School is back…and speaking of back’s

School is back in!!! I miss them a little today.  But, it was also time for this momma to find a schedule again.  And run again.  And clean my house again.  So, today is all about catching up.  I just got back from a 4 mile run filled with hills.  Yes, we have them in Texas.  I’m experimenting with Whole30 this month so my system is still trying to figure out why I’m eating eggs and bacon before a run instead of a Cliff bar and a bag of honey stingers.  I may have thrown up a little.  It was disgusting dangit.  I’m determined to figure this thing out but it’s a shock to my system to say the least.  Anywho…

Since the marathon I’ve been having some lower back pain.  I know it’s due to weakening in my glutes and hamstrings and a weaker core since I neglected those very crucial body parts during the last couple months of Hanson’s.  A girl can only do so much and having a cute tight toosh and a six pack just had to wait.  There were marathon’s to run.  Well, A marathon to run.

Anyway, now my focus is getting my mileage back up a bit but not so high that I have no time for anything else.  Strength training is critical.  I know as a runner I can’t just run.  It’ll get me injured and burned out.  Your muscles need to be able to support your body and the demands running puts on it.  So, it’s back to weights, and yoga, and spinning, and stretching.  I like a lot of stuff.  Before I have really been able to get back to the weights I’ve had to get to a point where I’m not feeling pain in my lower back.  This takes lots of patience, ice, stretching and lower back exercises…and a healthy dose of ibuprofen.  

I tried some dead lifts the week after the marathon in an anxious attempt to get buff again…so stupid.  I was hardly able to stand up straight for a week.  So, I took a step back, stopped running for another week and busted out my thera band and went to work.  If you don’t have one, get one.  I got this one on the cheap at Amazon.  On the days I do these exercises, my back feels so much better and I feel like another week or so and it’ll be totally gone.

Lower Back Series:(if you are curious about any of these exercises, google or youtube any of them for more detailed illustrations and/or pictures.  I only took pics of a few)
1.  Cat Cow or Cat Camel  
Start on all 4’s on a yoga mat or carpet/rug.  Slowly drop your belly toward the mat creating a slight arch in your back.  Then bring your belly back in and up toward the ceiling as if you were wrapping your core around a ball.  Come back down and repeat.  I usually do 10-15 reps. 
2.  Child’s pose
This should not cause pain..I had to wait a week or two before I could get into child’s pose without causing pain in my lower back.  Now that the pain is mostly gone and not existent in this pose, I’ve added it in to my routine.  Hold for 30 seconds. 
3.  Leg raise and hold with theraband
Don’t you love how official that sounds?  I’m sure there is a more technical term but it is literally a leg raise while on your back and you hold it up with the theraband.  Hold each leg up for at least 30 seconds.
I totally forgot my band in this pic, but you would have it over the sole of your foot and hold it with your hand, or you could do this without it.  Either way.  The band gives some resistance and helps keep the leg in place.  Hold each leg in the air for at least 30 seconds each.
4.  Back bend
I do a back bend on my stomach propped up on my elbows.  It’s a very simple back bend.  Prop yourself up and come up until you feel the stretch, not beyond.  It doesn’t feel like much but it works.  Hold 30 seconds.  Holding a stretch for less than 30 seconds lessens the effects so make sure you hold it.  
5.  Walk Out’s

I usually do 4-5 of these.  They are great for hamstrings and lower back.  Ignore me when I look at the camera.  I’m not a videographer ya’ll.  
6.  Runner’s Lunge
this stretch is a daily for me.  I love it.  Even when I’m not having issues with my lower back I include it in my stretching routine.  Hold each leg for 30 seconds.  This is also a great hip opener.

switch legs….

7.  Push Ups
I’ve been trying to work in push ups to begin some core strength since I’m simply using body weight until my back heals.  You can of course do a modified push up with knees on the mat.  Do 2-3 sets of 10 reps each. 

8.  Superman
Again, this should not cause pain.  I waited until this week(week 3 of pain) until the pain had gone down signigicantly and I was able to do a back bend pain free.  This is great for your core as well.  Sorry, this picture stinks.  GoPro fail
Can you guess how long to hold?  Yep, 30 seconds.  Ya’ll are so good.  
Ok there you have it.  My lower back routine.  It’s working and I had no pain today on my run or post run.  Woohoo!! Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. Walk outs and runners lunge are two of my faves….my biggest battle tends to be with having tight hips from sitting at work all day. But man oh man I really hate supermans…so silly but I really just despise them.

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