Summer in training


     I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the craziness that can come in the summer.  Everyone is off a schedule, everyone is home, everyone is bored, everyone is hungry, everyone wants to swim…  No one cares that mom wants…and needs…to run and train, clean toilets, put away the never ending pile of laundry or go to the bathroom alone.  

    I find myself slipping into this same little slump every summer.  Am I alone?  I love my kids…to.the.moon.  We are seriously having one of the best summer’s we have ever had  as far as the fun factor goes.  The boys are getting older.  That means they can talk to me, about realish stuff.  They keep me company and make me laugh.  Yes, there are moments I want to pull my hair out and scream(I just go do that in private), but for the most part, I’m loving every second(ok, maybe not every SECOND, every 10 minutes or so).  It’s fun getting to see your kids get older.  Jake is 8.  He jokes with me, gets my sarcasm, helps with Lila like you wouldn’t believe, does laundry and can entertain himself.  It’s a beautiful thing.  He adores her…

       Lila is 2.  She’s trouble, but she’s also hilarious.  She keeps us on our toes and also keeps the toilets dirty and the laundry in the same exact spot for 2 weeks because she is one constant “mommy hold you.”  But, did I mention she’s adorable? 

     I experienced a moment of insanity this week and decided to buy a big girl potty and hello kitty underwear.  It was a complete disaster.  The girl just didn’t want to do the work.  She wanted the panties and that’s about all.  Oh, yes, she did JUST turn 2, but I thought it was worth a shot.  Wrong.  She has her own timing for everything and talks enough for all of us.  Our world would be incredibly boring without this little spunky thang.  We can’t get enough of her. 
     And Josh…my unbelievably yummy little snuggler who can never get enough hugs.  Love it.  He’s his own little person and is about to start Kindergarten in August to which I’m in complete denial.  He’s my home body and momma’s boy.  We really need to be working on his writing, letter recognition etc…but honestly, I just want to hang out and soak him up because in a month, he’ll be gone.  
     So, what in the world does any of this rambling have to do with running and fitness?? I think what I’m learning as my kids grow and with lazy summer days is that I don’t have to “do it all.”  I have a lot of goals outside of those pertaining to parenting. A lot.  I’m trying to become a personal trainer which means a lot of studying.  It’s all self study which means I’m on my own.  No classes or study sessions.  It’s all on me.  

     I’m also training for Hood to Coast, a half marathon in October and possibly..if I lose my mind..a full marathon in December.  My husband is currently training like a mad man for the Redman 70.3(half ironman) in September.  He’s out the door most days by 5:30, which means for me to run before he leaves I’d have to go in the middle of the night.  Not happenin.  So, this means I lug my kids to the gym almost every day.  

     I’ve been struggling to get my get up going.  Most days they love going to the gym and have fun.  I usually stay to swim with them after so everyone is happy. But, I get sick of the same routine.  They get tired of the routine.  Goals are great.  They keep me motivated but they can also cause some anxiety if I don’t feel like I’m doing my part to reach those goals.  However, I have a husband, and kids, and a house to manage.  All of this takes a higher priority so juggling “it all” can be a challenge.  

          I know I can not be alone.  So, I think the point to all this is that I’m learning it’s ok to skip a day.  It’s ok if all my ducks don’t always fall in a row.  It’s ok if I have days when I feel like I get nothing “accomplished” because I spent all day with my kids having fun, then I realize that’s the best accomplishment I could have for the day.  Hands down.  It’s ok if my boys spend a wee bit too much time in front of the Wii.  It’s ok that I can’t juggle it all.  No one ever said I had to.  It’s ok if my house needs “caution” signs everywhere because of all the toys, and baseballs, and clothes.  I don’t have to be supermom, super bathroom cleaner, super athlete.  I need to take one day at a time and enjoy it because tomorrow has enough trouble of it’s own.  

And after all, aren’t slurpees and swimming the best part of summer? Oh, and the flip flops.  

How do you train in the summer?  How do those of you with full time jobs juggle your training or you stay at home momma’s get out the door and stay motivated? I’d love to connect and hear your thoughts on summer’s in training.  Feel free to share!!

4 comments on “Summer in training

  1. Erika…yes! haha.. and my friend I am SURE a muffin top does not exist=) But yep, plenty of time for that once school starts and routines get more normalish. For now, enjoy summer!!!

  2. So needed to hear this!!! We’ve been blowing and going it feels like all summer. Even though I’m not training for anything just consistently going to the gym isn’t happening. I’ll go once or twice a week and then we’ll be out of town. You’re right! I’ll have plenty of time this summer to shed my muffin top right?? Hahaha!

  3. Michele,
    So good to hear I’m not alone in this=) It’s hard to figure it out but taking it one day at a time helps. My house hasn’t been completely cleaned since the week school got out lol!! So fun your kids are around the same ages….it’s a fun stage=)

  4. I can totally relate. I’m trying right now to figure out how to manage all my non-parenting goals while still taking care of the kids, myself, marriage, and house! NO easy task. In the past I have been hard on myself and although I’m not as much anymore, feeling like I don’t have the energy to get everything done the way I want to still gets to me. I love that you’re having a great summer with your kids! Mine are almost the same age as yours 🙂

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