Running for beginners

Ok I know you have probably all seen this floating around Instagram and other social media sights…but I kinda love it. This was me when I first started running…and this was me yesterday.  I often see runners who look like they are floating on air.  Right?  Like they are just leaping and bounding without as […]

Must Have Mondays

     Ok ya’ll.  I’ve been thinking for weeks about starting a Must have day or Favorite things post for the blog.  My mind has been whirling over all the things I love to have for hot summer workouts or runs.  I have this notebook that I’ve kept by my computer since starting the blog […]

Home Sweet Home…plus a fun surprise!

     It is SO good to be home.  Before I get to my ramblings I feel like I need to address the elephant in the room…my GIANT social media icons.  I know.  Their HUGE.  I get that.  Here’s the thing.  It took me hours…HOURS…to get those things on there.  I had no idea they […]

Rest day reflections

     Reflections may be a bit misleading.  It makes it sound as though I am spending my rest day in deep thought.  I’m not.  In fact, I haven’t been able to get past laundry, diaper changes and dishes.  But that’s ok.  One day I’ll miss these little things that keep my brain from expanding […]

Breakfast….why this is a must

           So breakfast.  Let’s chat about that.  I’m not much of a breakfast person…as in I don’t really like it that much(unless we are at a nice brunch or fun breakfast out where I can get biscuits, sausage and gravy, and belgium waffles….with strawberries and homemade cream….but I haven’t thought about […]