Take the Leap Yoga Challenge

I’m so excited to be partnering this month with SweatPink and PrAna for the Take the Leap Yoga challenge.  I’m not as diligent as I should be with yoga.  Admittedly.  I have a mat at home that gets used mostly for burpees and planks and mountain climbers.  I’m kind of a high intensity and long distance junkee.  BUT, I know the importance of slowing down and getting on my mat for different reasons.  Yoga is SO important, especially for runner’s.  Not every workout should be really high in intensity.  Yoga challenges you to hold positions which challenges your muscles in a totally different way.  I love it, but it’s also something I have to remind myself to do.

It’s so fun to take part in this challenge(though I haven’t done it every day) because it keeps me accountable to do something that I’m not great at making myself do.  I was also introduced to PrAna, an amazing line of yoga/workout wear(which ya’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with) that I LOVE.  Stay tuned next week for a review and special promo code.  Meanwhile, go check out their website here.  You will die when you see that blue tank on the home page.  So cute.

Meanwhile, let’s keep up the the time on our mats ok runner’s?  I know I feel my best as a runner when I’m spending time daily going through some poses I love and stretches that I need.  You don’t have to be in a class to benefit.  Take a class or two to get some basic poses under your belt then use them at home or at the gym after your run or workout.  I don’t get to class every week but I know enough to be able to reap the benefits on my own.  Then, when I get to class, I don’t DIE.  It’s hard.  Yoga is challenging.  I sweat.  A lot.  So, this is my commitment to you to stay on my mat as often as I can to help ward off injury, stay relaxed and stretch out my oh so tight runner’s muscles.  You with me??

Here are a few of my favorite poses for runner’s:(just google these poses for pics and descriptions)

1.  Standing forward fold
2. Figure 4 Pose
3. Legs up the wall
4. Downdog
5. Triangle Pose
6. Pigeon

Here is a peak at my new PrAna duds…

Happy yoga..ing
What is your favorite pose?
How often do you get to a yoga class?  Do you do it more at home?  I’d love to know!!