The Messy One

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I’m pretty sure every mom has that kid in her life.  The one that she can not imagine life without, but that also may be the cause of her premature gray hairs, heartburn and extra stress pimples once a month.

So life for me has changed a bit the past 2 1/2 years.  There was a time that I actually talked on the phone in the mornings, did dishes, laundry, caught up on emails.  You know.  Mom stuff.  I still do those things but it’s usually between cleaning up messes.  Lila messes.


Since this little princess popped into my life, things have gotten immensely more entertaining, funny, sweet, sassy and exciting.  The moments have also gotten slightly more stressful.  You see, when I was pregnant with Jake everyone told me boys were crazy.  They would be bouncing off walls and making messes.  Spilling milk on purpose, coloring on the walls, and escaping out into the street when I wasn’t looking.  I had a boy.  He wasn’t any of those things.  Then, 2 1/2 years later I had another boy.   Same story.  My walls stayed clean.

Then, 3 years later, we had this little thang.  My mind thinking somehow I had escaped the crazy messy kid altogether because girls “love to sit” after all.  At least that’s what I had been told.


Whoever told me that, please don’t write a parenting book.  I guess in general maybe girls get into less mischievous messy trouble.  Maybe????  I don’t know.  I knew when I had a girl my expectations were that we’d go shopping together and sit and color(which we do…but heaven forbid I turn my head for .5 seconds, walls destroyed) and do girly things without much concern for other stuff like my house getting turned upside down or knocking down entire displays in Nordstrom or playing “blocks” with toilet paper.


Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE having a girl and I can not imagine life without Lila.  She cuddles with  me(when she’s not mad at me of course) and loves to paint nails and do fun girly things.  She is by far the cutest kid we’ve ever had(sorry boys, you’re cute and adorable in your own little ways, but Lila takes the cuteness cake all the way).  Ya’ll please don’t think I’m the worst mom in the history of moms.   I love all my kids.  Like a lot.  But they are SOOOOOO different.  Aren’t yours?

I love their differences.  I love seeing my kids personalities come out and see them at different stages.  Jake is almost 9.  He can carry on real conversations and see emotion in me.  He’s recognizing when I feel sad, happy, mad or upset.  He’s aware of things going on in the world.  Scary.  But also cool.  Josh is 6 and still a momma’s boy.  He’s my cuddly loving sweet beat up his sister in a heart beat runt through the house screaming with sword in hand but stop to give his momma a kiss boy.  Love him.

Then, there’s Lila.  She’s just different people.  Sassy and Lord knows more emotional than me.  Funny as all get out and into EVERYTHING.  She comes up with some signature looks that I’m sure would win a few contests hands down.







This little girl has absolutely completed our family.  But she has also changed the way I do day to day life.  We have so much fun.  I laugh more with her but I think it’s because by kid 3 you’ve learned to laugh a little more and fuss a little less.  She’s messy yes.  She’s into everything, big yes.  I can’t turn my back for a second or she’ll be on a countertop or in the oven or pantry scavenging or eating guacamole off my floor.  You think I’m kidding.



So, I’ve learned to adapt as mom’s tend to do.  I don’t talk on the phone as much as I used to.  I don’t go shopping as much as I used to because as fun as it is and as much as she loves it, it’s sort of a giant disaster at times.  And that’s ok.  I wouldn’t change a thing about her.  Though my life has changed a little, I’m beyond grateful for my messy one.  She teaches me to stay on my toes and laugh at myself.  She melts me pretty much every day and can put a smile on my face even when she’s making me want to scream.  A strange mix of emotions.  Motherhood is like that.

I think I’ve learned to let her make her messes(the ones that don’t destroy my house or put her in danger of course).  I’m learning to accept who she is and let her explore her creativity, even if it means a little more work for me.  I let her leave the house with crown’s on her head and crazy adorable outfits when it’s appropriate because that’s who she is.  And I love who she is.

Maybe you have a messy one.  A crazy kid that is into everything and you sometimes feel like life spins out of control.  Can I please tell you to hang on tight?  Don’t miss it.  They grow up and suddenly you have a “Get to Know Your Body” book on your night stand because you know “the talk” is about to happen with the oldest.  Pray for us NOW.  Ya’ll.  It goes so fast and mommyhood is the absolute best, even when it’s the absolute hardest.  Enjoy your messy one’s because one day they will move mountains. I know it.












4 comments on “The Messy One

  1. thank ya friend!!! I can’t really think about all that teen stuff because then I get panic attacks haha!! Not really, but close. You can be my go to for all that wisdom and knowledge you are gaining=) Love youuuu

  2. Tara,
    Amen girl!!! It’s a crazy ride but so much fun. I laugh 45,978 times a day from the funny things they say and do. I don’t remember being so funny, or messy(hehe) when I was little. And seriously I am a guac girl so we need to make that happen stat!! This state isn’t THAT big right?! =) xoxoxo

  3. Gosh girl! At some point our paths should cross in the great state of Texas and we need to chat over some guacomole! You are speaking my language!! My first just turned 8 and he is a piece of cake. Never makes a mess and super organized. Quiet, plays easily and just sweet. My second…she is your Lila. She is almos 7. She is HILARIOUS but oh the messes and drama! Lol you are so right about the emotions of motherhood! This surprise third little boy is almost 5 months and I can’t wait to see his personality. Hoping on the clean side and less mess but you are right, by the third you learn to let go of a lot! I wouldn’t change this crazy fun life for anything and at the same time it continually shows me how much I need Jesus to keep changing me and helping me!!

  4. Girl, I love this post. We all have one and yes my two girls are completely different!! Embrace the time because before you know it – she’ll be a teen with raging hormones and that is really a fun roller coaster with less laughing and more grays 😉 LOL.

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