Redman 70.3 race recap

Ok.  I’m recapping a race I didn’t run.  But that’s ok right?  I was there, that counts.  Last summer this was my husband’s first 70.3 distance.  He decided to tackle it again this year.  Last year I was fortunate enough to have an amazing friend and momma of 4 offer to keep our kids so we could go ALONE.  It was perfect ya’ll.  I love my kids but a weekend away is something pretty amazing.  Anyway, I was able to be there for every second of the race.  This year we took the kids..

Last week we talked a bit about this racing thing and our marriages and families.  This weekend, we lived racing and family.  Here were the things I wanted my kids to gain from being there..
1. An appreciation for setting a goal and reaching it
2.  Supporting their daddy and cheering him on
3.  Being involved in something that was NOT about them
Here are the things that came out of my mouth on Friday as we were on the way…
1. This is not about you so stop complaining!
2.  Stop dumping the snacks out into my freshly detailed car!
3.  No, for the one thousandth time you can not have coke the entire time we’re gone
4.  We are here to support your dad, have family bonding time, and have FUN and we can’t do that if you are whining!
Yes, this was the reality on Friday.  I had these grand plans for all this fun to be had and valuable lessons to be learned and instead, melt downs, whining, complaining.  Blah.  BUT ya’ll…once we got there, they saw the light. 
in the back of the car, laughing and snacking waiting on Rob to get his bike ready

the extremely long haul from the car to the bike check in…they were getting so into it. YAY!
I love this event.  It’s in Oklahoma City and it’s a “grass roots” effort as they call it.  A group of local triathletes who decided to start their own half and full iron distance race 10 years ago.  If you are a triathlete you need to do this race and support their effort.  It’s very personal, well organized and the venue is great for kids and families. 

Once  we got to the bike check Rob had to do the pre-race meeting so the boys went with him and Lila ran around and played.  Then Rob checked his bike and the boys were eager to help

Seriously ya’ll, I don’t know what happened.  Obviously all of my griping and nagging was finally paying off.  They were into it!  They were finally using their brains to think about someone other than themselves and cared about helping their dad.  It was a big moment for me.  
I have tons of family in OKC so we were able to stay at my aunts house, and she has a pool.  Heaven for the kids…

time out stinks

 I’m raising 3 fish
The day of the race I decided to get there about half way through.  Getting 3 kids up at 5am and dragging them out there for the entire day wasn’t doing it for me.  I had to be realistic as far as what I thought they could handle.  So instead, we slept, played wii, had coffee and ate breakfast.  
We had a big family pep talk.  I checked my attitude and my nagging at the door and decided to be calm, cool, and collected.  And of course I wore my “She Will Endure All Things” tank.  People, this is what I needed to wrangle 3 kids, at a race, for 6 hours.  
We got there in time to see him get off the bike and head out on the run.  The kids played on the bounce houses and drank free chocolate milk.  Best. Race. Ever. 

the kids sat and waited at the transition for 35 min so we wouldn’t miss him.  They were rocking this

and I brought technology.  Don’t judge me.  They had played hard and earned it. 
We sat down in some shade, sat on a big blanket and had some lunch.  Oh, and I ran into my college roomie who I’ve known since I was 5 because her hubby was racing too.  We saw each other last year  so it’s been a fun bonus…
Anyway, we were sitting near the half way point of the run so we were able to cheer for Rob along the course without moving from our awesomely shaded spot…
It had gotten pretty hot at this point.  We met another family from McKinney and they had 4 kids and a daddy who was racing.  We brought a football and the boys played football for a good hour or so.  They were doing awesome and getting into the whole experience.  Jake even started talking about wanting to do a kids triathlon.  He’s done 5k’s and 1k’s and a Splash and Dash but he wanted to do the real deal.  We’ll see if it sticks.  
Finally, we waited for the finish.  I knew he was struggling a bit more than he was at that point last year so we waited anxiously at the finish line.  

He finished!!! The kids cheered and immediately wanted to go help him.  Ya’ll, it melted me.  Jake started talking about what to go get him for lunch and that we needed to go make sure he was ok.  They had tunnel vision and all they cared about was getting to their dad.  It’s what I had wanted from this experience.  All the tears, all the whining, all the complaining the day before had gone away for this day.  They did as well as they could have and believe me, they were treated to giant milkshakes at Chick Fil A.  
It was a lot for them.  They’re 8, almost 6, and 2 and spent 6 hours at the race in the heat with a heck of a lot of walking.  But, it was important.  It’s important to us that they learn how to set goals and “finish the race strong.”  Even if it’s not an actual race.  We want them to see us as a couple supporting one another in our passions and hobbies.  We want them to learn how to do something that isn’t about them and spend time thinking of someone else for a change.  So, even though getting there was a fiasco, Jake looked up at me about half way through the race and said, “Mom, we HAVE to do this again next year.  I love this.”
Worth it.