Rock N Roll San Antonio Weekend Recap



Several months back, some of our couple friends asked us to do Rock N Roll San Antonio with them.  One of them was planning the full, the rest the half.  I was coming off Chicago and Rob off his half Ironman in Austin, so we both assumed we’d be in maintenance mode after having trained well over the summer for our Fall races.  I assumed wrong.

We roped another couple in to come with us, our good friends Jeremy and Kassie, because Kassie just had a baby(please remember this very important fact…she’s superwoman) and always plans a half after each kid(this is why we’re friends.  We’re both on the crazy train).  Since I haven’t been able to maintain the way I wanted, and my hip has really been bothering me, I decided not to race to play it safe and be smart.  I have plans.  So I need to be healthy and get this hip back in working order.  ButI got to cheer on my friends, and that was so much fun.

So, we planned to ride down with Jeremy and Kassie and spend the weekend hanging out in San Antonio.  We started our kid free crazy weekend off right with dinner at one of our favorite local spots, Rick’s Chophouse in downtown McKinney.  The owner, Rick, came by our table and gave us the story behind their grits.  Because they are the bees knees.


We loaded up Saturday morning early and hit the road.  After going back for running shoes, shuffle’s, sun glasses, coffee, bagels, and gas.  Then, we hit the road.


Until we had to pee 20 minutes later.  We blame the babies.

It took us about 2 years to make it to San Antonio, because we had planned this trip down to the finest detail.  Only the opposite of all of that.  We had no idea where to eat, pee, get coffee, or eat.  Clearly, our focus was all on food.

Once we made it downtown we hit the expo. Where we made an extremely mature spectacle of ourselves…..


The Galveston Ironman 70.3 relay team, 2 hotties and a naughty, made its debut(that would be us.  Are ya’ll sensing I’m in a sarcastic mood today?) as we’ll be training for the relay in April. We’ll crush it, or not.  But we’ll have a blast.

We checked out ALL merchandise for anything that cost less than $3,000 but had no luck.  For reals, if you want to spend an arm and two legs on a dry fit long sleeve technical tee, go to a race expo.  Or go online the next day and find it for half off……


The bra’s were spectacular….

Did I say our maturity level had gone way up?  It’s true.  We were all 12.

We went to check in to our hotels, and my hubby hit our hotel pick out of the park……per his usual style……


He’s the best at finding hotels, and this one was Spanish and reminded us a lot of our hotel in Barcelona, which he already knew, it was just a fun surprise for me.  Since I wasn’t racing, I was along for the ride, the company, the hotel, and the food.  It was such a nice change to be on this side of a race.  No stress, no restrictions, no 5am wake up call.  I should go out-of-town and not race more often.  We hit up dinner at an awesome BBQ spot on the river, County Line BBQ.   We had a waiter in training, and we’re pretty sure he forgot to put in our dinner order, since it took 3 months to get our food.  But once we finally ate, it was delish.


And there were Christmas carols on the river!! It was so cute…


Sunday morning everyone(except me of course…enter the angels singing the hallelujah chorus), was up early to head to the race.  I slept in.  Sort of.  When you become a grown up and start raising humans, you sort of lose the ability to sleep past a certain point.  So, 6am and I was done.  I stayed in bed until about 7:15, then I decided I’d get up and go workout(remember that crazy train?).  I wanted to get a short run in since we’d be in the car all afternoon and hit some weights since I knew Monday would be busy.  I was mostly alone and it was AWESOME.


There was one chick on the treadmill, and she copied every single thing I did.  Kid. You. Not.  From my intervals on the treadmill(she kept looking over to see my speed and time) to everything I did at the weight bench.  It was sort of funny, but sort of not, since I really just wanted to workout alone in peace.

I grabbed my stuff and ran the mile or so to the finish line to watch my friends come in.  I was tracking everyone so I’d know where they were on the course.  Rock n Roll races are big, so I decided just to camp at the finish line so I wouldn’t miss anyone.  Kassie did amazing and Rob and her husband Jeremy ran to pace her the whole way.


Only a few months post baby and she’s crossing the finish at a half marathon.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to be on the sidelines.  Usually, it drives me crazy.  I want to be out there experiencing that finish line.  But I’ve had my moments this year, and this time, it was Kassie’s turn.  It may not be the race she would have dreamed of due to just having had a baby, but it’s a starting point for her goals for this coming year, and she did amazing.  I was so proud of her and our other friends who rocked their race.  Way to go John, Carrie, Lauren and Ryan!!! I was cheering for ya’ll even though you couldn’t hear me ha!!

After the race we split ways and headed back to our hotels to shower and pack up.  We all wanted Mexican breakfast/lunch, and that’s exactly what we got……


most. amazing. salsa. ever.


Add beer battered fish taco’s, breakfast burritos’, enchiladas, and coffee and it made for a nice, healthy, well-rounded meal(again with the sarcasm).

We loaded up, peed about 5 times and hit the road.  We had kids to get home to.  But we had so much fun in the car, and even stopped for this amazing goodness……


You guys.  In the middle of somewhere Texas, this pastry shop stands and offers gooey goodness to travelers, and I could move in next door.  Holy. Cow.  So good.

We talked about life and I’m pretty sure we covered it all.  Such a fun trip with friends, each other and away from the kids for just a bit.  I think it did us all some good.

We are planning the Austin 70.3 relay in April, and I’ll be doing the swim leg.  As I get this hip back up and running, I’d like to plan several sprint triathlons and maybe an Olympic so I can hang with Rob a bit as he trains for Ironman Vineman.  I’ll try to get some 10 k’s in there, as I’m working on speed.  Then next fall I’ll ramp up my distance running again.  At least, that’s the plan.  As I’ve been reminded these past couple of months since Chicago, our racing plans(and life plans, who are we kidding) don’t always go where we want them. But, there is always something to learn or get from wherever we end up.  Wether you’re on the racing side or the injured side or the taking a break and being a spectator/cheerleader side.  There is always something to walk away with.

So, for now, I’ll heal and get stronger, put up Christmas decorations today with Lila, and next week I’ll have surgery to correct my deviated septum.  Fun times!!! Have a great Monday my friends!!

How did you spend your weekend?  Any big races?

Do you like being a spectator once in a while or does it drive you crazy to sit one out?

And please tell me I’m not the only one with my Christmas stuff still sitting in boxes in my garage…



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  1. oh that stinks Shelly!!!! And that’s way too hot!!!! But yea, the Czech stop was where it’s at=)

  2. Sabrina, that’s so exciting!!! You will rock it. The rock n roll races are so much fun and a great first race. The Dallas one was my first half. Such a fun experience…you will rock it!!!! You won’t die!! lol. You’ll do great!

  3. I am running my first half marathon this upcoming February at the Rock N Roll New Orleans. I have lots of running friends and I am usually the spectator. I love being the cheerleader and it’s always a nice time to travel with my running friends for the adventure with no stress on my part. However, I’m excited to add 13.1 to my list of accomplishments. It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do. Now, to get the training over with and actually RUN the race without dying. haha!! Cheers to your Monday! 🙂

  4. The Rock N Roll was my first 1/2…I went all alone and it was 86 degrees by the time I finished. Miserable first! Czech Stop…the best…yum.

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