On Blogging, Easter Weekend, and Run streakin

On Blogging(or lack thereof) 


Hello and happy Tuesday!  I’ve missed blogging the past couple of weeks!!! My computer has been more in the Netflix for Lila mode lately.  I have always had a goal of two or three posts per week, which I’ve basically stuck to in the almost two years I’ve had the blog…..until this Spring. Life has just been kicking my tail lately, and not necessarily in a bad way.  Baseball season is in full swing and both boys play.  You guys.  I’m running a taxi service from 3-9ish pm.  I LOVE baseball and I love being at the field and cheering for the boys and watching them play, but some days just getting everyone where they need to go is enough to make me feel a little mental.  And that’s only 2 kids playing sports! Lila will be following along here soon and for those of you who have more than 3 kids to shuttle to and from games and practices, bless you. 

So, I’ve been in full mom mode the past few weeks while teaching bootcamp and trying to knock out some major Spring projects around our house.  Spring makes me feel productive.  On gorgeous days I just swing open the back door, turn up some tunes, and pull out my massive box of outdoor trash bags and go to town.  It’s amazing how much crap you accumulate over the years.  We took an entire car load to the dump on Saturday and I have another car load of clothes to donate.  Ya’ll, how does that even happen?  Anyway, it’s crazy therapeutic.  Purging is good for the soul, as well as the closets.

So, all that to say my goal is to get back on track with my blogging consistency.  Thanks for your patience and if you follow the blog and wonder where the heck I’ve been, now you know.  Sometimes life shifts.  Priorities change and needs arise that demand your attention and focus, and your time.  I’m trying to let myself off the hook more.  I’m trying not to hold myself to an impossible standard but maintain reachable goals.  Blogging more than once a week is certainly attainable and I LOVE doing it, so it’s not hard to stick to.  Do you blog?  If you do, how often and do you sometimes find it hard to stay consistent?  I’m sure I’m not alone in this blogger people.

On Easter Weekend


Can I just say I’d do a 3 day weekend EVERY SINGLE WEEK?  I would.  On Good Friday we had a huge play date of sorts at our local park.  We basically opened it up to anyone who wanted to come, had a baseball and kick ball game going for big kids and crafts/coloring and the playground for littles.  BYOP(bring your own picnic) and enjoy an amazing sunny Spring day.  Ya’ll, we had so much fun.  I didn’t take ANY pictures!!!!!! I’m such an idiot.  Ahhhh!!! But the point is, we had a blast and will try to make it a regular monthly thing.  It gets people out and talking to each other.  Jen Hatmaker says,

“Instead of waiting for community, provide it, and you’ll end up with it anyway.”

I love that.  It’s so true.  We so often crave community and relationship and yet, we stay in our homes afraid to get out of what’s comfortable and safe, not realizing other people are craving the same.  So, provide community and in turn, you are blessed by it.  And that’s exactly what happened.  People started showing up and ya’ll, we must have had 20-30 kids there.  I can’t tell you how simple yet fun it was.  We cranked some music and there were several people who just showed up at the park wondering why in the world the it was suddenly so popular.  One lady came over and commented on the music and environment and how fun it was that they got to enjoy it.  So, provide community, you’ll end up with it anyway.

Easter means something to me, to us.  It’s not just a day of chocolate(although Lord knows we had our fill).  It’s a day of hope and joy and redemption.  I’m not gonna lie, we tackled a LOT of housework this past weekend.  Cleaning closets and purging and sorting.  Folding and sweeping and re-arranging.  But, at the root of it all was time at home together as a family to talk about why Easter.


We egg hunted




But we also talked about why we celebrate.  We serve a Savior who rose.  He could have stayed on the cross, but then what?  He would have been just like the thieves on either side.  Instead, he walked out of the tomb because it had no power over Him.  He did it for you, and for me.  So we could be free and redeemed and unbound by the chains that try to hold us and trip us up.  Life is hard.  Not free of trial and pain.  No one ever said it would be.  But, living without hope would be the end of me.  I couldn’t do it.  And I’m so thankful I don’t have to.  I can live with hope knowing in the end is Heaven and in the middle is life here on this earth.  Temporary and fleeting yet full of joy, even in the midst of sorrow and pain and fun and playdates and Spring cleaning, because of Jesus.  So, I pray you know this hope.  I pray Easter was a blessing for you and your fam, as it was for ours.

On Run Streaking

Ok.  I’m on day 14 of my run streak!! Honestly, my selfie quota on Instagram has gone up exponentially, because let’s be frank, there are only so many varieties of photo opps on a treadmill.  I’m running outside some with my gopro but often, it’s a 1 mile treadmill run at the end of a crazy day.  But I’m LOVING it.  My goal is to “streak” until July 30, the day of my husbands Ironman.  That’s a long freaking time to run every single day, but I’m ready for a goal.  This seems attainable with my current life load, even though the pictures are going to have to step up a notch.  Treadmills are BORING.


And ya’ll, I wear this Lucy shirt at least every other day, even though Sunday only pops up once a week. But seriously, I’ve watched people do this for years and wondered if I could do it without going crazy.  Given the current schedule and all we have going on right now, it’s just enough.  It’s not a race so I don’t have that pressure.  There are no time goals(although ultimately I’d like to see this help drop my pace as more I run the better I feel) and no one holding me to an impossible standard.  It’s just me.  And it’s freeing to be in a season where I can enjoy my life and schedule and fitness without feeling it as a burden.  And yes, part of me is itching to race and train hard again, but the other part of me is desperately trying to rest in where I am, and enjoy it.  It brings new goals and new perspectives, and for that I’m grateful.

So, that’s life lately.  A little hectic but a lot of fun.  A little sporadic and there are hair pulling out moments for sure, but overall, I wouldn’t change a thing.  And I promise to be back before next Friday=) Have a great day you guys!!

Do you run streak???  How have you liked it and how long have you kept it up? 


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