Protein Bites, Sky Ranch and My Favorite Leg Day Moves!

Lots going on in our neck of the woods. This is certainly not going to be a calm and relaxed Summer for our little fam.  Jake went to Sky Ranch last week and I went and picked him up on Sunday.  He had an absolute BLAST, and according to him, it was a 9.5 out of 10. I asked him what was lacking and he said the toilets and showers lol! Guess he won’t be roughing it any time soon.  Does this mean we’re raising sissies?

FullSizeRender (8)

Ya’ll, he came home with not one, not two, but THREE UNOPENED containers of hair/body wash.  He said he “lost them” but really, they were in his SHOWER TOTE(meant to be taken to the shower of course) in the trunk, which apparently he never looked in. He also came home with clean underwear and clothes, meaning he re-wore nasty clothes on his nasty unwashed self.  Lovely.  He did come home with teeth, so we’re counting that a win.  Apparently we’re not raising geniuses either.

Honestly though, I was beyond impressed with Sky Ranch. They were happy(like so happy it’s sick after spending all week with a bunch of stinky little people.  I would NOT be smiling), organized, and focused on their mission to invest in the lives of these kiddo’s. The closing ceremonies had me in tears the entire time. I was a basket case and I have no idea why.  It was ridiculous really and it must have looked like I missed my child so much I couldn’t stand it anymore. Like I was officially losing it and going over the edge. It must have looked so sad. I did miss him, but really it was just knowing he was being invested in outside of home. It gives you hope for the kids we’re raising in this crazy messed up world when there are college students and people out there who care enough to pour into them in their young years. We may be Sky Ranch lifers.

It made for a crazy hectic weekend between getting Jake home, a baseball tournament that he had THAT NIGHT until almost midnight(you guys, he barely had a voice after I picked him up from camp and came home to rest for a bit, then went and played two late….as in until after 11pm… baseball games Saturday night and another one on Sunday. So proud of him because I would have been straight up IN BED), Father’s Day festivities, Rob’s long ride and run and stuff around the house. I have little time for blogging or social media stuff lately but I’ve decided it’s ok. It’s still a really great and fun season.  I’m just having to take a step back from some things, but more on that in another post. Here’s Jake’s team duking it out in the heat on Father’s Day. We have THE BEST group of parents and kids.


I whipped up my fave protein bites this weekend and took them everywhere with me!!


I don’t follow a recipe perse and these have been floating around Pinterest for years, so I’ll just give you my list of fave ingredients and you can change these up by adding different nuts or seeds or dried fruit.

Organic peanut butter
vanilla protein powder
2 Cups Oatmeal
dried unsweetened toasted coconut flakes
mini chocolate chips
local honey
pumpkin seeds
splash of vanilla extract
Mix all ingredients until well blended, adding extra honey or peanut butter to make it all stick together. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes then roll into balls. Enjoy!! Note…when you leave these in the blazing hot car, the chocolate melts and they get all soft and warm and DELICIOUS. Just so ya know.

So most of you know I’ve been doing the 21 Day Fix. The workouts are great and I purchased Hammer and Chisel the other day and am LOVING it.  We also tackled a leg and booty day at boot camp this week so it seemed appropriate to throw together some of my favorite leg moves for you!


Leg Day!!

Warm up well with 5 minutes of the following…
1 minute jogging in place
1 minute high knees
1 minute butt kicks
1 minute walking lunges, no weights
1 minute squats, no weights
Stretch quads, calves and hamstrings

Round 1:
10 curtsy lunge to leg raise(left foot planted, right foot steps back into a curtsy lunge, then immediately back up to a knee raise).



**Ignore the stupid look on my face, it was early when I did this. I just don’t even know.

10 deadlifts
10 curtsy to knee raise other side
repeat 3x

Round 2:

10 reverse lunge with 10 go through 10 reverse lunges on one leg, then go into a static lunge where you’ll pulse 10 times to finish.
10 deep squat to side leg raise…right side


*again. What the heck with that expression?!?! I’ll take the Summer to also work on that. I must love you to post this ridiculous picture.
10 reverse lunges with 10 pulses other side
10 deep squats to side leg raise other side
repeat 2x

Round 3:

10 donkey kicks(on all 4’s with weight held behind knee) with 20 pulses at top
10 fire hydrants with 20 pulses at top
10 donkey kicks and pulses other side
10 fire hydrants and pulses other side
Repeat 2x

If time……here’s a bonus

Round 4:

10 one leg dead lift
10 squat jumps(without weights)
10 one leg dead lift other side
10 lunge jumps(without weights)
Repeat 2x

Stretch REALLY well and cool down. You could also break this up and do half with some cardio or upper body. Up to you!!

Hope you guys have an awesome Wednesday!!!

What are your favorite leg moves?

Have your kids done go away camp and if so, what were the takeaways?

Fave Summer snack you can take with you anywhere??






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  1. thanks for your sweet words Amber!!!!!! My blogging moments are limited these days with our move so I’m SO glad you enjoyed this post and the workouts!!! thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

  2. hey Becky!! I used Vega vanilla for these. I LOVE my Shakeology but I don’t use it in recipes bc I have the chocolate. So Vega is my other go to=)

  3. hey Tina! This is the first time I’ve done them with pumpkin seeds and I LOVED the addition. Gave it some crunch. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  4. hey Jennifer!! You are so sweet!! Ok, video’s…you got it!!! Hang with me as we’re moving in less than two weeks so my blogging time is limited right now, but I’ll get all over some video’s for you!!!!=) Thanks for reading!xoxo

  5. Your protein bites are almost exactly what I made myself this week – a great snack! I had a nearly empty jar of peanut butter that I made it in, one less bowl to clean. I need to add some of the pumpkin seeds I bought yesterday to the mix like you did.

  6. I love following all your Awesome posts.. Love the exercises but I will say without a video I’m clueless as to what some of these are… Like 10 reverse lunges and 10 pulses….:((( help…I would love to see videos then I would know exactly what to do….I have tried finding an app on my pad that shows names and pics of ALL excercises but no luck..Thank you for being you, you inspire me daily…Jennifer

  7. Hi Kelly, What kind of protein powder do you use in the protein bites? Also how much?? Thank you

  8. Hi Kelly! What kind of protein powder do you use in your protein bites? Also how much do you put in. Thanks

  9. Your pics are beautiful what are you talking about?! You are so fit, it inspires me to do better!! I Just love your blog. I made the protein bars and loved them!! Love your workout posts too! They keep me motivated. Thanks for sharing your sweet life with us.

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