Some Quick Friday Thoughts

Hello Friday!


I’m sitting on my couch with about 3 or 4 things that I was going to talk to you about today, products I wanted to give away or introduce you to, and NO PICTURES. Seriously. What is wrong with my technology!!!!!  It can drive you mad. For some reason, nothing is loading from my phone to my computer and well, that’s a problem. So, in the craziness of this day(our house went live on the market last night) I will attempt to fix it. For now, you get some of my thoughts from the week as opposed to any Friday faves. I’ll do all that next week once I figure this stuff out.  So here are some random thoughts(get excited) from this week. 

1. Selling a house is not for sissies.  Here’s the deal. There is way more going on in life than just our house going on the market, so I don’t want to harp on this, but getting a house ready to sell is WORK I tell you.  I’ve been cleaning out closets, purging, selling stuff on garage sale sites, cleaning the garage over and over and over again because kids can’t keep that crap clean, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, washing windows, touching up paint(again, only the picture does this justice but let’s just say the color dried too dark and I screwed up our very pretty walls. The scratches and dings would have looked way better. Dang it!), magic erasering(it’s a word) EVERYTHING, cleaning doors, cabinets, and getting rid of stuff. It’s totally therapeutic and freeing.  It’s also humbling when you realize how much you have that you don’t use.  I love labor tasks.  I know that sounds dumb, but I’m more a physical work kind of person. It feels good and I hate sitting.  So, it’s been a good fit for me but ya’ll, I am officially TIRED.  The house is ready and I’ve done all I can do. The rest is totally up to God at this point. Hands are off, unless my kids mess something up in the meantime. That’s been happening a lot.  Because kids are messy.

2.  They don’t make stuff like they used to.  We bought a brand new washing machine a year ago, and this past week it broke.  Yep.  BROKE.  Not to sound like a spoiled brat, because I know how blessed we are to be able to wash our clothes in a clean home, but that is just not cool. They don’t make stuff the way they used to.  And this week of all weeks!!! Fortunately they just needed to replace a part and will do that today.  Meanwhile, I took all my laundry to a friends and made her do it for me=) (totally kidding, I took it to do myself and she offered to “throw it in the wash” and proceeded to deliver it to my doorstep the next day WASHED, DRIED, AND FOLDED!!!!!!!!).  That’s friendship.

3. Date nights.  TAKE THEM.  Parents, I’m not trying to be bossy or tell you what to do….but I’m going to be bossy and tell you what to do.  Take a date night once in a while.  I know. Sitter’s are expensive and it can be hard to leave, especially if you have little’s.  BUT, if you have some patience while you find the right sitter, it’s worth the money even if it means you go sit at McDonald’s with a cup of coffee(a dear friend of mine once told me that’s how she and her husband did date night when they had young kids because Micky D’s was the cheapest option for a cup of coffee).  Maybe you go sit at a park and make out ha!! Come on kids, I’m joking…sort of.  Sit on the swings and talk…it’s FREE.

Pay that sitter or find a drop in child care spot(we have one in our town that is VERY safe and well spoken of and very affordable), grab a family member or a neighbor’s pre-teen and go for a walk around the block. Hold hands.  Have adult conversation without being interrupted.  It took us YEARS to make this a habit you guys, so I understand how hard it can be. And our kids are older now but still, it’s so worth it to connect on an adult level and just talk. Rob and I went out for mother’s day dinner and after that, everything clicked. In the midst of all the crazy we’ve been running around like psycho path’s and had hardly spoken a word to each other in a week. For no other reason than we were busy and frantic.  One quiet dinner and bam, back to normal.  Just my suggestion for you this weekend=)

4. Pray for me, I’m taking Lila to the movies today.  Our crazy little girl doesn’t sit still, like all the people who had girls told me she would(liars, they are all LIARS). She loves to play in the mud(she’s me but I don’t “play” in the mud, because grown ups don’t do that sort of thing. But I LOVE to be outside getting messy).  She wears mix matched socks EVERY DAY(secretly one of my favorite things about her) and bounces from one room to the next.  And I’m taking her to a MOVIE.  She’s been before but rarely due to her inability to remain in the seated position for more than 5 minutes at a time. So wish me luck.

5. 21 Day Fix starts MONDAY!!!!  You guys, a friend loaned me the video’s for the week while I wait for my pack to arrive, which should be today, and I’m SORE! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the workouts. I’ve paired them with a run this week all but one day and it’s a good workout! I’m officially starting Monday since we’ll be out of the house all weekend for showings(hopefully!!).  If you are interested in doing it with me let me know and we can start a little page on FB.  Here is my link, just go to beachbody challenge on the top bar on the right hand side and choose your pack. Message me here or email me at if you have any questions!!! I’d be happy to explain more.

Ok ya’ll. I have to get dressed, make beds, go teach bootcamp and spend the day out with my girl having a mommy Lila day. It’s going to be good!! Have a FANTASTIC weekend and I’ll see you back here next week with some giveaways complete with pictures, the launch of my 21 day fix challenge and hopefully a SOLD HOUSE!!!!!! Happy Friday!!!!!!