Own The Run with Gore-tex

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I started running ten years ago, against all my better instincts. I hated running, always had.  I didn’t really think I was built like a runner. I never had long lean legs(which I was under the impression were the assets that made running successful) or this insane desire to pound out mileage or run in races. It was just something other people did.  Not me. I had no idea how to own my health, much less a run.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join the #owntherun campaign with Gore-tex and choose a shoe from a few different companies that incorporated the Gore-tex technology(waterproof, windproof, and breathable) into their shoes. Saucony was on the list, so I jumped on board. I’ve used Gore-tex products since I was a kid because I grew up riding horses. I was outside, riding in all conditions all the time. I needed to stay dry and warm and a good chunk of our gear was Gore-tex equipped.  Anyway, since I was familiar with both Gore-tex and Saucony(it’s almost all I wear) I jumped at the chance to work with both. Plus, the concept of the campaign was #owntherun.  I can relate to that as my running journey has shifted and changed through different seasons of my life. I’ve had to learn to own it.

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I never dreamed I’d become a “runner.” I had this idea of what people who ran were like. Tall, thin, committed, disciplined, super healthy and fit. Things I didn’t necessarily see as qualities I possessed as a new mom.  I was overweight and out of shape. The excuses were endless as I had a long way to go and a brand new baby in my hands. I was a stay at home mom in a new town and a new house. I knew no one. We were in the suburbs with mini vans and soccer fields and all things unfamiliar to me, including gyms.

I’d worked out in our apartment workout room on occasion and was really active as a kid and well into my freshman year of college. Then marriage and baby and burger’s and it all went to crap. So, with this new baby and this new life, I needed a new me.  A healthy me. I needed to can the excuses and just get committed already. I needed to lose weight, to feel better and to have the energy to do this wild thing called motherhood. I needed consistency. And discipline.

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So, I started a run/walk program that eventually ended in more running miles than anything else. I got good shoes and a few pairs of dry fit tank tops, some capri’s. I was a runner. And not because I sort of looked the part, but because I had decided I loved running. With all the hatred that existed when I started, it became something I loved. Crazy how that happened.

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Over the years, my running career(really more a hobby obviously. I don’t get paid to run) has changed. It’s gone through seasons of great heights in mileage and racing and big goals to seasons of pregnancy and starting from scratch. From the Chicago Marathon to knee surgery and kids with retainers and competitive sports. I’ve had 3 kids since the beginning of this whole crazy journey and with each one has come new challenges, new excuses to overcome.


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I’m tired. I’m hungry. I’m mentally drained. I’m busy. It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s hot. We’re moving. The baby was up all night. The kids are sick. The husband is away. Someone threw up. The kids sports are too time consuming. Work is busy. The kids want friends over. I was woken up 13 times between the hours of 2-5am. I have a long day ahead. It never ends.

These are all excuses that must be overcome if you, or I, want any semblance of consistency. Because change doesn’t come without consistency. Results don’t come without consistency.


You have to roll with the seasons, but that doesn’t mean you give up. To own the run means you own it. All of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The busy mom or the professional or the student. The fast, the slow the comeback from injury. The snow, the sludge and mud and rain and insane Texas heat. No excuses. Own today’s run. Don’t worry about the sucky one from yesterday or the long one that looms over you as a seemingly impossible goal for the weekend ahead. It’s all possible really. I never imagined I’d love running enough to run 3 full marathons. I never imagined I’d love running enough to still be doing it, ten years after I started with all the wonderful crazy that my life holds now. But one thing I’ve learned is that it’s possible. Anything you put your mind to is possible. You just have to commit to own it.

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Head on over to Gore-tex.com/owntherun to enter your #owntherun story. Tell Gore-tex how you own the run and tear down excuses for your chance to win a free pair of running shoes. The grand prize winner will win an entire head to toe Gore-tex lined set of running clothes and gear. From the shorts to the headphones. So go enter your story for your chance to win!!!!!

Also, stay tuned later this week for a review of the Saucony Ride 9 which was my shoe of choice for this campaign. I am LOVING THEM. 

How do you OWN THE RUN?? I’d love to hear your story…….