Red Head on the Run: Documentary Style!


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Last July, I received an email from a local video producer named Paul Reynolds,  asking me to be the subject of a mini documentary.  At first I thought, this must be a scam because who would want me?  Not that I was trying to be self deprecating, it just had me questioning it’s authenticity because my blog is by no means hitting the big time blogger’s list, nor do I consider myself to be someone who is documentary worthy.  I forwarded the email onto a photographer friend to have her do some digging(sorry Paul!) just to be sure this guy was legit.  She texted me back within minutes and said, “you’ve gotta go for this pal.  This is too cool.”  


So I did.

I didn’t tell many people about it at first, as I didn’t really know what the heck I was getting myself into.  Then, Paul said the magic words…..Square Burger.  He had no idea that burger’s and fries happen to be my love language(yes I’m a trainer blah blah blah.  Moderation friends) and when he suggested I meet he and his wife at one of my fave burger spots in town, I knew this would be a great partnership.

Several months later we sat down over sweet potato fries and burgers to discuss a plan.  Paul grilled me with questions, in the very best way possible.  He made me think.  I had to really consider who I was, what I was doing this whole blog thing for, what I wanted in the future from it.  My wheels were turning. The list could go on.  We sat at that table for two hours going over possible plans for the shooting and talking about being active and what that looks like to each of us.  I knew right away that Paul seemed to just get who I was and that he would be able to portray that through video.  Something totally and completely new to me.

So we set up a start time, which changed a few times due to our(mostly my) schedules, and decided to start shooting.  I was so nervous, as I’m typically the subject of still shots, like my beloved GoPro.  Being on camera makes you incredibly vulnerable.  Are my pants too tight?  Did they pass the bend over test?  Not that I’ll be bending over in the video but still, it’s something to consider,  are these new bangs that seemed like such a good idea at the time blowing in my face while I’m running?  Do I look ridiculous running, like Phoebe did?  Lord please say I look cooler than Phoebe.  Are my eyes watering when I talk to the camera(this happens to me when I speak in front of people.  I warned Paul)?  Does my voice sound dumb?  Am I saying what I want people to know?  It’s a lot of pressure you guys.


Most importantly, I wanted my message to get across.

I’m not perfect.  And neither are you.  And that’s ok.

Being real and authentic in a world full of things that are false and made up(not everything, but some stuff) runs pretty deep for me.  Representing who I am and who God has made me, and knowing how to celebrate how God has made YOU is something I feel deep in my bones.  If we could spend more time celebrating each other and less time comparing  or wishing we were different , we’d be so much more fulfilled.  If we could celebrate our own gifts, even if they seem small or insignificant and esteem other’s, we’d be amazed at how much more meaningful our lives may become.  Because no gift is too small.  God doesn’t mess up.

He didn’t give you any oopsy qualities.  We can be real and vulnerable, not necessarily displaying all of our craptasticness but rather sharing enough to remind each other that it’s ok to have a bad day.  It’s ok to celebrate successes.  It’s ok to grieve or to cry in a closet because your kids may not follow you there.  It’s ok to have 5 loads of laundry that just hang out on your bedroom floor for an entire week, because in the few spare moments you have to slow down, the LAST thing you want to do is fold it…..or put it away(because we all know that to be THE WORST part of cleaning said clothing).  It’s ok to write a book or become a famous producer.

It’s totally ok to have a bad day at work and want to quit and go live in a cabin in the woods where there is no WIFI or responsibility.  Sometimes I do.  And then I’m reminded by my much smarter and way less dreamy(he’s dreamy but not a dreaMER.  Feel me? Totally hot though) that moving to the mountains is not always the answer.  They still have messes up there.

So yea.  That’s what I wanted to get across.  Running is important to me, but not the most important thing.  It teaches me about life and myself and what’s possible.  It teaches me to stay humble and laugh at myself.  It teaches me to embrace my today and soak up a nice breeze or a cool morning sunrise.  It reminds me that anything is possible, but that things can also go wrong and you can come out ok on the other side.  And that’s what Paul was able to do with my words. He pulled out of me exactly what I wanted to say and was able to share it in a way that not only showed his amazing skills and creativity, but also my heart.  Isn’t it just totally cool to see other people doing their thing? Doing their gifts and doing them well?  That’s what I saw in Paul, and I’m so stinking blessed to have been able to be a part of this.

Ok, so now for the video.  It’ll also be on Youtube.  Go subscribe to my channel and to Paul’s(he’s way better at Youtube than me, but I’m working on it) and watch away.  Hope you enjoy and I hope most of all that it encourages you to get up and get moving!

Oh, and disregard how this paused mid something.  Mid sentence, mid thought? I’m not entirely sure, but this is not my best look.  But this is all about keeping it real right?  So here we go….






10 comments on “Red Head on the Run: Documentary Style!

  1. thanks Katie!!!!!! It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m so thankful to have been able to do it!!!

  2. That documentary was fab! Thanks for putting yourself out there. I so enjoyed watching it and hearing the message. Thanks!

  3. Amber, First of all….thank you so much for your kind words. So sorry it’s taken me a few days to respond. That may have been the nicest thing anyone has said to me in regards to the blog since I started it. Thank you for reading and taking the time to encourage me, it brought me to tears. I hope you have a blessed day and please keep in touch!!!!

  4. I just had to write you and tell you how much I like you and your blog. I am a mom of three and married to a wonderful man and I am truly happy, but the truth is I don’t have many friends because I feel women (most anyway) aren’t real, everything is for show. I am just not like that. That’s what I love about you. You my friend are the real deal and I can relate with everything you write about. Please don’t change. Its easy to try to be like this pinterest driven society, but it is so refreshing to “meet” someone like you who is so authentic. Keep up the good work. I love your blog. You’re the kind of gal I could hang with. 🙂


  5. Kylie,
    Thank you sweet girl. And I totally agree with you. The runner’s high is just something you can’t put into words and even if it only happens every now and then, it’s totally worth the effort=)

  6. Barbara Ann, thank you so much for your sweet words!! Praying the message is impactful and I’m so glad it encouraged you=)

  7. You are so so so so so amazing! I watched it twice haha! There is TOO something special about you 🙂 And the positive feelings that running brings to the rest of our lives is reason enough to do it. Forget all the pretty running clothes and shoes and places to run…the runner’s high is real and awesome 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed this. My favorite line was “I love to run but its not fun everytime”. You looked beautiful and more importantly, your message was beautiful.

  9. What an inspiring documentary!! So authentic and real, just as you were intending! Your message is so clear and so refreshing!! Love it!!!

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