Things I’m loving Lately

Morning my friends and happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but this week flew by for me.  The countdown to Summer is officially on in my book.  I’m officially over lunch making, folder signing and spelling words.  I’ve said this before.  But, since I’m attempting to demonstrate a “finish strong!” attitude, I can’t tell the kids how over it I am.  Ask me how I feel in July when I’m with all 3 kids at the grocery store. But still. I love Summer.  Even though it’s loud and crazy, it’s easy and laid back.  A nice change of pace from the busy of the school year, and I get to watch my kids just be kids.  Plus, this Summer we are MOVING(staying local)!!! Yes.  An Ironman and a move.  We have officially gone insane.

If all goes well(with moving I sorta feel like until you are literally sleeping in the new house, nothing is a done deal) we will close on our new house July 8th, which means we’ll have our current house up for sale in 2 weeks! Lots to do.  Lots of holes to patch in walls and scratches to cover up.  We’ve loved this house well and lived in every square inch.  Hard work is the name of the game lately with cleaning up the yard, purging the garage and cleaning out closets but it’s so therapeutic!

Today I’ll share some things I’m loving lately.  Nothing fancy, just keeping it simple today.

Suja Juice


You guys.  This juice is so yummy!! I’m normally not a juice person, but I was so impressed with this stuff. It is packed with ingredients, some I’ve never even heard of.  The beet taste was a little strong on this one, but I managed.  The other flavors were delish and made me feel so good this week.  I highly suggest you give them a try.


My Yeti

So I know yeti’s are all the rage, but you guys.  This was on my Christmas list and everywhere(yes, literally EVERYWHERE) we looked they were out of stock.  So, I waited until I happened to walk past one in Dick’s last week to finally get it.  It has totally kept me hydrated this week with the humidity skyrocketing!


I’m not the best at drinking throughout the day but have always had severe dehydration issues(you’d think I would learn after a lifetime of dizziness and passing out. You would be incorrect).  I just don’t get thirsty so unless I’m carrying around a water bottle, I’ll go all day without a sip of water.  And can I just tell you that in just one week of being diligent with my water intake, my run’s feel better and I feel more energized.  The yeti keeps it cold and we even borrowed a yeti cooler last weekend from a friend and after having some outlet issues with our fridge, I was able to throw all my cold stuff in it for over a day.  The ice was still there when I took it all out after 24 hours.  I’m a fan.

Almond Milk


This is my fave new brand of Almond milk.  It’s low in sugar and has great flavor.  I’ve been putting the toasted coconut in my coffee(don’t be fooled. I pair it with half and half) and it’s delish!! If you are an almond milk person, go try this. I got this one at Kroger.

Healthy Snacks



Trader Joe’s is my jam when it comes to healthy snacks. Mid afternoon is when I need something to chew on and this combo does the trick. You could add some dark chocolate chips to top it off.  I also love unsweetened dried mango to go with the almonds.  It’s naturally sweet on its own and one of my favorite mid afternoon pick me ups.

And the not so healthy snack…..


There are no words.  These are SO good!!!! They are creamy and buttery and insanely dangerous, so don’t buy them often.  If it’s in the house, I’ll eat it. So I space it out.  A few of these cookies every now and then won’t kill you.



These stones had weeds all over and last weekend I picked every last one.  It was sort of like therapy.  The kids were playing and happy and I just got lost in weed pulling.  I solved all the world’s problems while I pulled weeds.  I highly suggest getting your hands dirty and working hard if you are needing to clear your head.  And now they are all growing back!

Honey Stingers


I was recently told to try the Honey Stinger waffle’s as I’ve always used the gu’s and gummies.  I add some peanut butter to these little jewel’s and it’s the perfect pre run or workout fuel.  Pair it with a cup of coffee and it’s perfection.



I got my new catalogue this week and tossed it on my coffee table.  I usually flip through right away but with the whole moving thing, I’m trying not to sped a lot of money, so why be tempted right? This morning I picked it up and flipped through and I was loving what I saw.  A section of bathing suites for all body types and model’s who looked like you and me.  Normal women.  Not all were super athletes or rail thin. Love to see this push to remind women that they are beautiful and strong and lovely just the way they are.  Nicely done Athleta.  Oh! And they have added Athleta girls to their collection. Yay!! This could be dangerous ya’ll!!!


So on my search for some things to spruce up the new house, I’ve been on Wayfair a lot.  I already have a living room rug and a kitchen rug I purchased from here, but they are loaded with other good stuff! I’m a big fan.

Dead Frogs

IMG_1468 IMG_1469

I was in my kitchen, hands deep in a bowl of ground beef making burgers, and this face came to the back door, breathless and traumatized.  A dead frog had been thrown at her, by her brother.  The musings life with brothers.  She’ll surely need therapy by the time she’s 18.  Bless.

Ok that does it for today ya’ll. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

Do you juice? Thoughts?

What are you loving lately??





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  1. thanks Gina!!!!! Ok so the Suja juices are a little high in sugar so I don’t drink them every day. I was in Trader Joe’s yesterday and theirs were half the sugar. I drink them in the morning after a workout when I need something cold and refreshing. I drink one then a little while later have lunch. I pair it with tons of water as well. Let me know if you try them!

  2. Congrats Kelly on the new house!!!! I would love to juice but all the ones I’ve looked at are loaded with sugar and when do you drink it? I know that’s probably a silly question but I wouldn’t guess you just drink them all day long. Are they for before or after workouts? Panera has some I always want to try but then I think, are you supposed to drink them with a meal? lol Apparently I am CLUELESS lol 🙂

  3. I am obsessed with a green juice that I get delivered to my house every week – I drink it before my coffee every morning and it makes me feel like I am getting a ton of veggies in before I start my day!

  4. Now that your stones are all cleaned out and looking good, spray some Roundup between them and keep those weeds away!

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