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Happy Monday!!  I get asked a lot about fuel.  What do you eat before a workout?   I hear runner’s complain constantly about what to eat pre run and how to re-fuel afterwards.  So, for me, the key is a good pre-run fuel, post run re-fuel and good whole foods throughout the day.  Do I always do this?  No, not always.  Sometimes girl scout cookies show up on your front door step and get in the way.  But, for the most part, following this method helps keep me full and satisfied. 
Today, we’ll focus on PRE run or workout foods and my two favorite POST run re-fuel’s that have worked for me.  SO much depends on your digestive system.  Some things just may not sit right so you have to experiment to find the right things.  Here we go…num num num 
#1 oatmeal
In my opinion, you can not go wrong with oatmeal.  It’s easy to digest and has some sticking power.  I just can’t eat eggs or bacon before a run.  They come back up.  I’m not a huge breakfast person and eat out of necessity in the mornings.  I’m just not hungry.  But, I can’t workout on no fuel, so it’s neccesary.  Plus it gets your metabolism going.  Since I workout mostly in the mornings I use mostly breakfast foods.  I use stone ground oats mixed with Trader Joe’s oatmeal and it’s a fantastic combo.  I love to add fruit or dried fruit and nuts for a few extra fats and protein.  I add unsweetened almond milk and occasionally a little agave nectar to sweeten it up.  It stays down when I run.  Score.  
#2 Energy Bites
I love love these little guys.  They are filling, have tons of fiber(so give yourself some time if you catch my drift), and have a hint of chocolate which I can’t do without.  They are just enough to stick to me and keep me from getting hungry but not so much that I feel sick.  I pair every bar/bite pre-workout with a banana..and because pictures make everything more interesting…
These are tasty, my kids LOVE them, and they make a ton so you can keep them in your fridge or pantry for about a week.  You can also add dried fruit, nuts etc to make them your own.  For the energy bites recipe click here.
#3 Lara Bars
Another one of my faves that is similar in idea to the energy bites are Lara bars.  Ya’ll…I LOVE these things.  All natural, very few ingredients, and…when paired with a banana, are a perfect pre-workout or run snack.  
After doing Whole30, I realized how much sugar I was consuming before my runs.  Between the bar I used to eat and my honey stingers I was out the roof in carbs and sugars.  I found my body was able to function and perform on less.  Lara bars are all natural and I know I’m putting something good in my body.
#4 Vega pre workout energizer
Ok.  So you won’t see me pushing too many energizer products, mainly because I’m ridiculously sensitive to them.  I’ve always had some heart issues(mitral valve prolapse when I was younger) and I have syncope.  Basically I dehydrate rapidly and have major sensitivities to supplements, medicines and anything else that could jack with my system.  So, most of the time I’m going to promote clean eating and water.  But, sometimes I stumble upon great products that actually work for my body..Vega is one of them.  This pre-workout gives me just enough of a little boost without leaving me jittery or feeling like my skin is crawling.  I pair it with a light snack and plenty of water and it has been great.  
As far as post workout goes, it’s important to re-fuel within 30 minutes.  I think so many people miss this step.  It’s so easy to hit a workout or run and go on with your day.  Then, you find yourself starving an hour or two later.  You need to re-fuel.  It helps rebuild your muscles and replenishes what you’ve lost during your run or workout.  So, my go to’s are protein powder and chocolate milk.  Yep, simple as that.  
#1 Chocolat Milk

I know.  This is crazy simple.  Yes it is.  That’s why I love it so much.  You can easily use a non-dairy milk and an organic chocolate syrup or come up with your own using cocoa powder.  The point is chocolate milk is the perfect post run re-fuel.  It’s full of high quality protein which builds lean muscle, restores lost carbs and proteins and provides tons of nutrients for your body.  It’s a win win.  I’ve been doing this for years and the science backs it up.  So, got chocolate milk?
#2 High quality protein powder

My favorites are Vega..

And the hemp protein powder pictured above.  I put a scoop in my blender bottle(Get one!!) with unsweetened almond milk and some PB2 and give it a shake.  That’s it. 
After a shake or glass of chocolate milk, I make sure I have a good meal about an hour or so later.  Veggies, lean proteins, fruits.  All things your body needs to recover. 
There you have it.  It’s so simple and easy to have some good quality nutrition surrounding your run or workout.  Just takes a little effort to get a maximum return.   
What’s your fave pre-post run snack??

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  1. Even after all of these years, I still haven’t completely nailed my post run nutrition. I have found that pre run I cannot eat much or else I’ll taste it the entire time. Last week I had an upset stomach and took some pepto about an hour before a race. As you can imagine, THAT was delicious….

    Pre run usually consists of a breakfast cookie made with oats, nut butter and dried fruit, or a lara bar. Post run? I struggle so much, esp after an outdoor run. My stomach is really sensitive so I find that any run longer than 6 miles tends to really upset my digestion. I can’t do most dairy based protein powders and have yet to try a plant based one. I’m not huge on protein powders and shakes but I do need to give them a fair shot. Usually I try to drink a small glass of soy milk or eat a yogurt, but I usually end up showering after my workouts and Then I’m ready to eat – usually oatmeal or cold oats.

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