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Ramped up Cardio and Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Happy Monday!!  It’s Spring Break here this week which is totally weird and not hitting me yet.  With all the snow and ice it just seems too early for SB.  Days off can get dicey because Lila’s 2 and Jake is almost 9.  Finding things that everyone enjoys is hard.  But, I’m determined to make this week fun!!

We had a great weekend.  Friday Lila and I met my sis in law and her kiddo’s at the most adorable little play place called The Coop.  It’s for littles and has a bounce house, ball pit with slides…and latte’s for the mommas.  Hello.  I was hooked.  The kids played and we talked and just enjoyed getting to do something fun with kiddo’s Lilas age.

Saturday morning was pancakes and gym time..

Not sure why this is the cool place to be.  Right in front of the stove.  One day I’ll break a bone falling over these two….
Bosu ball and white legs for the win.  Seriously people.  The need for a tan is real.  Bosu ball workout coming your way on Friday favorites this week.  Get excited…and I’ll go grab some Jergens tanner.    

Anyway, it’s also getting closer to our trip to SPAIN!!! Yes.  8 weeks.  We have booked everything so now all that’s left to do is…SHOP.  I spent Saturday afternoon and evening shopping with my friend Meredith…and eating tons of queso.

I found some SUPER cute Spain…ish looking outfits.  Pics to come this week on Friday Favorites.  Again, try to hold back your excitement.  

It was so fun to have some girl time with no kids or dirty diapers or “mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” coming from the back seat of the car.  We did some serious damage in a short amount of time.  

However, I have a beef with the stores.  Either I’m just squatting and lunging too much or jeans are getting smaller.  I’m going with the latter.  I’ve never been one to get discouraged when I try on clothes.  Not that I never have things I want to work on, I’m just not someone who thinks of my body that much.  Never have been.  

I eat good clean food, then I’ll eat queso sometimes but I don’t feel guilty.  I work really hard in the gym.  Really hard.  But, it’s not necessarily to look a certain way or get super skinny.  I do what I love and am happy with the results I’ve had.  However, I walked away from Nordstrom a little ticked off that every stinking pair of jeans I tried on was made for someone with zero quads or hamstrings….. or baby hips.  

Everything was tight.  The sizes “fit” but all the styles were tight.  You feel me?  Am I the only one who just wants a pair of jeans that go on without having to do jump squats to get them into place?  Nice comfy jeans.  Is that too much to ask?  Before you say it, I have leggings, skinny jeans, and boyfriend cut.  I just want a cute bootcut old school pair of jeans.  Like we wore in 2005.  So, in one night I tried on tight jeans and a bathing suit….during the first week in March.  Pale much?  I found it only fitting to drown my sorrows in a giant bowl of queso.  It’s hard being a woman.    

Even though I’m placing all the blame on the stores and manufacturers,  I’m realizing how much I’ve cut back on my cardio lately.  I’ve ramped up my lifting but it’s time to hit both.  Not because I want a perfect body or want to lose 30 lbs.  Nope.  It’s because I know my body responds really well to high intensity cardio combined with strength training.  

Between the weather, my ongoing sinus infection and sick kids, my consistency just hasn’t been there.  So, I’m using Spain as my motivator to ramp my cardio back up and get back into a great routine.  Spring is coming and it’s time to bust out of this winter hole.  

So, with that said, I’ve come up with a killer treadmill workout for you runner’s out there wanting to change things up a bit.  It’s good to change up your runs.  Walking on an incline is great for your legs,  glutes and cardiorespiratory training.  It makes a boring treadmill run interesting and forces you to use different muscles mid run.  

Please note, if you aren’t a runner, it’s ok, you can still tackle this workout.  Just replace the 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down with a brisk walk.  Here we it for the jeans girls.  
*Disclaimer.  I am a certified personal trainer, however,  before you proceed into any exercise routine you should have clearance from your doctor.  The workouts I post may not be suitable for everyone so please use caution and common sense.  If it’s not something you can do, please please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email and I would be happy to adjust a workout to suit your needs and fitness level.  Thanks my friends!!

What’s your favorite Spring Break activity??

How do you find things to do that all kids will enjoy?

What’s your fave way to ramp up your cardio?


  • Sabrina

    Thanks for the tip about the timing/pace ordeal. That will probably be better for me to start out with. I’ll let you know how it goes!! Your posts are always so helpful! 🙂

  • Kelly Anderson

    Hey Sabrina! I totally relate. I had to start having “tempo days” and “speed work days” built into my week so I’d stay accountable to changing my runs a bit. You will be shocked if you are consistent how much this will change you as a runner. Easy days are important though so don’t neglect them. However, 2 harder runs a week will do wonders. If this pace is too challenging back it up a bit and just increase your regular easy pace by 5-10 seconds faster. Then, work up to a true tempo pace. Keep it smart and work your way to where you want to be. Let me know how it goes! We’ve had a ton of rain too!!

  • Sabrina

    Thanks for the workout!!! I’m by no means a seasoned runner, but I’m trying to build a solid base. Some days are HARD. Some days are easy. I’m gonna give this a try the next time I hit the gym for a treadmill run (which will prob be this week because of rain everyday). I tend to lean more towards “comfortable pace” running (you know, the no pain, easy talk pace?) and I really need to pick up the pace and up the cardio. Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  • Kelly Anderson

    Shelly you are like a wealth of knowledge!! I LOVE it. Like, I almost took a picture of your post so I could just pull it up really fast when I go shopping hahaha!! And I’m totally going to be fake tanning it up. We’re going to Spain in May and I refuse to look like a sheet of notebook paper=)

  • Kelly Anderson

    hey girl. I think the Hal Higdon 15K plan is pretty good. The intermediate plan has you running 5 days a week. After following the Hanson’s method I am definitely a believer in more running. His intermediate plan includes strength training, speed work and you’ll get to practice that tempo pace because he has some tempo runs built in to his plan as well. He gives a novice, intermediate and advanced option. They’re free plans and I’ve used them before for both running and triathlon. Let me know what you think….

  • Queen In Between

    Try Hudson Beth Baby bootcut jeans…if they still have your size….at Nordstrom. They were on sale and they are a little pricier than normal but I definitely had room for my quads. I also recently found Treasury & Bond boyfriend cut and actually ordered a size down and they are super cute. You look adorable..with the queso! And I’m feeling the white legs….thankfully I got a teeny bit of color from baseball this weekend. If you have never tried St. Tropez self tanner….it’s actually on the fancy makeup side at Ulta….I fell in love with it last summer. It went on easily and the color wasn’t orange. Have a great week!

  • Kelly Anderson

    Kelly….amen sister! And I can’t find where it says 30? I may have inserted something incorrect so let me know and I can fix it!! I should have used a darker font lol

  • Kelly Anderson

    Hey Kelsey girl…ok tempo pace. I inserted this into the workout to make sure the run intervals were at a harder but manageable pace. Tempo pace could be described as comfortably hard. During my last training cycle my tempo pace was about 20 seconds faster than my goal race pace. Or, you could say about an 8 on a scale of exertion ranging from 1-10. You want to be working but not all out. You’d love to slow down but can hold it. Since the intervals are only .5 mile holding a harder pace keeps the intensity level of this workout high. If you are a 9 min mile your tempo pace could be 8:30-8:45 respectively. Does that help? The goal of this workout is higher intensity. If you aren’t quite there yet keep an easier pace for the run or a slower pace on the walk/incline and work your way up to being able to run faster and walk at a higher incline. It’s ok to back up and build up to this=)

  • Kelly Anderson

    Hey Kylie! Yay for Spring Break!! I remember those days=) And thank you for taking my side lol! We should totally have our own section at Nordstrom. We’d make a killing. Have a fun break!

  • Kylie McGraw

    Spring Break starts Friday at noon and I CAN’T WAIT! I’m just going home but I haven’t been back since the holidays. I love that you wrote about this because it is DEFINITELY THE DANG STORE’S FAULT that we don’t fit in jeans! Hahaha there needs to be a special “ladies who run” section. I have been doing a lot of strength training recently and when I was writing my blog post today I was thinking about how not running as much makes me feel out of shape when I finally get back to it. Cardio+strength training is where it’s at. Still working on finding my groove 🙂 Have a fun week with your kids!!

  • Kato

    Silly you. Jeans are definitely not made for anyone with muscles because you can’t be a rail with muscles and you’re only “doing it right” if you look like Gwyneth Paltrow! Skinny is all that matters! Thigh gap!!!! (I hope you can see my eyes rolling from here). Since when does the heroin chic look equate to any sort of success? You look AMAZING.