The Most Eventful Long Run Ever


It’s been quite an eventful week already.  And it’s only Tuesday.  Many things to tell and fill you in on but first, the long run.

Sunday was our last long run before the Chicago Marathon.  Gasp.  I honestly can not even believe we’re only 3 weeks away.  Candace made a good point about the difference in my training this time….I’ve still lived my life.  And it’s true.  Training didn’t dictate my every move.  I didn’t think about it night and day.  I did the runs.  I enjoyed most of it and I didn’t really ever feel stressed or anxious.  What a change compared to other training seasons.  Although, I didn’t really have a choice.  

I chose a Fall marathon.  Which means training through the crazy Summer heat, kids home, a traveling hubby who is training for a 70.3.  So yea, crazy.

So Candace and I decided to cap our longest run at 18 miles.  My plan took me to 16, her’s took her to 20, so this was our compromise.  And it was our best (pace wise) training run together yet. However, it didn’t come without a little excitement…here’s how 18 miles went down.

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Mile 4….ants in my shoes
Mile 5….rat.  A giant.  Long tailed RAT!!
Also at Mile 5…..a 7 Eleven pit stop for bathroom, water and ice for the bra.  Don’t judge.  It’s hot and humid here and 18 miles is a long dang way.  And I drank coffee before our run.  My bad. Rude clerk who didn’t appreciate our humor or laughing or sweaty selves coming into his store so early in the morning.  He’s dead to us.
Mile 6.5….gorgeous sunrise
Mile 7…hills for dayzzzzzzzzzzz.  Seriously. Make them stop.
Mile 8…..TARANTULA.  Ya’ll.  I kid you not.  A giant hairy spider…no, TARANTULA, was on the sidewalk.  Like, right off a main road.  No trails or back roads. HOLY SH*#!!!!!!!! Expletives and screams and more screams and hair on end ensued for at least another mile.  I could not even get past it.  I will never be able to shake that image from my brain.  It was the worst 30 seconds of my life.
Mile 8.5…another 7-Eleven.  Water refills and ice.  Did I mention it was hot and humid?  Another rude person.  Apparently 7-Eleven’s don’t think sweaty runner’s should come in and use their less than stellar tap water and fill their bra’s with ice.  Whatever man.  It’s hot.
Mile 13….another water break.  And ice.  5 miles to go.  Praise. Jesus. But we’re both feeling pretty good at this point.  Hot air balloon’s hit the sky from the local Balloon Festival Half marathon going on in the next town.  They were starting, we’d already run our half.
Mile 15…Candace goes down.  Hard.  I scream, as I usually do every time one of us trips or falls or we see dangerous wild life.  I panic thinking she’s hit her head.  She ended up being fine.  Well, I say fine.  She had a gash on her chin and a bloodied shoulder and a hole in her very cute Athleta Capris.  Once she got up and seemed ok, we started walking to an urgent care just down the road a bit.  Naturally, the thing that upset her most was thinking about not finishing this run and stopping our watches at 15.  She seemed ok, besides all the blood, so in typical crazy runner talk, we decide to walk the rest of the way home then DRIVE to the urgent care that way we got all our miles in.  You heard me.  My stud of a friend walked another 3 miles BEFORE she drove herself to the Urgent Care…for STITCHES.  Runner’s are insane.  And we proved it.
Mile 16.5…bobcat.  That’s right.  Why not a bobcat?
Home…and the fastest shower and turn around in the history of ever….I walked in the door at 9:30…walked out to head to church at 10:05.  Boom.  And Candace is officially the toughest person I know.

18 miles done!!! Never has there been a more eventful run...Bobcats, tarantulas, rats, rude 7-Eleven clerks that did not like our sweaty selves taking their water and a bloody chin. Let the taper begin!!!!!! #marathontraining @8french #chicagomarathon #chicago2015 #motherrunner #toughmotherrunners #runfar #staythecourse #stjudehero #runnerland #runnersofIG #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #werunsocial #kastfitnesswear #kastfitness #athleta #hokaoneone

So.  We did it.  We officially survived training for Chicago, and now it’s time to taper.  We’re 3 weeks of fairly easy running until our girls weekend involving the city of Chicago, pizza, running 26.2 miles and more pizza.  Yes, it’ll be awesome.  Let the taper crazies begin and be sure to check back in tomorrow as I fill you in on our dramatic saga of the week…the giving away of the guinea pigs.  Yep.  Worst. Mom. Ever.

Any crazy happenings from your run’s this past weekend?  Come on, you know you have a good story or two to tell.  Lay it on us. 

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3 comments on “The Most Eventful Long Run Ever

  1. ha!! You totally get used to it. Honestly, it’s out of necessity and the busier and more kids we get, the earlier my runs get ha! There are definitely days I wake up and know it’s just not meant to be til later that day and that’s fine. But the long runs, no choice there because of my husband’s training schedule. Hope your run went well!!!!

  2. Kelly!!! Oh my goodness! I can’t believe all of this happened to you! I don’t know how you can run so early in the morning! I always feel so dizzy when I try. Tomorrow I have to go for a run around 10am and I’m already anxious thinking about it! And that’s not even early!

  3. I stopped at a gas station and the guy was rude too. I was really sorry my money was covered in sweat, not. I see lots of animals on my runs and I love it, however I would have peed my pants if I saw a huge spider. You are going to do great!!! Thank God your friend is ok.

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