The Thing About Goals

The Thing About Goals

  I’ve thought a lot about goals lately and how they apply to my life, right now. It seems when I scroll through social media’s inner workings, I come across hashtags such as #chasebigdreams, #goals, #dreambig, #goalgetter.  It’s awesome and motivating right? I mean, most people are somewhat goal oriented, or at least know goals […]

Just Do It: Back to Racing

  It’s been a while since I raced. Like, over a year. After the Chicago Marathon last year, I had officially burned myself out. I had run 3 full marathons in 18 months, one using the Hanson’s Method which is really intense. In the middle of all of that I was getting my personal trainer […]

New Year….New Goals

Happy New Year!! Hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.  Today, it’s back to the grind.  My kids are still home with one extra day of break for teacher inservice, then they head back tomorrow. In case you think I’m hearing the angels singing at the thought of some quiet returning to […]