Rob’s Ironman: Race Weekend!!!!!


Several months back I wrote a little post about my husband’s heroic decision to train for a full Ironman…because to most normal human’s, this is just crazy talk.  So, it basically makes him a superhero. Now, having traversed this training with him, I can most definitely say that anyone who takes on the feat of a full Ironman is in fact a hero in my book. This shiz is no joke.

It’s race weekend which means he’s packed 13 times, checked the weather 13,498 times, checked flights, re-checked flights, taken a pre-race swim in the wet suite, noticed a hole in said wet suit, had a nervous break down, fixed the hole, run a little, biked a little, and worked a little, traveled a lot, checked in, gone through Ironman Village 2,354 times, checked gear 34,598 times, pumped tires, purchased ungodly amounts of sunscreen, glide, and peanut butter…’re getting the picture yes?  The race weekend struggle is REAL.  I’ve eaten.  And walked.  And sat a little.  And checked his list.  And eaten some more. And maybe had some wine.  But whatever, we’re in wine country.

I’ve still been engulfed in children and a major move/kitchen/home renovation, but I’m trying to help him remain calm in the face of the race weekend/taper crazies and enjoy this kid free vacation.  Last time I was in northern California I ran a marathon with patellar tendonosis, which was NOT enjoyable.  So this time it’s all about race support, fun and relaxation. We keep saying we really do need to come visit Sonoma when we aren’t undergoing some form of torture.

So we left yesterday morning well before the sun came up.  We had a full day of travel and check in and bike transport.


We’re in west Sonoma and it is GORGEOUS.  There is no AC in our room, but once it dropped down under 85 we started feeling like we could survive, and less like total Dallas city losers who can’t handle a little AC less vaca.  I mean, we have fans..and a cute little sign above the thermostat that doesn’t work telling us to enjoy nature’s air conditioning….and nature can’t make up it’s mind if it’s Fall or Summer, because last night I was sweating man sweats and right now I’m curled up on the floor freezing.

The energy here is electric.  I love race venues.  Even as a spectator, I’m motivated and challenged and seriously inspired…maybe not to do a full Ironman, but to get back to training.  I’ve been letting Rob have his time, and I’m feeling the need to get back on the training wagon, to have a goal.  I just have to decide what that goal will be.  Thoughts???  It has to be something fun and challenging, and maybe in a beautiful place……or not, either way it’s cool, just need a new goal.  Ok, moving on.

This process has been crazy and so many people have said, “I don’t know how ya’ll(or me, if they direct it at how I handle Rob’s schedule, or to him…..because it’s just insane) do it.”  So, here are some of my thoughts on this whole Ironman training thing:

When it comes to marriage, I’d say this little journey has taught us A LOT.  Training for something of this caliber was a decision we made together.  We knew going in that it was a family thing.  It would affect all of us, not just Rob…so we all, especially me, needed to be on board.  I can say now having gone through it, I am SO proud of him, and if I could go back to that night he pitched this, I’d do it all over again.


I knew at some point we’d get here, doing this full Iron thing. It’s been quite a journey amidst Rob’s crazy work and travel schedule, then we decided to throw a move in on top of it all….because we are INSANE. But, it’s brought us closer.


We have a pretty good thing going.  14 years and still very much in this.  And I think things like Ironman are so important.  Experiences.  It’s important to live together, to let each other have goals and crazy dreams that require some sacrifice now and then.  With that said, it has to come with grace, patience, and balance.  Grace on his part to understand my commitment to Saturday mornings by myself for months on end while he trains, and grace on my end to not resent him for it, but rather to celebrate his ride’s and run’s.  To appreciate his hard work.  To encourage him even when I was tired and over it, which happened a few times.  And to understand that a lot of the time, he’d really rather be home with us, but he made a commitment to this race and to doing it well, and to do that requires training.


It can easily become an obsession and distraction if you aren’t careful.  Rob did an amazing job at never making us feel like this race was more important.  He made giant sacrifices to his time, sleep, training and work schedule to make it to Saturday morning games and things we had going on.  There were times he just had to train, and that’s ok..I knew his heart and priorities never shifted. I’m so proud of him and will cry real ugly cry tears when he crosses that finish line.

So, after a long 7 months of training, work, sports, kids, summer, a move and a home reno, we are soaking up this weekend and ready to enjoy this.  Rob’s dealing with nerves and I’m about to head out on a run on a brisk morning with no humidity and no mosquito’s!!!!!  Then we’re off to breakfast and coffee and to set all his stuff at his transitions, then a BBQ with some friends that are here racing from McKinney.  I’ll post updates all tomorrow on Facebook and my Instagram page if you want to follow along!!! Happy Friday!!!

6 comments on “Rob’s Ironman: Race Weekend!!!!!

  1. Anna…thanks so much for sharing your story and I’m sorry I’m just now getting to sit down and respond. I think alternating seasons is the best way for us, as it still provides time as a family and less stress than if we were both training at the same time. It’s not our life and we know so many other things take priority, as it seems you know as well. Best of luck to you!! Those babies are priceless and worth the wait girl, I promise=) xoxo

  2. Maybe you could train for a TN race!!!! 🙂 There’s the Battlefield 1/2 and full in November 🙂 would love to have you. xo BIG congrats to Rob and to you as well.

  3. Have so much fun! Especially AFTER the race – hope you’ll stick around long enough to enjoy without worrying about race stuff. Sonoma is AWESOME!!!1

  4. I am so excited for your hubby!! I hope he has a great time, that he has a quick swim, no flat tires or crashes on the bike and a nice run with no issues!! Finishing a full Ironman is not easy but totally worth it!!

    I have did my first full at Louisville last October and my hubby raced Texas a few years ago. We were both training for Louisville but my hubby had to pull out because he started a new job. It was really great to train together. I also did a lot of it by myself because of our work schedule. It is a little bit easier for us as we don’t have kids yet. That’s why I raced my IM, to get one done before kids, we started trying for a baby after my IM (no luck yet though 🙁 . )
    We have talked about how to train once kids enter the picture. We decided to do it kinda like you and your hubby have, to alternate seasons. We are looking at races for my hubby to sign up for next since I am hoping to get pregnant soon so it will be his turn for a race now.

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