The Fall Conundrum



I have some thoughts that I just need to get off my chest.  Deep ones.  About Fall and Texas and such.

EVERY September, the pumpkin comes out of hiding, Hobby Lobby turns orange and red and leafy and festive and stores transform.   All things Fall.  I went to the Gap to find Lila a few pairs of shorts for pre-school. I did not find ONE. SINGLE. PAIR.  Instead, I found parka’s and scarves and little brown(adorable by the way, but so completely not necessary until maybe Christmas) boots and full on winter coats.  I’m confused by this.  Why don’t stores stock according to WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED? They’re selling down comforters for us to wear, as we leave their store and head to the pool cursing the day we moved to the state with no Fall.

So, turning 34 yesterday had me thinking about life at 17. What I wish I knew back then about life ahead. So, I wrote myself a letter. A letter to the younger me. Someone needs to tell me to learn to cook sooner and why a margarita really only tastes good once you become a parent. So, hop on over to the blog for the read. And a giant THANK YOU IG fam for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday. Social media is at its very best on birthdays. ~Link in bio #blogger #lifestyleblogger #fitnessblogger #runner #wife #momslife #birthdaygirl

this was us….this past SATURDAY….that’s right.  It’s hot people

This has me so completely befuddled and depressed.  See, Fall is my FAVORITE.  But, real Fall. Not the fake only in stores and at Starbucks kind of fall.  I went to Starbucks yesterday, know what I got?  A giant very berry refresher.  That’s right.  Because it was ten thousand and two degrees outside and my pants were soaked just from running to the mall, where I bought a very cute vest that will sit in my closet for the next 3 months.  Maybe 2 if we’re lucky.

So, what do you do when your entire state is faking Fall?  You crank your AC down super low so you can lounge around your house in leggings and long sleeves, then you change into your tank top to walk out the front door, lest you melt or die of a heat stroke at 34.  You wear scarves with tank tops and flip flops with sweat pants because that makes complete sense when it’s 89 degrees with 93% humidity.  That’s scratch my eyeballs out weather if you ask me.

Last Halloween my kids were sweating profusely under their costumes.  Kids are running around red-faced and dehydrated because they insisted on wearing the fluffy and HOT Olaf costume. They are so exhausted and toasty that all they want to do is head home early, strip down to their bare nothings and eat all the candy.  It is truly a night to remember.

So, as a sort of Texan(I’ve lived here 13 years, and even then I have issues wanting to break up with it in the “Fall” because it is then that it becomes a liar) I’ve come to ignore the Facebook posts that are all, “Fall is here!!” and “Hope everyone is enjoying this weather!” only to check the weather app on my phone and see 90’s for the next. 10. days.  Seriously?!?!  What is wrong with these people?!

I’m from Tennessee.  Where the Fall lives.  And I know what seasons look like and sometimes I miss having more than just Summer and Winter.  But, my theme for this school year is to grow where you’re planted, and I’m planted in Texas.  Where my favorite season is somewhat lacking but where the closest friends are, where I can wear flip flops year round and most importantly, where we’ve set our roots for now.  So, I’ll cry and moan every September, and drink PSL’s(for real, we abbreviate this on social media to look cool?  I have no idea) and stock my pantry with pumpkin puree.  Because really, winter is right around the corner.  Happy “Fall” ya’ll!!!!

Anyone else confused by the false start of Fall?

What’s your favorite season?


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  1. Yes Shelly!!! Growth spurts KILL me. Don’t these stores know kids grow?! Apparently not. It’s cool, Jake wears shorts to school year round. I don’t mess with his system lol!

  2. Hey Heather,
    I have stopped checking the forecast. It’s depressing. 90 is NOT a cold front and yes, I live for a cool run with humidity under 85%=) Hang in there girl!!

  3. Sabrina, I’m sure your humidity totally trumps ours. I see people post about “crazy high” humidity being 40%. I’m like,um try 90!! It’s the worst. But at least the mornings are cooling off a bit so counting that a blessing!!

  4. lol!! Glad I’m not alone Lisa!! Love that your paper products are bright colors haha! enjoy that bonfire!

  5. Listen, I completely agree. I live in South Alabama, where it’s hot on Christmas more frequently than it is cold. It is so hot here that it is annoying. The humidity is off the chart. The LAST thing I want to walk around with in my hand is a hot cup of coffee at 3:00 in the afternoon. I just can’t fake the season. I bought a plaid button up the other day and I have no idea when I’ll wear it. But then again, in February when it finally cools off around here, shorts and swimsuits have taken over the stores. Then I’m aggravated that I can’t find a stupid cardigan because it’s cold outside lol. Cheers to more days at the pool/beach, Starbucks refreshers, flip flops, and tank tops!

  6. Oh boy, Could I write a book on how I feel about fall in September! My girls are calling me a rebel but I refuse to put up pumpkins, buy pumpkin anything until October. My motto till then…September is for apples and sunflowers. Yes, we are hosting a bonfire on Sunday and it will probably be 100 degrees (Midwest weather) or it could be snowing, only God knows but there will be no reference to fall. I think the paper products are lime green and pink (leftovers, lol) Anyway, happy to see someone else is as taken aback by September jack-o-lanterns and PSL from Starbucks as I am. By the way, I am still drinking iced coffee. Keep up the training you are going to rock your marathon.

  7. If It makes you feel ANY better, it has been miserable in Tennesse this summer, it’s so hot, when you walk out the door you can feel the heat radiating from the ground. Humidity is worse, I thought that today was going to be cooler, because, well the stupid forecast said it was. Went running, the humidity and heat were screaming in my face SUCKER. Unfortunately every holiday and great memories we had as kids is over commercialized to the point it does not even feel fun anymore.
    I hope you have a good SUMMER day (LOL)

  8. Oh my goodness I love this…lol…Texas is definitely faking fall! And the way the stores stock is also a big pet peeve….I mean kid goes through a growth spurt in September and my only option is to dress her in pants and long sleeves!

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