Slowing Down and Celebrating the Small

My laptop won’t come on.  Total black screen.  I know it sounds stupid but I’ve been MIA from blogging this week simply because coming into the office to blog is harder.  Lame right?  My desktop is old, slow, and removed from the rest of the house.  Inevitably when I sit in the office chair, my back to the rest of the house, everyone suddenly demands my attention.  So, to the apple store I’ll be going.  And I’ll pray they can bring her back to life.  In the meantime, here is what’s been on my mind this week that I’ve been storing up to type out…..

A friend loaned me a book during my surgery called Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman.


I’ve mentioned this a few times the past couple of weeks.  Small moment living in a fast-moving world.  Can we not all relate to that?  These opening words slapped me upside the head….

By now I know the allure of hustle, how it feels both like winning and losing at the same time.  As I watch the world move fast around me, I’m unsettled with all the ways I’ve adopted her pace.  I talk fast, I walk fast, and I can finish tasks quickly when I need to.  I’ve trained myself to ship and produce.  At what cost?  I’m not sure yet.”

Do you ever stop and wonder what it is we’re doing?  Why in the world are we in such a rush?  I do.

We spent all last week in the mountains.  Where life moves slower.  It’s vacation mode for most people.  We went to a sledding hill 3 times while we were there and I think it quickly became my very favorite spot in Breckenridge.  The reason?  It was quiet.  The first day was louder.  It’s across the street from a school so the kids were running around at recess(in 12 degrees.  To all my Texas friends is this not an amazing yet totally out of our brains thought? Kids at recess…IN THE SNOW!!).  But the next day was Saturday, and the sledding hill was dead quiet with the exception of the few squeals and screams from those darting down the snowy hill.



And with quiet the view.  You could see the peaks on a clear day and it was impossible not to stop and get lost in the sight of them.  And you feel so small.  Several times I’d be hiking my way back up that giant hill, completely winded with my legs burning and I’d just stop and turn around, and I’d get lost there.  And sometimes you wish you had more moments to slow down and take it all in.

As I watched these peaks and as I got a little lost in mountain life, I  couldn’t help but think about my own pace.  The one at which I race through my days……tired, coffee in hand just attempting to survive sometimes.  I’m not running a billion dollar company, I’m not a notorious writer, I’m not a famous blogger, I’m not a “successful” (by the world’s standards)…business woman…I’m not………

But I guess what I’m saying is, what if the standards by which we measure our success are skewed by a fast paced, ladder climing, keeping up with the Joneses mentality instead of that of which Christ wants us to have.

“Oh Little town of Bethlehem,  Kingdom comes to places like you.”
~Ann Voskamp

Sometimes the shortest and simplest statement can be the one that humbles you most.  It’s ok to be small sometimes. To unload. To slow down. To take a break from the breakneck speed at which we think we need to rush through the days. To say no to keeping up with everyone and everything.  It gets exhausting doesn’t it?  It’s ok to crave some smallness and some obscurity. To remember that God uses the small things. Small towns. Small moments.  The humble.  The meek.  The poor.  The broken.  But we have to slow down and take our eyes off of ourselves. Otherwise we might miss the blessing.  Success isn’t measured by the $ in your bank account or the number of cars you can fit in your garage.

It’s totally ok to be ordinary.  To make less.  To impact a few instead of a multitude.  Because really, it’s about using the gifts you’ve been given and to be present right where you are doing your thing.  It doesn’t have to be grand or pull in six figures.


As a momma, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of…..”what you’re doing on the daily doesn’t matter.”  The laundry.  The dishes.  The toilets.  The messes.  The yoga pants(yoga pant moms unite).  But it’s not true.  You are valuable.  You are extraordinary.  In your daily diaper changing or in your place on the board or your full-time career.  It’s all good if it’s what you are meant to do.  And maybe it’s time to slow down a bit.  To focus less on self and more on the life happening around us.  I miss so much by rushing.  By thinking I have some goal to reach by the end of the day based on how many things I check off my to do list.  That’s not where my worth is. And it’s not where yours is either.  But does any of that matter if I’m not investing in other’s, paying attention to my kids or loving on my neighbors?  If I don’t slow down to soak in the view or heaven forbid…READ A WHOLE BOOK?


I pray I’m not known as a rusher.  A climber.  A misser outer.  I pray my kids remember my intentionality, not my distractedness.  I pray I’m known in my work for my investment in the lives and hearts and bodies of real live people, not for how much money I pull in.  But I have to slow down first.  I have to be ok with the small moments that really make up most of life.  Yes, the big grand moments happen.  Celebrate them.  But be ok with the small ones too, for sometimes, they are the most important.



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  1. I want to focus on the small things!! DC is the epitome of rush rush rush and “OMG I’m so busy” but I try to stay away from all of that. It’s hard in the moment not to build yourself up though! I want to just be okay with how I am. I love your Breckenridge pictures 🙂

  2. I seriously added this book to my 2016 list this morning!! I think it would be interesting to find out from my Bigs perspective versus my Littles perspective since when my Bigs were little there was no internet, no social media, no iphone, etc. I think I am better in a lot of ways and more distracted in a lot of ways.

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