My best long run, A Summer Cold, an Anniversary and a Bathroom Reno

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So this past week was hard.  My husband came back from a business trip last weekend with a cold, plus we’re having our bathroom renovated…which means our house is a dust pit.  I’m not complaining.  Trust me.  I don’t take bathrooms for granted and am absolutely not going to complain about anything.  Having a new shower and tub is a blessing and one most of the world doesn’t have, HOWEVER…ya’ll the dust is killing all of us.  So we are sharing a cold and I didn’t wan to get really sick, so I took 3 extra rest days.  Which means I hardly ran, according to the Hanson’s method.  Ugh.  But I’ve decided after a great long run yesterday and a great workout this morning that it’s totally ok.  So, here’s what I did…

Monday: Scheduled 4 easy and skipped, mainly because it just didn’t happen that day.  Bathroom reno started which means my treadmill is off limits because it’s in my room where all the construction is going on.  Plus the dust.  My treadmill is now white. So no run or workout of any kind on Monday.  Awesome.

Progress!!!! I'm blaming my 2 day headache on the jackhammers and my cold on the dust. And I can't run on my treadmill to avoid the heat because it's in my room. Where the jackhammering is happenin. So, I'm choosing to eat a chocolate chip cookie while I prep for tonight's boot camp. I'm an oxymoron. #bathroomreno #goodbye1998 #hello2015 #thankfulforbathrooms #andcookies #life #runnerwhocantruntoday #coldsstink

Our new shower!! Grout came later and I LOVE it.  Pics to come later this week.

Tuesday: speed day with a scheduled 6×800.  I did 4 of the 6 but due to some heart issues(I think it was just my body fighting getting sick)I slowed down and cut my run short.  No one likes to feel their heart beat in their mouth while they’re running.  Zero fun.

So. This about sums up how Ive been feeling this week. Fighting a cold and an ongoing headache so I skipped my run this morning and slept in. No reason to push and get worse. I'm trying to listen to my body this week and remind myself that missing a few runs won't kill the process. In the meantime today #ontheblog I'm talking to the mom who forgets stuff. Yep. Check it out!! Happy Thursday!! ~Link in bio

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Um….scheduled 5 tempo, but rested instead.  Exciting week right?!

Friday: 4 easy progressive miles to see how I felt.  Splits ended up being 10:30, 9:40, 8:54, 8:30.  I felt great besides the humidity making my breathing a little more labored.

4 progressive miles(splits were 10:30, 9:40, 8:54, 8:30) through the trees this morning. Thankful to be feeling good enough to get out and run after a few days off. And of course, I'm thankful for green pants. Also today I'm guest posting on Hope you'll head over and read. Happy Friday!!!!

Friday night we hit the Ranger’s game with some friends and left Lila and our friends little with a babysitter and spend some time with the bigs.  It was so fun!!!

Go Rangers!!!!!!!! #familytime #rangers #texas

Saturday: 6-8 planned but ended up missing.  Totally not on purpose.  I had planned to run on the treadmill in the afternoon, but the bathroom guys showed up at 12 and were there all day.  My treadmill faces the bathroom where they are working, so running on it with the guys in there working is just awkward.  So, I missed my run.  But going out for our 13 year anniversary to our fave spot made up for it…

Out with this guy celebrating 13 years of marriage. Thankful isn't a strong enough word. Now to stuff our faces and enjoy BEING ALONE. #babysittersrock #rickschophouse #datenight #anniversary

Sunday: 10 scheduled…10 complete!!!

10 miles with my favorite.'d better be cold. That is all. @8french

Finished yesterday with a 10 mile run with my bestie, Candace.  We’ll be running Chicago together and we booked our hotel yesterday!!!  I felt great and recovered really well.  Managed a great run this morning with a strength workout that I’ll post tomorrow along with some of my favorite long run tips.

Today is our 13 year anniversary.  Crazy how fast time goes.  Seriously ya’ll.  We met in 7th grade homeroom.  We were best friends by the time we turned 16 and engaged by the time we were 19, married at 20, first kid at 25.  What a crazy life we’ve built and I wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s so fun having someone to share life with and we’ve learned so much through this crazy thing called marriage.  It’s beautiful and wonderful and HARD and challenging and humbling and awesome.  He’s the biggest blessing of my life.

Here's to #tbt. When we were but wee babes and engaged at the ripe old age of 19. May the Lord be with our kids if they ever try this. #thankful #workedforus #wouldntchangeathing #13yearsnextmonth #throwbackthursday

So much fun cheering on this guy today! Next up for him is Austin 70.3....and next summer it's my turn  #coopersprint #northtexasmultisport #triathlon #fitfam #sweatpink

So that’s my week! Can’t believe week 9 of Hanson’s starts this week.  I have seriously gone insane. Happy Monday!!!

Does it drive you crazy when you take unplanned rest days?

Do you run with a buddy on long runs or solo?

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  1. I’m not training for anything but unplanned rest days DO make me crazy!!! I’m getting better about it, trying to just be with my kiddos on those days but it’s still tough mentally! ? Also, what restaurant is your fave? Maybe a date night trip to the east side of town is in order! Thanks for your blog, I swear we’d be instant friends if we lived closer!! I relate so much to you & your posts!! Good luck with week 9, this heat is crazy!!! ?

  2. Oh, rest days. I’ve had many of those recently, especially after I tore up my hands and knees after falling on a trail run! Embrace them! We don’t get them often, and when training picks up we will wish we had more!

  3. Nailing a long run is the best, and running with a good friend makes it even better. Sorry for your rough and dusty week but sounds like you pulled it out to end with a bang. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary! We were also babies when we got married and we just celebrated 14 years!

  4. Hey there – I have a question for you. I want to switch my runs to early morning, I have usually been an evening runner. And by early morning, I’m thinking around 6.30am before the rest of my family is up and about. Do you ever run this early, and if so do you eat anything before you hit the pavement or just get up and go? Eating doesn’t sound that fun to me that early but I’m not sure how much of a run I can sustain on an empty stomach or if this okay?? Thoughts would be appreciated 🙂

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