On Cruises and Girls Trips


On Cruisin….

So….we didn’t sink!!!! I know I keep saying that but you guys, did you see the video of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that went into the hurricane? Yea, it’ll make you want to stay on land(FOREVER) or have a panic attack or throw the freak up.   But life is too short to stay in your comfort zone yes?  Even if mine includes beds and bathrooms that don’t rock back and forth. Kidding.

When I was asked to go on this trip the first thing I had to decide was if I was willing to do another cruise. After surviving(am I being dramatic? YES. Do I really feel this way? YES) my first cruise in Spain last year(which was actually AMAZING…..aside from the rocking boat) I had declared never again.  Even though Spain was awesome and the boat was luxurious, I still struggle with motion sickness and it just wasn’t my jam to have to deal with that on vacation. I decided to give it one more go and see how I’d do on a bigger boat.


*our view from the boat leaving Ft. Lauderdale

The way out was rough.  Windy, rocky and a bit unstable when you tried to shave your legs and sleep.  Other than that, I managed better than I thought I would.  Still, I don’t like rocking to sleep.  The boat was nice(Princess Cruise Lines) and the staff were amazing.  They are all from different parts of the world and their name tags have their home country.  Seriously, this is one of the coolest parts to me.  They work night and day to serve you and it’s completely humbling. They work 9 month shifts ON A BOAT.


The dinner crew

And then.  There was this….

Every time we’d walk through the upstairs cafe that was on the way to the pool(our favorite spot for the week) he’d bust out his very best Beyonce….”All the single ladies….all the single ladies…”

We never bothered to tell him that we were all in fact very much NOT single and that we had 12 kids between the 4 of us.  We let him sing.  Because it made us laugh every time. So then we got him as our waiter the last night at dinner….lucky us!!

We hit up the Grand Cayman’s on the second day and it was so nice to get off the boat….onto LAND!  We ended up on the beach by 8:45am ordering chicken strips and fries because we were starving and the idea of waiting until lunch time was just absurd.  I may have passed out.


So we ate fried food then got into our swim suits, which is always the way you want to do it girls.

Except not.

The trip home was great.  No wind or waves or rocking toilets.  The boat was still and motionless as far as we were concerned.  I was told that’s what it should feel like all the time. Kassie and I had a great run around the deck one day and neither of us puked over the side.


I even managed some go pro pics but they won’t load.  Stupid technology.

We were definitely amongst an older crowd on this boat(not you Lara…you had more energy than the 4 of us put together and we love you for it). A lot of scooters and canes and rousing games of bingo.  Apparently the young boat was last week.  Good to know.  But, we decided we wouldn’t have fit in with the booze cruiser’s either.  We have kids.  Ain’t nobody got time to be acting like fools.  We wanted water, diet coke, a pool, and a book.  Oh, and music.  When you have young kids, sleeping is considered fun.

Overall, the cruise part was good.  Better than I expected but I still may have to accept the fact that cruising may not be my preferred mode of transportation to my vacation destination.  Sorry Lara!!! I mean, what if there actually had been a hurricane?

On girls trips…


If traveling with women, here are some things you need to know….

  1. It’s 2016.  Selfies will be a normal part of the daily routine.  They will all look pretty much exactly the same as the one before, and they will be grossly over shared on social media. Sorry not sorry.  We are a foolish and self-absorbed generation.
  2. You really can squeeze 4 women into a cruise ship room, despite what others may think or say when you tell them you are all in fact rooming together.
  3. We require unlimited quantities of coffee.  After that, we can conquer the world.
  4. Everything must get its own hashtag.  Did I mention our generation(and the ones to follow) is full of lunatics? Seriously, if our great-grandparents could see us taking pictures of ourselves and attaching silly phrases after a number sign to put on a screen for the world would see, they might roll over in their graves.
  5. We considered only two types of outfits…..pool and dinner attire.  Which means I severely over packed.
  6. We move pool chairs with a pack mentality.  One must not go to a new chair alone.
  7. To get 4 women ready for dinner with only one shower(two of our gals even showered in the women’s locker room one day) you pretty much need to start the getting ready process a good 3 hours before dinner.  One shower…ONE OUTLET.  First world problems.

Overall, it was a great trip and I’m BEYOND grateful for the opportunity to go.  I’m beyond thankful for awesome women to get to travel with and get to know better.  Girls trips are few and far between(14 years of marriage and this is my first) but it’s good to miss your people, and for your people to miss you=)

what about you? Do you girls trip it? Any funny stories or words of advice??

Do you cruise or stay on land?













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