Nuun Hydration Review



    About a week ago I decided to order a product called Nuun.  Some of ya’ll have probably heard of them and/or used these little awesome tablets but they are new to me.  I had seen several Instagram friends using them and some who are ambassadors for the company.  It peaked my interest to say the least.  I had to get my hands on some.

    I’m a water person.  Since I was little I’ve had to drink exorbitant amounts of water to stay hydrated.  When I was 10 I passed out 12 times in one day…..12.  They rushed me to the children’s hospital, ran tons of tests and finally determined I was severely dehydrated.  I rode horses and played basketball…..and it was summer….in the south.  Riding in the southern heat wasn’t exactly comfortable.  You have jeans, chaps, riding boots, helmets and no protection from the sun(at least where I rode).  Anyway, they told me I had a condition called syncope which is basically rapid dehydration.  So, from then on I made sure I drank a lot to keep hydrated.  I’ve always had issues with this so I’m pretty used to it by now.  Plus, I sweat a lot.  Sorry, I’m a sweater (like, I had to wear prescription deodorant on my wedding day….it’s that bad).  As a runner I’ve had to take equal care of myself where my hydration is concerned.  Running in Texas heat is no joke ya’ll.  It’s a sauna out there.

    Three summers ago I was training for a triathlon and had just done a bootcamp in the crazy May heat.  To make a long story short, I ended up having a mini stroke…at my gym…alone with my kids.  I had brought my sister in law to bootcamp with me and I left in an ambulance.  Not the best way to sell it.   Sorry Kaitlin.  Anyway, to say it was scary is a drastic understatement.  I underwent crazy amounts of testing with no answers as to why this happened.  I did end up getting diagnosed with strep throat the day after the TIA and my neurologist came to the conclusion that it was the perfect storm.  I had a migraine the morning it happened and I was dehydrated.  So, there it was again, the dehydration.  Can I not just outgrow this crazy business and go run outside when its hot with everyone else? Nope.

    Enter product testing.  I’ve tried so many things.  I trained for and ran my last marathon on Gatorade but had to water it down because my stomach couldn’t handle the sugar AND I ended up with a cavity after the race ha! I have to admit, it worked like a charm.  I didn’t cramp or have any stomach issues(which I have issues with…sorry TMI but its true, all runners can relate).  I know how important electrolyte replacement is when I workout and run so I know I have to have something I can rely on for every day…non 26.2 mile…workouts.  I wanted something low in sugar or having no sugar that my stomach could tolerate and that didn’t make me even thirstier while running.  Enter Nuun.  It’s an electrolyte enhanced tablet that you drop into 16 oz of water.  I use my awesome shaker bottle pictured above.  Go get one…they are awesome.  It fizzles for about 2 min, give it a shake and that’s it.  It has 7 calories per serving(16oz) and zero sugar.  I tried it on a rest day, pre workout, during workout, and post workout.  It didn’t leave me feeling thirsty and I didn’t have any dizziness(which is a typical problem for me).  I love this stuff.  I’ll continue to use it to see how I react to it over longer distances.  I don’t run more than 7 or 8 miles outside in the summer(have I mentioned it’s hot here??).  I’ll keep ya’ll posted.  If you have any products you love let me know in the comment section below.  I love finding new great stuff!!!

*disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to advertise for this product.  This is simply my opinion.