NASM CPT 4 Exam…I passed!!!!!!!

Ya’ll!!  The day is here and my exam is OVER.  I passed!!!!!  So,  I’m blogging today as more of an update, and less as an informational post.  I made notes all over my study guide as soon as I got home, so I’ll get you a more detailed post about how to study and prepare to take your NASM exam.  But for now, I’m going to rest in knowing all of that hard work paid off.  I have a massive headache and a venti dark roast sitting with me and I plan to hit the couch in a few to decompress.

I was so nervous about this exam.  I hate tests.  Hate them.  I’m terrible at them.  Terrible.  I have failed big tests even when I feel over-prepared so to say I was psyching myself out is a major understatement.  So, I aired on the side of caution and studied for six months like a maniac.  Just to be safe.  And even then, I doubted if I’d done enough.

The past two days the kids have been home for snow days so I was stressing even more.  Those were my last two cramming days!!  I decided God knew that and this didn’t take Him by surprise and I needed to chill the heck out.  So this morning, I got up, to sleet and rain and snow, and a husband flying to California, and got myself together.  I dropped my kids at a friends at 7am, which is true friendship I have to say.  She delivered all 3 kids to school/my in laws house and should win an award.  No doubt.  I love my crew.  So thankful for my friends that stand in my corner, even when it means I go into hiding for months studying for an exam.  Anyway.

I got to the testing center, which I kid you not, was an airplane hanger…. you think I’m joking…

To the right of my car was a plane.  My phone ran out of space for more pics lol. But you get the idea. 

I got there early so I had a few minutes to review, then pray, and get texts from friends and family, and pray some more.  I went inside and had to pee before my test.  The bathroom was literally under a stair way, in the airplane hanger…with planes right outside the bathroom door.  This did not do wonders for my nerves.  I was alone in the office with the PSI office manager.  Creeped me out a little.  He was SO nice and put me at ease but still.  It was just weird.  I went in a small room with several computer stations and got started.  I was so nervous I had to just stop and take a deep breath.  My hands were shaking.  I know.  I’m 5.  Anyway, I knew the answers to the first few questions easily so that helped put me at ease.

About 30 minutes into my test, the office manager had an urgent call he had to take….with his mom…about a burn on his foot.  Yep.  He sustained it while grilling out Friday night, but no worries, he was going to his mom’s house tomorrow for a big family dinner and she would look at it then.  I know this because not only could I hear HIS voice, I could hear his mom’s on the other end of the phone.  Fortunately, I live in noise and chaos so I’m used to having to think under pressure.  He was seriously so sweet to me I couldn’t get mad.  But it made me laugh a little.

I went through, answered what I knew, flagged what I didn’t.  I went back and answered my flagged questions and hit end.  So.  Completely.  Nerve racking.  I was literally shaking like a leaf but I knew at some point I had to be done.  So that was that.  I went into the office and waited for burned foot guy to tell me if I passed or not.  When congratulations came out of his mouth I could have hugged him.  Seriously.  But I couldn’t because I had to pee too bad(thanks to the birthing of the 3 babies).  I asked to go to the bathroom again, took my life in my own hands, and went to the restroom in the hanger.  I locked the door and jumped up and down.  Seriously.  It felt good.  I came back in and he said congrats again and told me how hard that test is and that I should be really proud I passed it on my first attempt.  Again, using self restraint I didn’t hug him, but we’re now bonded for life.

People have been asking me what I’m going to do now.  First up, change my status on IG, FB and Twitter to a Certified NASM Personal Trainer ha!  Priorities people.  In all seriousness, I’m not sure.  I know I want to do some in home training, but I also want to get some really solid experience.  I have 3 kids and an already busy schedule so I’m not looking to jump into a full time job in a gym.  I want to build relationships with people and encourage them and help them get healthy.  How this will play out is yet to be decided.  I’m going to watch for opportunities and enjoy learning more about this industry and profession.  I’m already in love.  I’m off to eat some soup on this cold and wet day.  Take some tylenol and relax before getting the boys from school.  Thanks for all the encouragement along the way and stay tuned, I’ll have a detailed “study guide” type post coming this next week.  Happy Hump Day!!!

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  1. Thanks Kylie girl!!! I’m excited to see what comes next too. Trying not to rush things and just enjoy not having anything but my family right now. This has been a crazy year with the marathon and my exam, so resting in the rest=) Thanks for your constant encouragement!!!!! Hugs back=)

  2. Thank you Rachel!! You should go for it! I hated school, and tests. I’ve always considered myself a terrible test taker. But, if you prepare well you will do fine!!! Let me know if you take the plunge. I’ll post a study guide Monday which may give you some direction=)

  3. I wish I could hug you! So so exciting that you rocked that test, especially on the first try! You’re a rockstar! Excited to see what’s to come for you on this journey. 🙂

  4. Congrats!!! I’ve been considering ACSM or NASM but the mere thought of testing totally freaks me out. It’s been far too many years since I’ve taken a graded test. Lol! Whoop whoop, so happy for you!

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