Must Have Monday…..Tanks and a great cause!!!

     Happy Monday!! This week I’m chatting about tanks…and tops.  Mostly tanks.  I have one very special top to talk about today that is for an amazing cause…more on that in a sec.  I love these ten commandments for runners.  Today, we’ll focus on #7.  When I first started running I would run in a regular cotton t-shirt.  Then, I decided I needed to be a little more “official” and get something that “wicked.”  I didn’t even know what that meant.  But, I was starting to feel more like a “real runner” so I kinda wanted to look the part.  Ya’ll, that’s when my sick addiction started.  Since then, workout clothes have gotten cuter and cuter and cuter, thus sucking me in even more.  I’d rather have a cute new pair of running capri’s than a pair of designer jeans.  Gasp.  I know.  It’s pathetic.  

     I also discovered that I am EXTREMELY sensitive to the way different materials feel.  Call me sensory challenged.  When my kids have meltdowns because they feel a “bubble” in their socks, it’s because of my genetics.  Sorry kids.  You could say I’m picky.  It’s annoying when I run because everything has to feel just right.  It’s great however for  YOU because you know I’m not just throwing out any old tanks at you today.  These have past my test.  

     First up…you know it….lululemon.  Before you roll your eyes and leave my blog please note…I have less expensive options today too.  I’m not able to spend loads on fancy expensive running gear.  Do I occasionally, and sometimes more than occasionally, spend a little more than I should?  Yes, but I’m a work in progress.  I have lots of stuff I love that doesn’t cost as much as my mortgage.  Ok, so the lulu tank I chose is the Run:Swiftly Tech Racerback.  Ya’ll…this tank.  
     First of all, it’s thin.  They call it anti-stink.  It’s true.  Just trust me.  It’s hot in Texas and I sweat….a lot.  It’s perfect for summer because it’s not suffocating.  It also resembles my VERY favorite long sleeved running top from lulu, the Run:Swiftly tech long sleeved.  Ok I can’t wait to talk about that, but not til Fall ya’ll.  This tank is so comfortable, stays put and keeps you cool.  It’s also great for layering.  Just be careful, the material is a little sensitive so don’t wear a fuel belt with it or it may pill.  Otherwise, I’ve had my long sleeved top in this same material for 3 years and it’s still going strong, and I wear it most days when it’s cold.  I told you I was lame.  This tank comes in about a million different colors and I’m just in love.  Check out all the great options here…
     Next up is the GapFit Breathe heathered tank.  This may be the most comfortable tank I have.  I sleep in it.  I know, sexy right?  This tank is light, thin, comfy, affordable, performs great on the run or for lifting/cross training days, AND the most important thing….it comes in tons of colors.  I love the “heathered” look and this tank delivers.  Check it out

this is mine….LOVE
     These bad boys are on sale for 15.99/14.99 so hop on over to Gap for a great deal and maybe buy a couple…just don’t start sleeping in them because you’ll never stop.  

     Finally on my list today is the Nike Pro Hypercool.  I’ve owned several of these over the years and I just love them.  The awesome thing about Nike is they are so accessible.  You can find them in the Nike outlet, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Amazon, and Zappos just to name a few.  They come in lots of colors and price points.  I love love this tank and it LASTS. This one has a supercute mesh back that I love and it keeps you cool. 

     I’ve decided that in my must have line ups each week I want to feature an item for a cause.  It may or may not be running related, that’s not really the point.  A tank, tee, great bag.  You name it.  There are literally so many people, companies, charities etc raising money for different causes.  It would be a shame not to acknowledge some here.  I thought it would make a great addition to the Monday Must Have’s and raise awareness for stuff I/we may not even know is out there.  Today, I have my sweet friend Candace from Counting On Hope to share a little bit about what they are doing to rase awareness for Autism.  They are selling these SUPER cute and comfy(you now know how picky I am) t-shirts.  

          I put this on yesterday for a pic….and I wore it the rest of the day.  I’m the pickiest t-shirt person on the planet.  LOVE this shirt. 

          I hope you will read Candace’s story by popping over to Counting On Hope.  I asked Candace why they started Counting On Hope..this was her response.  

What prompted me to start Counting on Hope, eh?
Counting on Hope was birthed to see if God might use it as an avenue to add more choices to our family. Choices in the area of how we school our children, treatment and therapy options for Camden, etc. We are on a budget, and that budget dictates a lot of our decisions. Since I wear a lot of autism shirts, and it’s obviously a large part of our family’s life, we decided to use some of our savings and see where this endeavor might lead. Our site launched last week, and it has been so very touching and uber exciting to mail our t-shirts all over the United States! You can find out more about us here or about our early days with autism here. Our oldest son/superhero is ultimately what inspired all of this. 

     It has been amazing for us to watch Candace and her sweet family over the years.  They have such endurance and know the race to which God has called them.  They are running it with perseverance and grace and it is a true testimony to God’s love.

Happy Monday friends!!

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  1. I’m glad I am not the only one that would rather have new capris (or any workout clothing for that matter) than designer jeans! I have a small obsession and I am definitely headed to Gap to check out those tanks!! Thanks for the suggestions!!


  2. An anti-stink tank?! WOW!…sign me up!

    Thanks for the shout out and sweet words! Means a great deal to me. Girl!!!…how can you look so adorable in a tshirt…or tank…or whatever goes onto your little body?!

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