Quick Strength Session For Busy Runners

If you’re training requires high weekly mileage, one of the first things to go is usually strength work. Lifting, stretching, high intensity training, yoga. You know the drill. I know for me, when training for marathons, it feels nearly impossible to do anything more than just my scheduled mileage for the day. But, it’s not impossible. And it’s so very important to make sure you are doing more than just running. Building a strong core, working your anaerobic system, and strengthening your upper body, hamstrings, glutes and quads are all keys to becoming a strong runner and getting yourself through any training cycle injury free.

You don’t need hours in the gym. Find a couple of quick routines that will work multiple body parts at one time to get more bang for your buck. The one I have for you today will hit legs, core, upper body and will get your heart rate up a bit. Here’s a quick video of a great routine for your busy running schedule and ┬áhere’s how to stack it:

10 frog hops to 10 curtsy lunges x2
45 second plank straight to 15 seconds push ups(1 min total) going as long as you can. The sky is the limit
20 second Russian twist to 30 second V sit hold….go as many rounds as you can with your feet up
10 squat jumps to 10 renegade rows x2.

Repeat the entire series or choose a couple of your favorites to repeat. Have fun!!

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  1. aw thanks girl!!! LOTS of practice and telling my clients to stabilize their hips and not rotate lol!!! Gotta practice what I preach!

  2. Those are the straightest arms and back I have ever seen in renegade rows! Ususally there is a little bit of tilting but you had it practically perfect!

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