Sweat Fest….in August


So here’s the thing.  I’ve been working out in my garage A LOT the past few weeks and it’s a little on the warm side.  No, that’s an understatement.  It’s DISGUSTING.   Like, D I S G U S T I N G.   As gross as it is in terms of sweat production, it does sort of make you feel like a bad A.   I mean, it doesn’t take much to start glistening which makes you feel like you are working way harder than you are, even after 10 minutes.  Plus, I know how much more amazing it makes you feel once Fall air starts to hit.  All of a sudden your lungs are happy and able to actually function like they are meant to, and less like they have an elephant called 159.9% humidity sitting on them.

It’s good to get used to working out in different elements and environments.  The heat and humidity definitely require your body to work a little harder.  Here are some things I’ve done to allow the garage/outdoor workouts to remain tolerable as we approach the “end” of Summer.  Although, if you’re like us, the cool Fall weather doesn’t show up for at least another 4-6 weeks.  Awesome.  So we sort of have to buckle up and just endure this misery for a little while longer….and dream of Colorado snow when we go on vacation and cool Texas mornings.  It IS coming….eventually.

Light weight, wicking clothing
This is probably somewhat understood, but clothes really do make a huge difference.  A cotton tank may suffocate you when it’s 95 and humid with no air flow.  So, wear light weight tops and breezy bottoms. See through is totally acceptable in your garage, I promise.  Whatever keeps you cool man.  Also, keep the top of your head cool by wearing a visor or a dry fit hat.  I went out on a run one hot and steamy morning last Summer training for Chicago.  I decided to wear a cute trucker hat that isn’t meant for running on the surface of the Sun, and I about died in mile 2.  I finally took it off and strapped it to my fuel belt, but I learned my lesson.  My head was so hot the rest of me couldn’t stay cool, so keep that pretty little head from suffocating under a cute yet totally impractical hat ok?  You’re welcome.

IMG_5346 This is my favorite Betty Design hat and it’s a trucker hat but definitely cooler than any other one I’ve tried before.  It’s light weight and cool.  And cute.  So I guess you can have the best of both worlds.

Buy a fan
If you do have your gym in your garage, buy a fan.  I went to Lowe’s to buy a box fan, and found them to be pretty expensive, especially as we were in the middle of a major home remodel.  Rob would have killed me if I had come home with a $200 dollar box fan in the name of not dying on my treadmill.  The box fan had to wait.  So, I bought a smaller fan and I just put in on a Rubbermaid bin next to my bike, treadmill or yoga mat and it works wonders.  Just having air is fabulous.   Sometimes Lila comes out and unplugs it just to be a terd, and you’d be shocked at my reaction.  You would think someone had cut off my oxygen.  Go away Lila, momma’s working out and it’s NOT FUN OUT HERE!

Slow down
I’m so ready for Fall running, but I live in Texas where Fall lasts about 10 seconds, so I often have to remind myself that this is our life, and I need to get over it.  It’s ok to slow down your pace when the heat, humidity, and dew point are high.  I know it’s the end of August and many of you have been running and training in the heat for months now, but I find these reminders helpful this time of year when I’m tired of feeling sluggish in the heat.  These elements make a huge difference in the effort your body exerting to run or cycle or workout, so cut yourself some slack. My speed work in the garage is a little slower than it is outside in winter or in an air conditioned gym.  I pay attention to my heart rate and allow more recovery time.


Again, a no brainer right?  Wrong.  I often have girls drop like flies in bootcamp from dehydration or I find myself weak or dizzy during a workout.  When this happens,  I immediately do an inventory of how much water I’ve had.  This is critical to your health, fitness and weight loss.  Don’t just drink the hour before or after a workout, carry water with you ALL THE TIME.  I know they are pricey but a Yeti has been one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of my water consumption.  I dehydrate rapidly and have to drink constantly to avoid passing out.  So, a cold water in my hand all day is where it’s at for me.  If it’s warm, I won’t drink it.  They make less expensive versions or just grab yourself a cheap 32 oz water bottle. Anything will do if it keeps you drinking.  I put a straw in mine and find it helps me drink it faster.  Add some fruit like lemon, strawberry, or blackberry for flavor.  I also love NUUN for electrolyte replacement.

Go Early
Trust me.  I’ve learned from experience that when it’s hot, the early morning workout is the way to go. Not only do you get it over with before you day is started….you also DON’T DIE in your garage or on the sidewalk in your neighborhood because you attempted to go in the heat of the day, which I see people doing all the time.  Schedules get crazy but if you can go early, do so.  Plus watching the sun come up is a pretty awesome way to start the day.


So there you have a few reminder’s as the end of Summer approaches, or doesn’t for some of us, on how to stay cool outside or in your hot and sweaty garage.  I personally love my little garage getaway. It’s right out my back door and makes it nearly impossible for me NOT to get some type of workout in.  Even if it’s quick or if it requires me to stop and turn on Team Umizoomi for Lila one thousand times.  So, here is a quick little at home workout for your Wednesday.  Happy hump day!!

wednesday total body sweat sesh


Do you workout outside or in a hot garage or basement?  Any tips?  Do you love it or hate it?


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  1. Just a note….They have an EXCELLENT fan in Sam’s Club. It is about 70 dollars but puts out some air!!

  2. Ok you seriously need a disclaimer before reading your blog… i almost spit out my water on the Lila pulling the plug on your fan comment. Plus my abs are so sore right now that laughing HURTS lol. My treadmill is on our back porch which is NOT air conditioned so it’s basically just like a garage, HOT and stuffy. I keep the windows open (well two of the windows because they are the only two with screens and i’m a freak about bees and bugs, especially when i’m running on a treadmill i don’t need a bee buzzing my head) and have one of those industrial fans. if i didn’t have that fan there is no way i could treadmill at all and the treadmill has been my saving grace this past summer. So all that to say I guess I don’t LOVE my treadmill being on the back porch but i don’t hate it either. it has been much better than running outside at 5PM!!!!

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