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Hey ya’ll and happy Thursday.  Before we get going I just have to say that I can not believe I managed a decent shorts from behind shot without showing all the unlovely’s.  So for that, I’m feeling like this post is already a success.  Shorts, from behind, at an angle.  This is a recipe for total disaster.  Today, it worked out. 

Moving on…..


I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing new company lately and today I get to tell you my thoughts.  I love my role as a Sweat Pink Ambassador for so many reasons.  I have met so many amazing and motivational people, and have been introduced to so many wonderful products.  As for Phenoh 7.4….here is what I found.

To be completely honest, I had to google the definition for alkaline.  Please don’t leave forever.  It’s just not something I have been familiar with until I started testing this product.  I did graduate from college.  We just didn’t throw around the word alkaline a lot.

As I studied about this idea of an alkaline based sports drink I learned so many useful things. Like,  what is alkaline anyway?  Our bodies are made up of alkaline and it’s what keep’s our bodies from getting too acidic.  Unhealthy diets, stress or becoming over worked or taxed will cause your bodies acid levels to rise.  Just as your body works to regulate its temperature, it works to keep a balance by maintaining your PH levels.  Your body functions best with a PH level between 7.3-7.4, hence Phenoh’s 7.4 quality.  Phenoh’s goal is to match your optimal PH balance of 7.4 and keep it there.  This helps to prevent muscle fatigue, tooth decay, poor immune systems, and poor digestion.

I also realized how many sports drinks contain loads of unhealthy ingredients and shoot through the roof in sugar.  Phenoh only has 7, including aloe vera and agave nectar which is low on the glycemic index.  It also has a good dose of vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system.  Keeping your diet primarily alkaline as oppose to acid is much better for you and promotes balance.


I’ve always had a hard time with products that I drink while running or any time  surrounding a run.  I have a sensitive system.  Like for real.  I’m very careful with what I eat and drink especially surrounding a run or workout because of how my body tends to respond.  I have tried Phenoh during a run as well as before.  My stomach was happy and I felt refreshed and hydrated.  It’s sweet but not too sweet and actually has a hint of the aloe.  It’s so natural tasting and doesn’t leave a nasty sugar-coating on your teeth.

I actually mixed mine with water during my first run with it because I was so nervous it would mess up my stomach.   It didn’t so on a different day I drank it straight.  Still no issues! So for me, it’s a no brainer.  A drink that is natural and good for you, packs only 7 ingredients, keeps my body’s acid levels balanced AND helps fuel me as a runner.  Win win ya’ll.  To sum this up, here are the key reasons you should try Phenoh 7.4:

Promotes overall health and wellness

helps sustain energy levels

promotes healthy hydration

helps prevent tooth decay

promotes cardiovascular health

only 7 healthy ingredients

maintains healthy PH levels in your body

You can find more information about this product and order it for yourself at  Let me know if you try it and what you think!!!


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  1. thanks Jen!! It took a while to get but I was stoked it turned out! I may have had a little too much fun taking pics that day=)

  2. thanks Jamie!! You are awesome!!! LOVE working with the fitapproach team at Sweat Pink!!!!!

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