, that’s what I did this week.  I took that cash plus some birthday money and went on a mission.

I want to give you the items I found plus a less expensive budget friendly item that way you have the choice of both.  Let’s go shopping!!!

First up..the legging.

I got these puppies at Athleta.  They are a little pricey but I opted for these instead of a nicer pair of jeans.  They are pictured here in navy but I got the black.  They bunch at the bottom and are super cute and flattering.  They work with flip flops or a cute pair of flats.  I could even throw some boots on over them once it gets cold out.   If you order online I would size down.  Almost everything I tried on yesterday in my normal size was too big and I had to go down a size.  What girl doesn’t want that.  You can find these leggings here.
A good friend of mine totally turned me on to Wal-Mart’s active wear.  I don’t always have extra cash and birthday money to go shopping with so I’m usually in need of a budget friendly option.  I found these leggings at Wal-Mart..
These bad boys are $8.96 and would pair great with a flowy top and cute pair of flats..or tennis shoes and an awesome hoodie.  Speaking of hoodies.  
It’s fall.  It’s hoodie season.  I love me some hoodies and think I found the perfect one.  It’s Nike’s Gym Vintage Full-Zip hoodie and I’m in love.  Hands down the softest hoodie ever.  I found mine at Sports Authority but you can find this at the Nike store, outlet, Nordstrom or online. 
Here it is.  I bought it in dark heather gray and have been cranking my AC down in my house just so I can wear it this week.  You will love.  I found this on Amazon for $49.  Or you can find it at Nordstrom by clicking here
Another hoodie option is this one from Old Navy..
It’s $19.94 and comes in tons of cute color options.  Hurry though because Old Navy is running a 20% online purchase discount.  Who doesn’t love a good hoodie.  
Next up, the tank.  I love a good tank to throw with leggings.  If it’s a little warm I can throw on a cute scarf and if it’s cooler I can throw on a cute cardigan or layering piece.  My fave tank find of the week is from Athleta.  
This tank is a little longer so it works great over leggings or as a layering piece.  It’s $39 right now so if you want one,  click here
Another great tank option is from Old Navy.  It’s the relaxed fit so it’s not fitted and super comfy.  It comes in different colors and is on sale right now for $9…
Love.  Find it here
Ok, last but not least a layering piece to go over just about anything, but especially the leggings.  
I splurged a little on one item from Athleta.  They opened a store here recently so I had to go check it out which is why I have a few items from there this week.  I wanted a cute non hoodie option to layer with my cute black leggings and I chose this one…
It’s the no sweatin it sharkbite top.  It’s super comfy, longer in the back for the leggings booty to be covered and flattering in the front.  I love that I can throw it on with boots, flats, or even flip flops or a cute pair of running shoes.  Versatile is my middle name.  Click here to make it yours.
It’s less expensive option and probably my favorite find recently is from Target.  What girl on planet earth doesn’t love Target?  I could go on for days.  Anyway, here it is…
It’s comfy, cute and lightweight.  It has small slits on the sides and I love it.  It’s flattering and awesome.  I’ve been wearing it with my pj’s when I get out of bed.  Yep. I’m fancy.   I got an oatmeal color but there are lots of options.  It’s currently $22.99 at Target.
Hope ya’ll enjoyed a little tour through my closet and my style today.  I’m no fashion expert.  This is just a look I’m loving lately.  For more fashion tips check out my friends Shay and Erica’s super cute blogs…they have way more style than I do so trust these girls ok? 
Happy Friday friends!!!
Do you have a favorite look for fall?
Do you have a favorite go to comfy item?  

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  1. If I could wear leggings and a hoodie all the time I would…unfortunately that is not considered “professional” in the teaching world lol!!

    It looks like we both have the same taste in clothing…cute and comfy is wear it’s at!

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