Rest day reflections

     Reflections may be a bit misleading.  It makes it sound as though I am spending my rest day in deep thought.  I’m not.  In fact, I haven’t been able to get past laundry, diaper changes and dishes.  But that’s ok.  One day I’ll miss these little things that keep my brain from expanding too much and I know that. I have enjoyed today being at home, baking and cleaning and enjoying my kids.  Things that often get neglected now that summer is here and everyone is all up in my business(again, LOVE them, but if I say the words..”did you really need to follow me to the bathroom?” again, I may start to cry.)  But, I do tend to think about certain workout related things on my days off.  I think about my training, why yesterdays run was SO STINKING HARD and made me want to cry my eyes out for no apparent reason at all.  I think about my upcoming races and what I need to change or improve.  I think about trying to squeeze in a little “easy” recovery run today…even though I know I need to listen to my body when I wake up knowing it needs a rest(  I can’t be the only one who has a love/hate relationship with rest days right?).  Nothing too deep or reflective but thoughts nonetheless. 

     Today I have been thinking about my routine…and what it’s going to look like for the summer with my kids in tow.  I have several races coming up in the next few months and some big lofty goals.  I need a system but am having a hard time latching onto one now that summer is here.  My hubby is an amazing triathlete and has his biggest race of the year in September(the Redman 70.3(Amazing event ya’ll…here’s the link…  

my main squeeze….ain’t he cute?

morning of the race…he rocked it. 

     So, he is training hard all summer as am I.  I am trying to train smart and also leave room for other fun stuff for my kids, household responsibilities and naps for my youngest who tries desperately to keep up with two older, energetic brothers.  I have several triathlons this summer that I like to do for fun and to keep me accountable to cross training plus two half marathons in the fall…with lofty time goals(for me)…..and my first duathlon in October.  So how to juggle all this?  I’m not sure yet, but I’m working on it.   

     One question I get asked a lot is, “So, how many times a week do you workout?”  You can just tell the question mark at the end of this sentence is HUGE when they ask.  Like, do you just workout ALL the time? I thought I’d break it down for anyone who is wandering around without much direction in your weekly workouts.  I have to have a plan….most of the time.  After a big race when I have just ended a season of training for a specific event, I need a break.  I need to go to the gym or out for a run just for the pure love of it…not because my training schedule says I have to.  My marathon was in March and it’s time to get back on the horse.  If I don’t have some sort of plan for my weeks workouts, I’ll end up aimlessly wandering around the gym not sure what I should do on a given day.  Everyones body’s are different.  Mine can handle 4 days then I need a day off.  I generally workout 5 days a week, sometimes 6 if I include yoga or an easy jog/swim.  Plus I have to find some time to study for my NASM exam and take this loon to the “poo” to go “simming” or she’d disown me as her mom.

spending lots of time with this book lately

Isn’t she a mess? Literally she’d move into the pool if I let her

     Got a little off track but she’s just so cute I can’t help but add her in at random moments.  Back to the point….I follow so many amazing athletes on IG and when I first started looking at all these workouts, I felt a little inadequate to be totally honest.  How in the world are all these runners so stinking fast?  How do they find time for 15 mile runs in the mornings?  The list goes on.  Be careful not to compare.  Comparison is the ultimate thief of joy….it’ll steel it away every time and leave you feeling as though what you are giving just isn’t enough.  You are you…and if you are being active, however that may look, that’s all that matters.   I have come to love seeing what all these amazing runners/athletes are doing.  It’s a challenge to me to up my game on days when I feel like quitting.  It’s a motivation to me that anything is possible and this body that God gave me is capable of doing a heck of a lot more than I may think.  I can run faster and push harder and find people I don’t even know cheering me on in the process…as I also cheer for them.  But it’s also good to remember that what works for one person and their life, family and schedule, may not work for me…or you.   What I’m about to give you is what works for me after years of learning to listen to my body, and how I’m wired.  You may be able to handle a lot more, or a lot less.  It’s O.K.  Just do what feels right to your body.  The point is to have a plan.  It can mean the difference between getting up to go workout and staying on the couch.   Ok, so here is how I’m going to break down my week for the summer months at least…ya’ll can help keep me accountable to this since I’m publishing this post=)

Monday: 3-5 mile intervals(sprints/hills)…weights
Tuesday: stair climber, swim(at least 700-1200m)
Wednesday: 5-6 mile run, 3-4 tempo pace. weights
Thursday: rest
Friday: yoga or easy run 2-3 miles early(this way I have two non gym days built in to the week.  My hubby goes every early morning except Fridays so I take advantage.  Gives us a few days of not having to be at the gym)
Saturday: long run(8-10 miles for the summer)
Sunday: 60 min on bike(fortunately I have a trainer at home so I don’t have to ride in the heat or go to the gym). Sometimes I’ll rest Sundays if I’m feeling the need.  Always be open to adding an extra rest day in if your body needs it. 

Hope this helps motivate ya’ll to keep moving! I’m off to bake some blueberry coffee cake and fold the 50 loads of laundry that have been on my living room floor for at least 5 days.  See? Productivity…I’m killing it.  

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