Our Breckenridge Vacation: A Different Kind of Adventure


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
– Andre Gide

Hello from Breckenridge!!

I’m looking out over the mountains after an awesome week here in Breckenridge with Rob and the kids.  I love the mountains.  A lot.  Like, I’d move here yesterday.  But, for now, it’s vacation and I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to bring our kids here.  Not to sound cheesy, but the mountains just speak to me.  It’s such a dramatic and large scale picture of God’s creativity. And I just can’t get enough of it.

We knew when we planned this trip that anything could happen.  Altitude sickness, melt downs, kids hating the snow and/or cold, injuries, snowboarding school going way south, a 3 year old that might HATE bundling up.  To our amazement, these Texas kids have done amazing.  No one got sick or injured.  The boys absolutely LOVED snowboarding and by day 4 they were both flying down the green’s with Rob.  It was so fun and crazy to watch!!  And Lila wasn’t phased a bit by all the layers.  Praise Jesus.


They look the part right?!  They did awesome getting dressed (come on now, we had a few whiney moments getting all that crap gear on) considering they’ve never had to do it and they live in shorts during Texas winter’s.  They did 2 days of ski school and 2 days with Rob.  They both took to it and loved it which is really all I wanted from this trip.  For the kids to have fun.

I spent the week with Lila during the days while the boys were skiing.  It wasn’t quite the kid free adventure or vacation we’ve had in the past, but it was sweet.  It was a different kind of adventure.  The kind that involves quality time with our kids.  Time that isn’t broken up by other responsibilities.  Time that allowed us all moments to laugh and have FUN together.  Something that sometimes gets passed over with the daily grind of life.  We are tired.  And ready for a date BY OURSELVES,  but we’ve had a blast.


Life is so simple here.  Quit almost.  A dear high school friend(actually, middle school and high school) lives in Breckenridge and I was able to curl up on a couch in her living room and chat about kids and family.  We talked about life in these wild mountains and what it’s like.  It was such a sweet afternoon and an added bonus to this trip.  And I’m not gonna lie, it made me want to be near this kind of life.  A bit slower. A  bit less muddled by stuff.  Life in the outdoors and endless opportunities for my kids to be active and enjoy nature.  Maybe one day.  It’s not that I don’t love where we are, I do.  But such a big part of me is drawn to this place.  And I’ve decided that’s ok.

Lila and I had some adventure of our own.  This kid LOVES the snow.  The 5,600 layers required in order to go outside and play did not phase her a bit.  She just wanted to cannon ball into every single pile of snow.  And I’m pretty sure she did.


We shopped.  Drank hot chocolate.  Rode the gondola.  Ate cake pops.  Played in the snow. Went sledding.  We ATE!!  We visited a children’s museum that she LOVED and watched the boys practice their new skill.  And we had a blast.  And I worked hard carrying her and all those layers around Breckenridge when she got tired of walking.  Which was often.  Her cardio wasn’t exactly on point =)


Speaking of cardio.  You guys.  Altitude.  Can we just talk about that?  I attempted to run.  It sorta worked but it was so. stinking. hard.  It will absolutely humble you.  My pic won’t load but it’s probably best, I looked like death.

So, our little mountain trip has been filled with sweaty moments getting kids dressed(I’m the MOST hot natured person on the planet, menopause will surely kill me) because it is quite the workout, lots of time together laughing and talking, the kids learning new things and learning to be flexible and patient, and lots of quality time for me and our little dare devil.


I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit tired and wishing for some quality alone time or time to just do something fun for myself.  I’m human, and spending our vacation just me and Lila was something I knew I’d be doing when we planned this trip.  But still.  Those mountains are calling my name.  How could they not be?

So next year she’ll be 4.  I’ll miss her smallness and silly hats, but she’ll probably do ski school and this momma will hit the slopes.  For now, I’m thankful for the view and time here.  It’s sorta my favorite.

Stay tuned this week for a how to take a big family on a ski trip and not lose your mind post. Some tips and tricks from our week will be heading your way.  Now we pack and head home!!  Happy Monday!!

Have you gone skiing or taken your kids?

Do you love or hate the cold?







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  1. Hate the cold. And snow. And doing things in the snowy-cold. HATE. Lived in Minnesota for 29 years, winter is sheer misery. There’s nothing fun about a dead air temp of -18 with a windchill of -45. (And heck, you can only spend so much time ice fishing.) Hanging up wet snow pants, coats, mittens, hats, and having kids track in snow, leaving puddles of water all over, on their boots 6 months out of the year is like Chinese water torture. But hey, the more people that DO go for that horrible awfulness the better, it makes it easier for people like ME to hang out in Texas 🙂

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