Summer glimpse…Part 2

Hello!  So we’re back from Hood To Coast and I’m working on some posts….about running and such.  Hang with me.  School started and life has been a little hectic.  I realized my summer glimpse part 2 didn’t post while I was gone and since my computer decided to hate me this morning I wasn’t able to post what I wanted to.  I know you were up all night wondering what happened to part 2 of our summer(yea right).  So, here you go..the second half of summer…

this bag carried my life for 3 whole months…literally

my new Oiselle Rizzo suit.  Loved every minute in this thing.  And in case you were wondering, I didn’t even get weird tan lines

we had dinner a few times with some sweet friends.  Such a treat!

lost of hot runs

lots of slurpees

lots of desert…fairly certain this is why there was so much running

dinner out with just the girls

speaking of girls, this one turned 2 this summer.  SOBBING

she kinda loves sugar.  Apple doesn’t fall far

I discovered my new favorite shoes…the Saucony Kinvara 5’s.  Seriously, go buy some now

and I stayed well hydrated with new fave

did I mention it was hot?

I read, and decided to tackle, the Hansons method.  Putting it to use for my next full marathon in December..yikes!

I got a haircut.  It was an epic event

spent lots of time cross training in the pool

may or may not have stopped in lulu..but only once

so this almost happened…then failed miserably.  But it’s cute right?  We gave it our best.  Well, actually I gave it til 10am…then I threw in the towel and put that bootie back in a diaper.  Just whatever
pool towels had a permanent spot on my floors

this is the day the wheels started to come OFF people.   It’s time for school..officially

lots of movies

lots of play time outside…even though some days were so hot I wanted to DIE

oh I bought these for Lila…..

and then got suckered into these…but she’s so cute I don’t even care

we played

I got to take a trail run, which doesn’t happen often in Dallas, with a good friend

who wouldn’t want to wake up to this

this is as mountainous as it gets people…pretty sure there was a hotel to my left through the trees.  But this is about as close to nature as you get around here. I’ll take it

this girl is OBSESSED with her “minney scoota”

this is how we spent every Tuesday…swimming with friends

goofing off with Lila

and this is where we ended our summer…in our favorite spot
So there you have it.  Just a glimpse into our summer.   I hope you had a fantastic summer too.  I’ll miss my kids being around but also know that we are all ready for a little structure to walk back into our lives.  It’ll do everyone some good…but I’ll miss their silly selves.  So, next comes Fall, and pumpkin flavored everything, and cooler less suffocatingly humid air, and holidays, and scarves and hoodies.  We’ll miss summer but know you will find us in the exact spot come next June, because it’s our favorite place to be.  Happy Summer ya’ll!!
I’d LOVE to connect with you!  What are some of your favorite summer traditions?  
What are some of your favorite memories from this summer?