Redhead Confessions


    So my friend Michele over at Paleorunningmomma posted some confessions yesterday and I LOVED it!  So, I swiped the idea but I want you to pop on over to her blog and read hers too.  Just click here Promise?  Ok here we go, time to divulge…

* I listen to pitbull when I run.  This may sound ridiculous.  Like how could this possibly be a confession.  Trust me, if you know me well, it is.  I’m a country music kind of gal.  Pitbull just doesn’t fit my usual MO.  BUT, when I run with music, it’s a must.  Sometimes you just need a good beat. 

*I’m scared to death of running in groups.  Call it a phobia.  Whatever.  I just have this thing that always keeps me running solo.  I’m constantly conflicted.  What if I’m the slowest, what if it’s too much pressure to be on their schedule, what if I don’t feel it that day, what if someone wants to talk while we run and I want to slap them for wanting to talk to me?  This is something I want to challenge myself to do and bust on out of this ridiculous running solo comfort zone.  After all, runners make the best friends right?

I know…sweet right?

*I have said the words “I’m so over you” more than once this summer.  Not my best mom moments.  We all have them right?  Please tell me I’m not the only one who went back and forth from complete summer bliss and euphoria to pulling out my……hasn’t been cut in 4 months…hair.  I love these critters but seriously, school needs to start soon.  On the other hand, how could I possibly become annoyed with these faces? 

*I can’t run without going to the bathroom first, even if I don’t really have to go.  TMI you say?  Nope, it’s called 3 babies.  I mentioned this in a previous post but I actually had another mom high five me at the gym for getting off my treadmill to run and pee.  And don’t even get me started on jumping jacks.  This post is called confessions right?  I feel like this calls for a visual….

*I feel passionately that one day our family will live in/near the mountains.  I LOVE the mountains.  Not that I don’t love our little Texas town, I do.  I just really would love to look at THIS all the time.  Who wouldn’t want to run here?

*I could eat an entire box of oatmeal cream pies.  No explanation necessary

*I said I would NEVER have a blog.  It’s true.  I have always loved to journal and write but blogging didn’t seem like the thing for me.  I didn’t want to give some fake persona of who I was or read about other peoples “perfect” lives.  

Then something happened to me.  I realized not all blogs were what I thought.  I could learn from them, be encouraged by them and challenged by them.  I found I could build relationships with complete strangers.  

I realized maybe I could be a voice that someone…that perhaps you…may want to listen to.  It was for sure God’s hand prompting me to do something uncomfortable, something that seemed too far out of my zone.  

I love how sometimes God allows us to experience things in a different way than we ever thought possible.  This blog has been more fun than I ever could have imagined.  It takes a lot of time and effort and you have absolutely no idea if it is touching a single soul.  But it’s touched mine.  

Happy Wednesday friends!!

What are your confessions??? 

6 comments on “Redhead Confessions

  1. Erika…so glad I’m not alone in this haha!! I complain about not having anyone to run with, yet I’m afraid to just take the plunge. Maybe one day I’ll get some guts=)

  2. Loved this post Kelly!!!! I haven’t run in a LONG time but before kiddos Tab and I ran a lot! I was so used to running with him that I would get anxiety about running with other people!! Completely agree!!

  3. Heather I’m SO glad I’m not alone in the solo department. And ever since I posted this I can’t get oatmeal cream pies out of my head. Great. Please do a confessions post!! I’d love to read it!

  4. I’m also a solo runner…I like being able to do my own thing, run my own pace…and I sure as heck don’t want to talk while I run!! I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone and go to more group runs lately…they aren’t THAT bad…but I still prefer a solo run anyday!

    Also…Oatmeal Creme Pies?? Those are my very favorite…that and fudge rounds!! I need some in my life…NOW!!

    I love the idea of confessions…I might have to steal this from you 🙂

  5. Michele I hear ya!! I spent this afternoon with a cup of coffee and sweet friend who does my blog design and we spent a good hour just playing with the blog and changing design, font etc. Who knew I’d now find this fun lol.

  6. I can really relate to the kids driving me a little mad! And mine go to camp half the day so I feel like I have no excuse! Let’s just say they’re getting louder with age!

    I can also really relate to the reluctance to run in a group. All the same thoughts have crossed my mind! Maybe it’s some lingering social anxiety?

    I also thought I would never blog. But stepping out of my comfort zone has been great. I joke that it was the song let it go that got me to take the leap!

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