Our boy is 6

“Enjoy it because it goes by quickly.”  It’s like the one phrase people like to say when you’re a mom of young kids.  I’m sitting in my office, trying to type a post about enjoying your kids because they grow up too fast and life is falling apart around my feet.  Kids are fighting, Lila is incapable of entertaining herself and I just heard “mom!!… um we need the vacuum!!”  Never a good thing.  
I feel like the times people have told me to enjoy my kids are the moments I really want to punch someone.  I have a refluxing baby screaming in my arms, spit up down my front..and back, a screaming strong willed toddler in the middle of Target, a pregnant belly with a kid on either hip exhausted from throwing up all day from morning sickness.  All moments I could forget and be ok.  
Motherhood is hard.  It’s filled with these crazy moments when we feel like our hair might turn gray on the spot or we could develop stomach ulcers from one moment of little meltdowns and tantrums.  But, it is also filled with all these amazing and awesome moments that make you forget the bad ones.  I feel like every time someone tells me to enjoy it because it passes too fast, I dismiss it thinking “if only you knew what my day has been like.”  But now, as my two older ones are growing up, I think I get what they mean.  It’s a blink.  A BLINK.  
Jake is 8, Josh is 6 today and little baby Lila isn’t really a baby anymore.  They do grow up “too fast.”  I have found myself sad about this middle guy getting big.  He’s mine.  He has always been a momma’s boy, the one who will still kiss me smack on the lips in the middle of the school cafeteria.  I know this won’t last, so I’m trying to soak it up as long as I can.  
God knew what I needed when He gave me “sweet Joshy,” as he’s called by so many.  He’s not perfect.  He’s all boy.  But he is my solid one.  He keeps me sane and grounded.  Jake will one day do something amazing with all his type A drive.  Josh will do amazing things too, but in a different way and with a completely different personality.  I love how different all my kids are.  
Josh is full of life and appreciation for the little things.  He’d throw his sister down in a wrestling match in a flat second, but he’s also our most tender hearted one.  Strange how that’s possible.  He’s kind and loves his friends dearly.  He’s funny and can sleep anywhere.  He loves penguins.  LOVES.  He wants one for a pet and insists it can live in the bathtub if we feed him creamed herring and keep him wet and cold.  The fact that he’s 6 and still believes this is possible is one of the things I love about him.  
He’s growing up but he’s still our boy and believe it or not, as sad as the growing up can be, it’s also really awesome.  He can ask me to do fun things with him, make his own lunch, wipe is own hiney, give himself a shower, take care of his sister while I sit at the computer talking to you, play baseball like a champ, read with me, crawl in my lap to watch a movie…and sit there for it, and enjoy experiences that come his way.  He LOVES kindergarten.  I know enough to know he may not always be so enthusiastic about school, but for now it’s a gift.  He’s a gift.  So, it’s only appropriate for me to end this post by challenging you momma’s to enjoy your kids.  I’ve heard it said that the days are long and the years are short.  It’s so true.  It does go by too fast.  
I know there are hard days where it seems they will never grow up, but then one day they do.  I know I have 2 of my 3 in school every day and I miss them…..most of the time=)  I hear my vacuum pounding down the stairs as we speak.  But, I’m going to choose to enjoy the fact that they were able to vacuum without my help, instead of freaking out about the fact that my vacuum is more than likely broken.  It’s the little things.  Here’s a little photo stream of Josh.  He’s a cutie so it was hard to pic just a few.  If you have a few hours scroll down and take a stroll through our past 6 years.  Happy Birthday Joshy…we love you to the moon and back.