Must Have Mondays….all about the gear

    Ok ya’ll so I’m a little later than usual getting to my must have’s for today.  I was up all night last night sick to my stomach and spent my morning running errands with my kids. Winning combo right there.  Oh, and because I went temporarily insane I bought a princess training potty and hello kitty underwear for my just turned 2 year old.  It’s shaping up to be a fantastic day<enter sarcasm and eye roll>.  So, I usually spend several days planning my must have’s because I want to make sure I’m giving ya’ll stuff that is really useful for your runs or workouts.  This week I could NOT get my headsweats visor, pink Oakley’s, and amphipod water bottle out of my head. So, that’s what we’re going with today.  After all, it’s all about the gear.  
     First up, Headsweats.  If you aren’t familiar with this company they are amazing.  I was first introduced to them several years ago when a local tri shop went out of business.  We live in a pretty triathlon friendly community so I’d seen visors floating around saying “headsweats” on the sides and I knew I had to get my hands on one.  When my favorite little shop went out of business, I bought one of their logo hats.  LOVE. IT.  This isn’t the best pic of mine. Mainly because I had just run in the 100 degree heat after eating spicy hummus for lunch.  Not my brightest running moment.  However, in this pic I’m wearing/using all 3 featured items for today. Yay!

Here is one from the website…
Anyway, I always thought visors were for golfers and tennis players.  When I was first getting introduced to triathlons I realized I was wrong.  I wore a visor in my first tri and never went back.  I love hats, but for summer heat and especially triathlons, visors are awesome.  They keep the sun out of your eyes, they are easy to throw on without having to fuss with getting your hair through a hat hole in the back, and they are super light weight.  Headsweats are stretchy but they don’t get stretched out.  They are so comfortable and don’t leave me with a killer headache after wearing it for a while.  It absorbs sweat so it is super helpful in the sweat drenched summer heat.  Sweat burns my eyes and I’m sure I’m not alone on that one.  Overall, awesome company and awesome product.  You can order them plain or with a logo of theirs, like the 13.1, or you can customize them with your business, team or race.  They also have hats, headbands and a few other items on their site.  If you sign up on their email list you receive 20% off at check out.  Here’s the link….

Next up on my list are my Oakleys.  I was given my first pair a few years ago right after I had baby #3.  My husband had worn the same pair of black Oakleys for about 5 years.  He’d raced in them, gone to the beach, and golfed in them as well as just wearing them to drive etc. He swore by them.  When I took my first run in mine, I was in love. Now, I’m not saying you have to bust the bank for an expensive pair of sunglasses, BUT a good athletic pair from Dick’s or another sporting goods store will do as well.  It is usually not hard to find Oakley outlet stores or discount prices online. The point is to have something that is comfortable and doesn’t slip with sweat and protects you from the sun.  I never realized how much I was squinting in the sun until I started running in glasses.  It makes a huge difference.  I ran my marathon in March with my Oakley’s on my head….in the pouring rain.  They are just part of me when I run so I had to have them just in case.  
these are mine and are cute and pink on the sides.  They are the special edition breast cancer awareness model. 
So, if you don’t have a pair of Oakley’s or athletic glasses, go get you some.  Here’s a link to lots of choices…  If you want some other options Amazon has loads…

     Last but not least…my amphipod handheld water bottle.  Summertime is all about hydration.  Well, all the time is all about hydration but especially in the summer.  My husband is training for the Redman 70.3 in September so he’s training outside in the heat…a lot.  Like, Saturday morning he did a 50 mile ride and a 3 mile run followed by a 10 mile Sunday morning run.  He’s hydrating like a crazy person, as he should be.  And so should you.  Hydration isn’t something to mess around with.  As someone who has struggled with this all my life(I have a rapid dehydration issue called Syncope) I know a thing or two about passing out and getting dehydrated.  It’s not fun.  So, I get thirsty easily and drink a lot while I run.  When I first started running long distance I wore a fuel belt.  I could not make it work ya’ll.  It rode up, it fell down, it made me feel like I was running lopsided.  I know so many people who love them and do fine but they just were not my cup of tea.  Enter my handheld.  Can I just change the subject for a sec to tell you it’s pouring rain outside! We have been under a severe drought for what feels like an eternity. And it’s raining!! Hallelujah praise Jesus, maybe my plants can survive.  Ok, talk about getting off track.  Back to hydration.  My amphipod handheld water bottle is amazing. It conforms to the shape of my hand and is light and not too bulky.  Its easy to hold and it doesn’t feel like it gets in the way of my arm swing.  I love it.  I’ve tried other brands but this is by far my fave.  I carried it for 26.2 miles so it passed the test for sure.  

So that does it for today ya’ll.  I’m so thankful for the rain, but the thunder woke Lila up…awesome.  Hope you have a happy Monday and please wish me luck in the potty training department. She’s the last one and I may not be able to get past the cuteness of the hello kitty panties.  Happy running!! As always if you have anything to add please comment below.  I love getting to connect with ya!!

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  1. I definitely need to look into getting a visor and sunglasses. I have a hat, but you make a great point with the visor! I’ve been putting off sunglasses because I feel like they would be uncomfortable…but I suppose a pair from a sports store would probably be better! Thanks for sharing!!


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