#No Excuses

I woke up at 3:15am to a little messy haired toddler by my bed.  She had to go potty.  I sort of long for the day when she’ll just get up and go by herself, but I’m sure by then I’ll miss her sneaking into my room and scaring the bejeeses out of my at 3am.  Because she doesn’t say anything at all, she just stands there. Staring at me.  Anyway.  I got back in bed and found myself hungry and surprisingly awake. I’m still awake. In fact, my alarm just went off not knowing I’ve been up for two hours already.


When I got back in bed my mind started racing. I was thinking about our move, my new business venture with Beachbody that I just dove into with excitement and enthusiasm, my boot camp, blog ideas, documentary ideas(because somehow I always think of my life like a movie trailer, like whats her face in The Holiday. And not because I think my life could be a movie, but rather because I’m constantly dreaming of new ideas and things to do) and how much of a change I feel in the last week and a half because of simple changes I made to my routine. I had gotten lazy with my nutrition and my workouts.  Some clean eats, a new plan, a few different workouts and some consistency and I feel like a new person.  That’s a lot of ground to cover before 5am.


I’ve had this concept of no excuses in my head.  Autumn, the super fit and peppy trainer with Beachbody, keeps saying “there is no magic pill.” When she says it, it’s in the middle of burpees with power push ups while my kids are fighting or crying over who can pop the popcorn or asking me for water, that they are perfectly capable of getting themselves, and I usually want to punch her in the face. BUT, she’s right.

There is no magic pill.


I often hesitate to push this “no excuses!!” motto because let’s be real, sometimes there are legit excuses. Life can get messy.  And I get that.  No one can work out 7 days a week every week for the rest of all their days on this earth. BUT, what if we adopted this mentality of no excuses to be our norm, so that when the exception to this rule came along, it wouldn’t totally derail our progress.  Does that  make sense?  Like, if being active was such a natural part of your routine, when a bump in life comes, you can’t stand to let it get you down for long.

My long time friend, trainer and mentor Jeremy Jackson with The Get Fit Nation would always say, “no excuses, just hard work.”  He’d have us say it after every workout.  No excuses, just hard work.


*This is my amazing client Anita. She pushes hard and deserves a little break like this at the end of one of our workouts. 

I think this concept of hard work has been lost a bit when it comes to our health.  We want a quick fix or a magic pill.  But the truth is, it takes A LOT of work.  My sister got up at 4:30 yesterday morning because she knew she had a crazy day and needed to her work out in for the day, and that was the only option.  Did she want to? No, probably not. But she did it anyway.  She planned ahead, made a goal, and she accomplished it.  One day at a time.  One workout at a time.  One meal at a time.  It IS possible to make these changes and stick with them.

10 years ago I had a baby, and an extra 75 lbs to lose.  I lost it all and kept it off but it wasn’t easy.  It’s still not easy. But it’s possible. It takes early mornings when my feet hit the floor long before anyone else is up(except my hubby…he’s in training mode).  It takes setting the alarm and maybe having an extra cup of coffee.

FullSizeRender 38

Case in point.

It takes sweat.  Tears.  Sometimes frustration.  It takes work and dedication and commitment.  It takes a positive outlook that even if what you’re doing doesn’t feel good at the time, it’s making long-term gains for your life.  It takes persistence.  Change doesn’t happen over night after all.  It takes time.

The blog is two years old this week.  With that milestone has come some reflection as to why I’m still sitting here on my couch with my coffee writing to you.  I’ve been accused of being judgy and critical, which is hard to hear when it’s the farthest thing from my intention with my words as you could possibly get.  But, when I post something like this, I fear you hear judgement and criticism instead of motivation and encouragement.

So hear this.  Read this.  Soak this in today as you think about the choices you are making, or not making, as I’ve had to do the past couple of weeks for myself.

YOU are worth it.  My mission today and every day I have this blog is to remind you that you have value and worth. Regardless of your current fitness level, weight, amount of stretch marks(let me just tell you what 3 kids will do, can I get an amen?), body type, status, or season of life. You are worthy.  You are loved by this awesome Creator who made you just the way you are.  There is nothing wrong with you dear friend. You are adored and cherished and you hold incredible value in the eyes of the One that made you.  You are beautiful.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Crafted and shaped with all your own gifts and talents and quirks.  You are smart and fun and waking each day with new breath.  I adore you and have no doubt that we ALL need to hear these words sometimes.  Because the world will tell you otherwise.  Don’t listen to the noise and the chatter that you must look a certain way, perform a certain way, see a certain number on the scale, reach a certain level of status or fame, publish books, get on the big stage, have a better house or wardrobe or smoother skin or straighter nose.  You are loved and accepted by God right where you are.  So start with that truth.

But, you have also been given one body to steward well in this life.  So start now. Take care of it.  Get up and go for a walk today.  Stop making excuses. You can do hard things, I KNOW you can.  I’m here cheering for you, sweating beside you and duking it out every day because I know how much hard work pays off.  I know how amazing it will make you feel from the inside out. I know how much energy it will give you. How much confidence. How much more patience with your husband and kids and friends and co-workers you will be. How much life it will restore if you do something good for YOU.  How much stronger you will be.  How invigorated you will feel. How much more in touch with nature(cheesy? Yes. But so true) you will feel just from having gotten outside and breathed it in.  Notice I didn’t say how awesome your 6-pack will be. You might in fact get an awesome 6-pack in the process, and some biceps, but that’s just a bonus.  The important thing is to get up and move if you have the means and ability to do so.  Because the hard truth is you may not always be able to.  Set a goal to get healthy and stay that way to the very best of your ability.

So go do it today.  Start today.  It could be the beginning of the rest of your healthy life. I’m rooting for you!




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  1. Katie…Thank you! Seriously. It’s been a bit of a day and your words just made me smile. Thanks for reading and taking the time to encourage me!!

  2. Wow! This is perfection. I loved it… every word. Thank you thank you thank you. Also, I’ve never thought you were judgey or critical. At all. Just honest and real in a terrific way.

  3. thank you so much Mindy!! I so appreciate the encouragement. Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!!

  4. You are so welcome Ashley!!! So glad it encouraged you=) Thanks for stopping by the blog today xoxoxo

  5. thank you Nina!!! So kind of you! Yes girl, moderation moderation. And good for you for making it happen that early in the morning!!!

  6. I never once thought you were judgy or critical! I love your realness and honesty! I know so many people who say they dont have time…guess what you’re not making time, I get up between 4 and 5 six to seven days a week I also can’t stand fad diets, everything in moderation!!

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