A New Playlist and a Quick At Home Workout

Ok ya’ll.  Before we get to your playlist and workout, I’ve been working some this week on a new look for the blog.  These things take me a while as I’m not super tech savy.  Now my images won’t load into my posts.  So, hang with me as I post today with NO PICTURES.  Seriously, my page is screaming at me to get an image in here, but it won’t let me. So, I’m going to mess with it and try and fix it, but I wanted to get this post up anyway.  Blogs take work, that’s what I’ve learned.  Fortunately, I love it enough to put the work in, but anytime I make a big change to the layout etc, it takes me forever to learn the new system. Because I belong in the 90’s where we used to write with pen and paper.  That is all.

A new playlist can make a good run even better, or a bad run bearable.  And we all need a good at home workout that we can knock out while the kids play or the baby naps right?  Today, you’ll get a playlist, and a workout!! I love making new playlists for bootcamp, and I usually make them as I’m running.  Two birds, one stone.  I use Spotify and absolutely LOVE it.  Their tagline is “music for everyone” and it’s true. They seriously have EVERYTHING.  It’s easy to make your own playlists, follow existing playlists, find music for the kids, or really any mood that may strike you.  No, I’m not getting paid to advertise for Spotify but, when I find a good thing, I have to share it.  And Spotify is a great thing.  

So, here’s my most recent play list if you are needing a little something to spruce up your run or workout…….

Free by Broods
Happiness by Needtobreathe
Just Like Fire by Pink
Wild Things by Alessia Cara
No by Meghan Trainor
Hello Friday by Flo Rida
Sound of Your Heart by Shawn Hook
Creep by TLC
Team by Iggy Azalea
Wings by Little Mix
Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld
Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya
Problem by Ariana Grande
Who’s With Me by Flo Rida
Ain’t Your Mama by J Lo
Does Ya Mama Know? by 99 Percent
Crazy Beautiful by Skylar Stecker
Should’ve Been Us by Tori Kelly
Bad Man by Pitbull
Time of Our Lives by Pitbull
Drive You Crazy by Pitbull
Colors by Halsey
If It Ain’t Love by Jason Derulo


Cool Down Tunes:
Faded by Alan Walker
Angela by The Lumineers
Lego House by Hearts & Colors
She is Love by Parachute
Banner by Lights
Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols
I heard Goodbye by Dan + Shay
Take My Hand by Emily Hackett

A cool new playlist wouldn’t be the same without a little workout to go with it.  This past weekend my hubby was out of town on a guys trip and we are about to put our house on the market(gasp. Staying local but still, it’s quite a to do list to get the house ready) so I tackled some really big projects.  It’s so therapeutic and rewarding for me to get some big things done around the house. Anyway, at the end of the day Saturday I still hadn’t gotten a workout in so I threw this one together in my garage.  It’s quick but if you move through it fast it’ll get your heart rate up and have you sweating.  Promise. And if your kids won’t quit talking to you while you are trying to do burpees with a push up, make them do it with you.

Dynamic warm up and stretch

 25 jumping jacks
10 speed squats
25 Jumping jacks
10 speed squats
Repeat 2x
10 push ups
50 bicycle crunches slow
15 toe touches with weight
Repeat 2x
20 kettle bell swings
10 burpees with tuck jump
10 weighted Plie squats
Repeat 2x
15 deadlifts
12 upright rows
10 burpees with push up
Repeat 2x
12 chest press in bridge(on your back, butt lifted)
12 skull crushers in bridge
30 crunches
Repeat 2x
12 romanian twists with weight
20 oblique crunches
20 reveres crunches
repeat 2x
Cool down and stretch
Happy Wednesday you guys!!
What are some of your favorite songs to run or workout to? I’m always looking for songs to add to my list so share away ya’ll!!!!!


6 comments on “A New Playlist and a Quick At Home Workout

  1. Gina, thanks girl!!!! I’m still working out the kinks!=) But yes, I love the clean look. Thank you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spotify. It is awesome for the whole fam! And girl, I’m on the sequel and need life to slow down so I can actually READ IT!!=)

  2. hey Michelle, not necessarily for the press. I lower for a chest fly for example if I’m on my back. But start with your normal weight for a chest press just add the bridge and if it’s too much strain jump down in weight.

  3. OH MY GOSH… I LOVE this new layout!!!! I guess my playlist needs an update, i think i’ve had the same one for oh…. 2 years lol. i need to look into Spotify. thanks for always giving ideas! speaking of which… i bought the jojo moyes book, and as soon as i finish another book i am diving in 🙂

  4. I’ve never done a lift while in bridge. I’ll have to give it a try. I’m a assuming a lower weight is recommended?

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